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or when you hand a venti hot tea to a customer in the DT & you watch them take the lid off as they’re driving away & spill all over their lap 🤨 #BaristaLife
I’d buy it for $2 bucks 🎄🤨 #BaristaLife
You’re in for a real treat once you start comparing American coffee beverages with the real versions 🤔 #BaristaLife #EXTRAEXTRAEXTRAEXTRAEXTRACARAMELDRIZZLEPLZ
Tag someone who drinks coffee 😳 THINK BEFORE YOU DRINK ☕️☠️ #PSA #BaristaLife #ISSAJOKE (we had to speed it up for it to be under 1 min, check our Facebook for the full version)
We’ve passed over 2,200 responses on this survey about labor, that’s insane!! If you’re a Starbucks Partner & haven’t taken it yet, the link is in our bio. The deadline for responses is midnight tonight & then we will take the responses to the company! (Deadline: 11:59PM Sunday, Nov 19th) #BaristaLife
Thousands of you guys participated in our last survey a few months ago about Partner Morale at Starbucks. We are doing one last part to supplement that one & will be sending the results to the company very soon! This survey covers the topic of labor & scheduling at Starbucks. So if you’re a Partner, take a minute, click the link in our bio & complete it. (it’s not long) All responses are 100% anonymous & we strongly encourage everyone to complete it so your voices are heard. The more the better; our number one goal at BL is to help baristas #BaristaLife
Could you imagine how many red cars you would have if you spooned every single customer? (Or could you imagine how many beautiful relationships you’d make with all of your weird customers if you did that?) #thingsthatmakeyougohmmmmm #BaristaLife {📸: follow @shyftmunk @shyft} @Shyft #Shyft
Who’s mans is this? 🤔🤘🏼 #BaristaLife {📽: @highlighthub}
Where are all of our LGBTQ Barista Lifers! #BaristaLife 🏳️‍🌈

we missed a few submissions, but we might do a part 2 if you all comment that you like this one. #HappyHalloween baristas, it’s a day late, but still, stay spooky! Thank you to all who sent in videos!{Made possible by @Shyft} #BaristaLife #Halloween
Or even better, when you reply with “I am the manager” 💁🏻‍♂️ #BaristaLife #S*ckIt @shyftmunk @Shyft