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Treats... A must have for any lifestyle you choose to live. So many people ask how I’ve maintained my weight loss without going crazy or feeling deprived. The answer is treats! I work really hard finding amazing recipes and companies that will keep me on track instead of putting me back on the Guilt train. Taste and quality is THE key in feeling  fulfilled. I’ve tried so many snacks that taste like cardboard or just don’t taste good in general and instantly I find myself craving more because it didn’t hit the spot. Find something you love and tastes good to you. Something you can eat one or two and you feel good about what you ate. Food shouldn’t make you feel bad about eating it! It should be fun and fulfilling! Eat treats that make you happy and help you keep moving forward towards your goals. What’s your fav snack or treat right now? I’ve been craving ice cream lately and @killercreamery seriously hit the spot. By far the best low carb ice cream I’ve tried yet and I’ve tried all of them ha ha. ❤️
First grade is in our future and I’m officially freaking out! Did you guys feel like your kids struggled transitioning from part day to all day? Or did your kids start out with all day kindergarten?
Dreaming of pink sunsets...
The color of my hair now matches the color of my soul 🌸🌸❤️
Trying to find a present for this guy for Father’s Day and all he wants is a smoker lol! Do you guys have a smoker? Love it? Hate it? He says if we get one we will never use our grill again and I’m wondering how true that is ha ha.
Working out on the beach in my new @goldeliteapparel workout set and let me tell you... I’ve never felt anything so buttery soft in my life! Have you guys heard of them before?
There is nothing red rocks & sunshine can’t fix☀️
Happy National Best Friend Day to the love of my life. The life we are creating together makes me happier than I ever thought was possible! If you need us we will be on the lake all summer! ❤️🌊☀️
$50 on bubbles and it only entertained the babes for 3 minutes ha ha. Trying to keep littles entertained is HARD! What’s your fav activity for 5 and under babes?
Forever a water baby ☀️🌊
Can someone tell me why getting ready for a vacation is soooo stressful and hard ha ha? This mama is R-E-A-D-Y for some sun and water! Do you guys have a yearly family vacation you take? I need recommendations of amazing lakes to visit ❤️❤️❤️
One of my FAV summer snacks...
Strawberries & Homemade sweet cream. I don’t eat berries every day, but when I do strawberries are always my favorite.
Carbs: 3.8g  Fat: 11.1g  Protein: .6g 
6 small strawberries cut up with 2 TBSP of sweet cream on top. 
Whip 1 C. Of Heavy whipping Cream with 2 tablespoons of powdered sweetener and a tiny splash of vanilla.