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Regular video footage of pumping waves in Bali, as well the best boardshort deals in Bali .

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Overhead Lakey Peak is a heavy, thick, spitting tube. A perfect combination if your name is Damien Hobgood. 📹 @foxheadinc
10 seconds of Jordy Smith on a 10 point ride at Rags Right. 📹 @redbull
Tag a friend who should have surfed here today. A couple of bombs at Balangan at 9am, Wednesday 16th August. Only one guy in the lineup.
Style slave Craig Ando isn't just a bent knee, strike a pose in the pit, glam rock looking one-trick pony. Bloke can shred as hard as anyone (when he's not in the salon) Here he is going hard at Yoyo's in Sumbawa. 📹 @quiksilver
A more technical display of backhand tube riding you will not find. Chris Ward at D.P. 📹 @redbull
Watch Taj Burrow pull into some huge double-ups at H.T's. 📹 @htsresort
Smoove Bruce vs Cristobal Del Col at Macaronis. Who gets the win? 📹 redbull
Can you name this iconic Indo break? 📷 @chachfiles
Seems reasonable to me. 📷 @friedenpete
Plenty of swell at Balangan this morning. You can check out the full clip on our Facebook page: @balisurfhead. There's even a 5 wave set in there! Yeeeewwww!
Tag a friend you would be happy to split this peak with. -  A rare empty a-frame set up in Indo. - 📷 @worldclass.surftrips
Bruce Irons going large in the Ments, including a huge 'roll-in' at H.T's. 📹 @taylorsteele