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Husband to a Star, Father to a Luna, PGA/Web Tour caddy (formerly for Rhein Gibson), Fledgling Mid-Am and Horse Handicapper; Twitter @bdavistwo

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I’ll see your rooftop bar and raise you a Whole Foods.
New Avatar. Figured it was time. Taken last month at a roadside food stand on the streets of Mexico. 📷: @dawnspinnerdavis
One wedding down. One to go. 📷 @dawnspinnerdavis #bricosuave
Yeah I went to the club last night with the soon to be bride and groom. Hadn’t been to one in ten years. I learned they do sparklers with the champagne these days. Pretty new innovation, for I’ve always been on the cutting edge as we know. #bricosuave
Didn’t make it to Augusta this year. So wife and I decided to throw a Masters themed party on the eve of the final round. Pimento cheese, egg salad and bbq sandwiches were served with peach ice cream sandwiches for dessert. Both domestic and imported beer to drink and the John Daly (Arnold Palmer with vodka) was the cocktail of the evening. It was as if we were all there.
Opening Day = Abundance of optimism in the air. In sports, in life,  in simply the coming of Spring. (BTW I’m not partial to the Yankees. I root for both NY clubs).
No replacement for old friends. 📷 @larajeannn
The Oscars weren’t so unwatchable this year.
I’d say The Godfather themed Housewarming Party went well.
Mabi has been cutting my hair for the past three years. A native of Guatemala, she and her husband came over in 2002 with their three boys. There is not a kinder soul or a harder worker. Fast and meticulous, she always puts a smile on my face. How could you not when you get to be around a great lady like her?
Thank you, Big D. A wonderful weekend. Highlight was spending quality time with my best friend from high school’s kids, whom I hadn’t really met before. To say nothing of the nighttime adventures with my Cocktail Tour buddies (all G-rated other than some language and storytelling). @andrewlawsontx knows what’s up.
A little history took place here. Figured while in town had to stop off and do a quick Instalive on it. #jfk