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#ad This cute outfit came in our @weeblessing box this month. Wee Blessing is the first and only subscription styling service delivered right to your doorstep. They had us fill out a quick questionnaire about Richie. What he likes, how active he is, what size he wears, etc and they created a wardrobe for him. We were sent four looks and they nailed it. Visit my stories for a 20 percent discount code and to learn more. #sponsored
This is Ryder. Happy as a clam. Always. Don’t be fooled by that smile though. This baby is tough. Not even phased by his big brother’s rough housing. I’d say he’s gonna be one hell of an awesome kid. Perfect blend of calm and happy but strong and resilient.
Mornings with my babes. They are super cute when they want to be. 🤣
Some bunny is pumped for his first Easter. He’s got the drool (swipe left) to prove it. 🐣🐇
He looks up at me a cracks a smile but continues to feed. He reaches for my face, hair and lips. He stares into my eyes. Those moments while he is nursing. Those are the moments I live for.
Both my babes love to wear hats and luckily, I still get to dress them both. I pray they always let me make their fashion choices. At least until they go to college. 🤣
My best accessory. There’s really no better food for the soul than a baby in your arms.
Spring in New York means I’ll be running around with the jogger getting my butt into shape for all the beach days ahead. I love Long Island in the summer. We are surrounded by such gorgeous beaches. Can’t wait to take Ryder for the first time. Another babe to turn into a beach bum.
Question: Do you think my littlest will be a bruiser? 🤜
Still exclusively breastfeeding this little boobie man but each day, I feel like I’m getting a piece of my old self back. Like this jumpsuit...I wore this at Richie’s first birthday party. Ryder is only 7 and a half months and I’m already back in it. Whoop. Breastfeeding takes a lot of patience and hard work. It also takes a toll on the body and mind BUT the upside far out ways it all: a super healthy babe.
Some days you just want to be a dragon with the goal of scaring the S#!%| out of your younger brother. Except, he thinks it’s hilarious. Swipe to see Ryder’s first reaction. 🤣 P.s. seeing them play and get to know one another is the best darn gift in the world.
If only I could baby wear him until he’s 18. 🤣