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Retreat to a private all-pool villa hideaway overlooking the sapphire waters of a secluded bay in the Gulf of Thailand! Book now at:

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As the year draws to a close, it's the perfect time to get into a tropical state of mind! From our guest: @regarizpe
Sunny greetings from our slice of paradise!
'Tom Kha Kraprow Gai' - cappuccino coconut broth with a spicy chicken wonton - from our signature restaurant, Saffron.
As dawn gives way to another day at our Sanctuary for the Senses! From our associate: @tui_orapan
Tranquil surroundings at twilight!
Our ‘Grilled Vegetable Roll’ paired with ‘Tiger Prawns on Tropical Fruit Som Tam’ from Sands, our open-air beachside restaurant! From our guest: @pinkxh
Choose from a variety of floral arrangements on offer from our in-house florist for your special occasion!
Take a glimpse at our revamped product features and overall design at Banyan Tree Gallery, our lifestyle-oriented gallery that offers traditional handicrafts, signature spa products and accessories, unique travel mementos, resort-style home furnishings and apparel.
Along the pathway to paradise! From our guest: @allanparrish
Our Infinity Point wedding venue provides a picture-perfect setting for your “I Do”!
Awaken to this view! From our guest: @yehdeb
Sit back and soak in the view as you delight in the beverage of your choice from our baristas at The Edge! From our guest: @samuel_hkc