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Did I ever tell you that he said Mama before Dada? And it was at 9 months and he continues to call me by name at almost a year. My true mama’s boy. I’m all sorts of emotional that come Friday, he’ll be ONE. I tear up just typing it. 😭
Starting at a very young age, I took good care of my skin. I never ever go to bed without washing my face and moisturizing appropriately. I like to experiment with different brands because I believe your skin gets used to the same products over and over. Besides, is sooo fun to try new things. When my friend reached out to me to try a new skincare line made with unique, non-synthetic, natural ingredients from around the world, I was in! @kalaiaproducts have essential oils and extracts such as orange, turmeric, clove, jasmine, apple, aloe, watermelon, and green tea to help brighten, moisturize and keep the skin glowing. I’m obsessed with the hold tight overnight moisturizer and keep smooth serum. I highly recommend you check them out. #gifted #sponsored cc: @gayasamarashingha @raising_frankie_and_rocco
Update on baby Ryder: we went to the allergist on Monday and his skin tests showed no allergies to anything environmental. As far as food, egg yolks and egg whites came up very faint. The doctor thinks he may be allergic to eggs via his skin only. Meaning he can’t touch them. He ate the eggs in just a diaper and no clothes which would explain all the rashes. I never even knew this was possible. We went today to get his bloodwork done to be sure. Richie was the best big brother. Watching on carefully and quietly while his brother got blood drawn. Want to hear the best part? Ryder didn’t even cry. That’s how amazing my pediatrician is. They were so gentle, he didn’t even feel it. Fingers crossed it’s just a skin allergy.
I love this age. He wants to do so many things on his own, has questions about everything and has been such a big helper. Cleaning up his toys, doing things I ask and even getting himself dressed. Three seems to be a good age. So far...🤣🤣
Feeling really bad a$$ that I was able to pull of Richie’s birthday party after getting zero sleep the night before because Ryder was in the hospital that day for an allergic reaction. Isn’t it amazing all that we can do? How we somehow dig super deep to find the energy to make it all happen for our babies? It’s truly magic, doing things I never knew I was capable of. #momlife #thejuggleisreal #bossbabe #bossmom
We threw Richie a donut themed 🍩birthday party because it’s his favorite treat. It’s probably because in a world full of plain bagels, he is a sprinkled donut. 🤣😉 He shines, BRIGHT, as soon as he walks into a room. And on his birthday, he never stopped giggling. It was perfection. 🍩🎉🎂
Our little Ryder baby is doing SO much better. He was all smiles for Richie’s birthday celebration yesterday. We are so grateful he pulled through like a champ. Thank you so much to everyone who reached out, sent tips and expressed concern. We truly appreciate it. We are headed to an allergist tomorrow. Our fingers are crossed we get to the bottom of what he is allergic to. So grateful for this amazing community we call Instagram. 😘
Had the absolute best day celebrating our boy. His head completely exploded when he saw all his friends, all the donuts and was able to go on all the rides. He was on cloud 9 all day. My heart could just burst with happiness for him. He was over the moon and it showed. P.s. swipe to see him blowing out his candles while everyone is singing. He doesn’t quite get the concept just yet. 🤦‍♀️🤣
My little babe had to be taken by ambulance today because of an allergic reaction. Richie and I had to go with him. It was seriously the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced. He was so blown up, rashes every where, constantly pulling at his ears and scratching his nose. I gave him Benadryl immediately and called 911 but it wasn’t until they have him steroids that the crazy rash and swelling went down. We think it was the eggs he had for breakfast. It was the only new food he had but we won’t know until he goes to an allergist. You guys, I’m so proud of myself for staying strong and level headed throughout the experience (and for managing with a toddler in tow) but now, the boys are sleeping and I feel super emotional, drained and scared. Nervous to feed him anything now. I’m a mess. The thought of anything happening to him. I could just die of heart ache. Mamas, tell me, do any of your children have allergies? What do I need to know? Help. I posted pics of his rash in my stories.
Just a little watermelon social with my babes. Richie loves to cheer with everything, not just his juice boxes and it’s really the cutest thing. P.s. Can you find the baby with the chubbiest cheeks filled with all the 🍉🍉🍉?
One more before his birthday ends. He had such a blast today eating all the sweets 🍰🎂🧁🍭and playing with all his new toys. I can’t even imagine what his big party on Saturday is going to be like. He’s going to go crazy. I love that he understands so much at this age. Seeing him so excited, happy and full of smiles just feeds my soul. 🥰 Happy Birthday baby. Love you to the moon and back. 🌙✨
We captured all three steps, from the first blow of the candle to the smoky finish then his reaction when he was done. Our sweet boy is THREE! I actually popped up out of bed last night around 4am and remembered that is when I started labor with him. It was hard to fall back asleep. I couldn’t stop thinking about all the funny, cute, smart things he does and what an amazingly chill little baby he was. Now, we’ve got a super cool toddler who will celebrate with all his little friends this weekend. He is going to go crazy when he sees what we have in store for him. Happy, happy my precious babe. Mommy and Daddy are completely obsessed and in love with you & everything you do.