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#Teammates #Galatasaray
Toujours un plaisir de savourer une victoire en famille @issiardiaa Merci @toutiz mon agent pour avoir tout mis en œuvre pour que cette réussite soit possible. Touti alias professeursalva professeurtouti #casadepapel #galatasaray #istanbul #aslan #zumaistanbul
Belki bizler için hayat devam ediyor ama 11 şehidin ailesinin evine ateş düştü. Tanrı’dan şehitlerimiz için rahmet, aileleri ve tüm Türkiye’ye başsağlığı diliyorum. Çok üzgünüm🇹🇷
This is #galatasaray ❤️💛
❤️💛 #teamgomis #galatasaray #togetherstronger 💊💪🏿
🐾🦁🐾 #aslan ❤️💛
Thank you for the power that you give me!!! Happy Sunday to all #galatasaray supporters and every people. This one makes my day!!! 😂 🙌🏾 #teamgomis #osenolsanbari ❤️💛
I’m surprised and bit sad with what I hear from some peoples who can think that I’m the kind of players who can refused to play because of problem of paiement. I’m a professional and until now nobody can deny it! I didn’t want to speak from the beginning but by respect to the fans and the club, who give me the opportunity to discover a new team a new country with who I never share something comparable during my career, that’s why I decided to speak right now. I’m injured and I’m the first sad for that and to not to play and help my teammates.We have the same goal all together...to be champion!!!please we have to stay concentrate and close don’t listen the bad peoples who don’t want to see Galatasaray to be Champion!!!trust on me as I trust on you my lovely supporters!!!❤ #aslanmorethannever!!!
Congratulations to my teammates for this win! 
Congratulations to @derdiyok_eren to his 2 first goals you deserved it!!! #wearegalatasaray 💛❤️🦁
Un grand hommage à Monsieur Paul Bocuse. Un grand homme s’en est allé laissant derrière lui un héritage qui traversera le temps pour des siècles et des siècles!!!!amen 🙏🏾
❤️💛#Galatasaray effect!!! 💥💥#teamgomis #aslanchallenge 🐾🦁🐾
This is @galatasaray ❤️💛🌍