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Anything can happen in the Bronx Zoo these days @starting9
Belichick with the “settle down with the bro beat the Jets by 7” handshake @lacesoutshow
This costume is called “The Wall Just Got Ten Feet Higher” @barstoolnewsnet #barstoolhalloween
We all have that one friend....
Gotta keep your fuck game strong
Real talk: Wife and kids are away. Unchained Melody comes on the iPod. Would you risk it all for this thicc gourd? Discuss.
*loses to Syracuse once @clemsonbarstool
When you’re horned up and send a snap to the wrong person by accident @icanteven
SPF proof 80 #GamedayHacks @5thyear
That’s a pretty nice dick if we are being honest @wvubarstool
When you send that late night you up text and her man takes her phone and responds with a video of them fornicating
Chewed up and spit the fuck out 🤙🏻