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After years of bleaching, dying and straightening, I’m embracing my curls. Having a two year old and 3 month old, it’s just not possible to spend my time straightening it. Wearing it naturally curly is just so much easier and better for my hair. Looking back at old photos of my dry brittle hair, its so much more pretty now. This took me 5 minutes to do. My hair is still in the healing process but you guys, I’ve been following the Curly Girl Method and it’s been amazing. I’ve learned to love my curls! Recently, I’ve been asked a lot about my routine so I’ll be sharing some tutorials, go-to products and tips soon. In the meantime, who else is going to join me on a let’s go natural because it’s cooler, healthier and easier? 💁‍♀️
I’m pretty sure they are saying something along the lines of...”We are getting presents soon, can you believe it?” Just 12 days until Christmas but who’s counting? 🎅🏻🎄
A throwback of my Richie boy and me. Richie is so grown to me now that I have baby Ryder. He’s talking so much, doing so many big boy things and seriously, just makes me proud on a daily basis. It’s so funny how we treat our first so differently than we did before they had a sibling and took on the big brother or sister role. He’s only two and I forget that sometimes. He’s just a baby too so I’ve made a promise to always take a step back and give him alll the love and attention he needs on a daily basis. Aww, my sweet babe. You’ll always be my first born. My first love.
This is Ryder. 99 percent of the time. Happy. So happy. And the biggest gummy smile I ever did see.
You light up my life like the twinkling of Christmas lights, my sweet babe.
I could wear him like this until he’s 18. 🤣 But seriously, I could have a kid every year. Give me alllll the babies!
Sunday night pasta. 🍝 He ate so much we had to unbutton his pants half way through the meal. A true Italian he is. 👌
My husband took Richie to soccer this morning so it’s just me and this little Gem. My baby Ryder. He’s all set for his first Christmas. And I seriously cannot WAIT to celebrate my first with TWO babes.
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My Richie boy and me about a year ago. #tbtmomstyle I never posted this photo because I thought I looked fat. What a jerk I was. 🙄 When I was pregnant with Ryder, I made a promise not to be so hard on myself and I’ve kept it. Three months postpartum and I’m soaking it all in. All the apple tarts (my favorite) at night because I’m craving them from the constant nursing and I don’t care. I’ll be back in my skinnies at some point but for now, I’m enjoy every single ounce of my time with my boys. Also, you guys, I have so many great photos of him and us but haven’t done any of his albums yet and he’s TWO. It’s such a daunting task but I know I have to get it done. Any suggestions on easy sites to have them made?
I uploaded this one to my stories the other day and so many said that baby Ryder looks just like me. I have to admit, I love it. Richie looks just like Rich so having one that looks just like me is just so much fun. Also, my heart just bursts watching this video. I’m so grateful to have technology so close to my fingertips that I can capture moments like these so easily.
My boys all bundled up ready to take on the day. Almost three and a half months with Ryder and I’m still in shock that I am a Mother of TWO boys.