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On Sunday @_lnaef and I did a daytrip to #TepoztlΓ‘n. It is a small and peaceful town in the state of Morelos, which can be reached by bus in an only 1,5h drive from Mexico City. The highlight is definitely to hike up to #ElTepozteco. El Tepozteco is an Aztec pyramid, located on top of a mountain. It offers a stunning view over the town below and if you are lucky you get to see Coatis, which are members of the raccoon family. πŸ€™ Sadly, I could not bring my cam or drone to the trip. Luckily though my phone takes some pretty good pictures too. πŸ“±
This weekend was a blast! On Thursday one of my best friends, @_lnaef, arrived to Mexico City to visit me for a few days. It is crazy how we both are living quite busy and especially wanderlusty lifestyles, but still manage to meet up around the world. After amazing countries like for example India and the Philippines, this weekend's goal was to explore some parts of Mexico together (and also enjoying the nightlife in Mexico City, like partying during an earthquake πŸ€”). One place that we obviously had to visit was #TeotihuacΓ‘n, with its breathtaking pyramids like the Pyramid of the Moon, as seen on this drone shot. 🚁 These few days reminded me again of how damn lucky I am to have such good friends like him and to be able to see such fascinating places. I am truly grateful and will never take it for granted. πŸ™πŸ½
This weekend I visited the city of #Puebla. Puebla's historic center offers many beautiful buildings, built in the typical colonial architecture of the Spanish. Furthermore, you can enjoy some of Mexico's best cuisine. Popular dishes like the mole poblano or chiles en nogada originate from here. 🍽 Sadly, it was raining like 80% of the time, so we could not take full advantage of the trip. Nevertheless, we were lucky to see a fascinating traditional dance performance. πŸ’ƒ Oh, and may I mention the amazing nightlife in #Cholula? Highly recommended! πŸŽ‰ I will surely be back to see more of Puebla and Cholula. But I will make sure that it's sunny. 😁
My first ever cinemagraph! Wanted to try it since quite a while. What do you think about it? πŸ€” I took this shot the last weekend with my drone when I was at the beach festival in Playa Mayto in the state of Jalisco. The beach festival was located at a remote and incredibly stunning beach. It was several kilometres long, yet there was no other building. It was truly a party in paradise. πŸŽ‰ πŸ‡²πŸ‡½
M E X I C O πŸ‡²πŸ‡½ This evening I will go on a trip to a virgin beach called Playa Mayto in the state of Jalisco. There will be a four day long beach festival with all kinds of activities and parties. I am really looking forward to it, especially because I will finally be at a beach again! β˜€πŸ˜Ž Most likely I won't have any phone connection there, so you will hear from me again latest by Monday. 😁
After being in Mexico since three weeks, I decided to finally share my first post. I wanted to get to know the country, its people and my new university a little bit before giving the first insight into my new life in Mexico. So far my time here has been amazing. Mexico has so much to offer in terms of culture, sights and especially food (oh, I love it β™₯). I hope to get to know and explore as much as possible while I am here. Apart from that, the people are incredibly kind and helpful and I already made a bunch of good friends. Of course Mexico City (and also the country in general) has some sad and dark chapters. Yet, I feel like the bad side is being portrayed too much in the media around the world. Mexico has so much beauty and fascinating things for one to experience, which however hardly receive any acknowledgement in other parts of the world, since the bad news overshadow them. This is why my aim will be to show you mainly the mesmerizing face of Mexico through my pictures, videos and texts. πŸ‡²πŸ‡½πŸ˜Š I will start of with this drone shot of #Teotihuacan, one of many ancient sights in Mexico. More information about this breathtaking place will follow in a later post. πŸ€™
Surprise, surprise! I am not in MΓ©xico - yet...
Honestly, I wanted my next post to be a drone shot of the beach in Cancun. However, instead of being in an airplane from Munich to Cancun, I am sitting in a train from Munich to Frankfurt. Yup, I did not catch my connection flight. Okay, I actually did get to the gate on time, even though my first flight was delayed, but Condor overbooked the flight (those f***ers (sorry.. not sorry)) and so they told me they can not get me on the plane. Then the real adventure began. I ran from one counter to the other, from terminal 1 to terminal 2 and back again. Oh boy, the staff was mostly incredibly unpolite and unwilling (or unable?) to help. But finally I found someone who could help me. Nevertheless, I had to wait another three hours until we managed to find a good alternative connection to Mexico. The downsides: 1. the flight goes tomorrow 2. the flight departures from Frankfurt (hence why I am on the train) 3. I fly directly to Mexico City, which means I will not have some beach days 😢
On the other hand, there is a big plus. They pay me €600 compensation, a hotel night, food and transport. So basically I am flying to Mexico for free πŸ™ƒ 
Anyhow, I hope to get to Frankfurt soon. I did not get any sleep since 31 hours. 😴 
Oh, and even though it is not a drone shot of a beach, I hope you still like this stunning view over Zurich. πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­βœˆοΈ
The very best thing about my military service in the past three weeks was definitely that I had the chance to once again admire the stunning scenery of Switzerland, before leaving to Mexico. Sadly, I did not have my camera or drone with me, but I am surprised with the stunning results of my new @huaweimobilech P10. This shot was taken on one of Switzerland's most scenic train rides, the #Goldenpass which runs from #Montreux to the #BerneseOberland. πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­πŸš„
A glimpse into the daily life of a kiosk owner in #Batad. He used to be a rice farmer in the rice terraces of Batad, just like his father and the generations before. Nowadays, thanks to the steadily growing number of tourists, he operates his own little kiosk in between the rice terraces.
Since Monday I am back in the military service for a total of three weeks. Some of you might be like: 'Wait, what?! Military?' πŸ€” 
Yup, in Switzerland we still have a militia. Basically, every man in Switzerland has to serve in the military for a total of at least 260 days (there are however some various exceptions). Some do their whole service all in once, while most just do the military training school. Those however will have to go back to the military every year for three weeks to do refresher courses, until they served the mandatory amount of days. 
So, that's exactly what I am doing this month before I leave to Mexico. Obviously, I would prefer to do different things... but hey, at least I get to see some beautiful places in Switzerland. πŸ˜… 
Questions? Feel free to ask.
Also, what do you think about the militia-system?
A different perspective of the Parque Eduardo VII in Lisboa. It may seem like I was very relaxed while @richiehug took this shot of me - I was not. πŸ˜‚ At first I wanted to do another handstand on just one hand πŸ–οΈ. But I decided not to risk falling down 5 meters to the other side. πŸ˜… #doitforthegram #hotelplan
Bye Lisbon! It was a blast πŸ€™ Thanks again to for giving me the opportunity to explore this fascinating and lively city. Until next time... πŸ‘‹ #hotelplan