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To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.

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#MOOD @hoodiesil
Shabbat Shalom 💛
So proud of my sister @lorraineschwartz for expending her EvilEye collection! 
Wish I could have been there with you and @ofirajewelz to celebrate 👁 #girlpower
Last night I had the privilege of meeting these two incredible guys. 
They represent everything about Israel that is honored, everything about men that is respected.
Their values & humbleness brought me to tears. 
Read about their life stories, you won’t regret. 
Ziv Shilon &
Saar Israeli 
Can you feel the sun ?  @carolinalemkeberlin 💛
Our journey. Our spirit. Our family.
 #mycalvins @calvinklein
גם אני תומכת בעמותת ״לוחמים לחיים״ בואו ונעזור לעידו לעזור לעזור לאחרים.
לתרומות היכנסו ל  @lohamim 
Women’s day 💕 everyday
‏@Ezer_Mizion is the largest Jewish bone marrow registry in the world ,who’s work saves lives globally. 
Help me raise awareness for this incredible life- saving mission. ‬
‏‪I joined the registry in 2009 to live a #SharedLife with someone less fortunate. #GetYourSwabOn and join with me.‬