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Finally redid my decor a bit in my room! I give you my wonder wall/ office space❤️... words from my little brother: “You’re room looks like a living book” — referring to all of the books and notes and words covering my walls. What can I say I love words🤷🏼‍♀️🤣💕
Yay!! I’m so excited Alea and Jeremy’s gorgeous wedding is featured up on @belezzabrides blog this lovely Monday!❤️ {full post on} #barbaramarcellaphotography #barbaramarcellaweddings #barbaramarcellacouples
Happy Valentine’s Day lovebugs! ❤️
Now... kisses anyone?!?!!! This was taken when my little brother was still able to be bribed with candy.🤣 Hope your day is super sweet!💕 #mylittlecutiepatootie #barbaramarcellaphotography #barbaramarcellakids
✨ I wholeheartedly believe in printing your photographs. I treasure my mom’s and nonni’s old photographs and just the smell of them brings me to a time where everything was so simple. ❤️
Whether that be in album form, prints, or wall art... nothing can replace the feeling of the memories in your hands.
Here is a little peek at one of my legacy albums I offer my brides and grooms. #barbaramarcellaphotography #barbaramarcellaweddings
A genuine, joyful smile is the most beautiful thing a girl can wear. Happy Monday!✨❤️ #barbaramarcellaphotography #barbaramarcellaweddings #barbaramarcellabrides
✨Interested in photography? I often get asked if I studied photography, if you don’t know me I studied Family and Child Studies and became an elementary school teacher.
As far as photography, in the beginning I read and read everything I could, anywhere I was. I took a few courses, and taught myself by practicing lighting and photographing everything from teddy bears to food to my family and friends.
I can’t tell you enough how many resources there are out there, but immersing myself into books helped me learn and understand so much. Here are a few favorite books that helped me grow along the way. Happy Reading!❤️📚 #barbaramarcellareads
✨You light light light up the sky
You light up the sky to show me that You are with me
You've opened my eyes so I can see You all around me
You light up the sky to show me that You are with me💕✨🎶
@theaftersofficial #barbarasprettyskies
Happy February/Love/Spring are ya here yet month?!! ❤️❄️ Is it just me or did January feel like FOREVER?🙈🤷🏼‍♀️
#barbaramarcellaphotography #barbaramarcellaweddings
✨Location, Location, Location✨ Okay ladies, while we all wish NJ had places like Allie’s summer house in The Notebook to get married at💁🏼‍♀️... there are places in the area that are really beautiful too.
What to look for? Personally, it depends on what your style is. As far as for your photos, I would choose a place that has a beautiful environment either on the venue, or nearby so you don’t have to travel too far and take up so much time.
Think lush gardens, vineyards, the beach, trees and greenery.😉💕
I’m starting to notice and hear more things happen around me. The thing is what someone tells you in a quick “how are you?” or a faint “good thanks!”... doesn’t tell you the whole story.
I can post up a quote or mantra promising how “you got this”, “slay all day” etc... but honestly those words are just fluff if there’s no foundation. To someone that’s facing a situation... come tomorrow and they feel the same way, those words did absolutely nothing... because they have no power in them.
The point is we’re always trying to go around the truth... because I for one hate confrontation. And the truth is, if I tell you those few little words and you expect they’ll change your life... I’d be lying to you. ❤️
So here is the truth: whether you believe you need God or not won’t determine what inevitably will happen. Because the more we start to age, things will start to get worse to our bodies, our jobs, and the people we love.
But. But regardless of those things we will face, I promise you if you put your faith in Jesus, and change your life... you won’t be alone. You will get through the hard times, and one day (not in this world) all of the pain and heartache will be gone. Now that’s a promise that I know I can rely on and can’t keep from sharing.❤️
I’m the girl who’s constantly poking holes in her wall to make room for “just one more” dainty gold necklace, because they’re all slightly different... am I right?!! 😂✨💕 #itsanobsession #cantbejustme
I left my heart... in Anthropologie.❤️ — p.s. anyone else feel like it’s both torture and love at first sight walking into this store?!?😩✨ #everytime #iwanttobuyeverything