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Regular video footage of pumping waves in Bali, as well the best boardshort deals in Bali .

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Tag a friend who would shred on one of these. @virgile_Humbert and friends getting loose in West Java.
Before Deserts stole the limelight there was this place called One Palm. It's still there apparently. Video: @perfectwavetravel
Whether you think Jamie O'Brien is a spoilt, obnoxious, attention seeking douche...or not. One thing is undeniable - this twat knows what to do at pumping HT's. 📹 @redbull
If you could choose between North Sumatera's version of perfection OR Kelly Slaters wave pool, which would it be? Just write a 1 for Sumatera or 2 for the wave pool in the comments. 📹 @surfer_magazine & @wsl
Ryab Burch bottom turning in a perfect bowl at HT's. 📷 @volcom
Dane doing Dane things at Macaronis
Head East from Bali and keep going. 📹 @freesurfmag
Julian Wilson going for broke, but still stylish af in Bali. 📹 @redbull
Have you ever done this? Get tubed at Lagundri in Nias? Quite possibly one of the best experiences surfing in Indo has to offer. If you haven't tried it for yourself, check this POV clip from Mikala Jones, then go book a ticket to Medan. 📹 @gopro
Overhead Lakey Peak is a heavy, thick, spitting tube. A perfect combination if your name is Damien Hobgood. 📹 @foxheadinc
10 seconds of Jordy Smith on a 10 point ride at Rags Right. 📹 @redbull
Tag a friend who should have surfed here today. A couple of bombs at Balangan at 9am, Wednesday 16th August. Only one guy in the lineup.