I'll Beam Ur Asz Up ☎️24hr💡🔌

I'll Beam Ur Asz Up ☎️24hr💡🔌 Follow

Luxury Vision Night & Day
Atlanta Here I Come

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Damn right i like the life i built, im getting everything i said i was gna get 💯💪🏽
The belly of the beast!😈
I dont sell you dreams!!!
All i wna kno is “whats your budget” and when you ready? #thatsalliwantoknow you dont have to like👆🏽 it i kno you like it 😎
He said i dont have no budget!! #NightanDay
Why you mad at me ?
When the beam just right and you the light man everything got to look rare😎.....
Im just living off #faith🙏
Yall prolly asking urself💭 “is he gna ever fall off😏”? My question is “how bad you wna kno🤷🏽‍♂️”?
She kno im the lightman but she didnt meet me on no light shyt....
Something slight.....