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Certified Organic Ceremonial Herbal Blends.
Smoke it, Vape it, or Drink it.
Celebrating Life Through Ritual.

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Bear Blend ❤️ lavender
Our friends at @feelgoodsalesgroup are throwing a cannabis consumption party this Wednesday in Culver City, CA. 
Dozens of your favorite cannabis brands, alcohol bar, flower bar, dab bar, massages...all night long!

To kick off 2019 the right way we are offering a free Bear Blend Trifecta!  Pick any three of our ceremonial blends - Dream Lodge, Vizion, Kin Nik Nik, Moon Lodge, Amazon, Mintz and Original. Each blend offers its own unique sensations and effects.

Rules: * You must not be a minor in your state or country of residence * You must like this post * You must follow @bearblend if you’re not already following us * Tag your herb loving friends in your comment of this post! You must tag at least two friends in order to be entered to win. The more friends you tag, the better your chance of winning! * In your comment please include the country you live in * Only one comment per person

The winner will be announced Friday January 11th.

All of our herbs are USDA certified organic with no chemicals or additives. Herbs have been used to relax and reconnect for hundreds of years.  Help us keep the tradition going 🙏

Good luck!
As we let go of preconceived beliefs and allow nature to run her course, she grows; she blossoms.

Florecimiento by beloved artist Luis Tamani @tamaniluis
"And Now We Welcome The New Year. Full Of Things That Have Never Been" - Rainer Maria Rilke .... Art: Glass Onion by @michael_divine 
#givethanks #happynewyear #2019 #happynewyear2019 #bearblend #celebrate
We are always surrounded by beauty. The magical and perfect psychedelic  art crafted by our #blueearth ... unbelievable real images of tiny coral polyps. #beautifulearth #nature #ocean #coral
We have all gone through a period of darkness at some point in our lives. As the light returns, let’s be kind to each other. Art by Samuel Farrand. #solstice #cosmic #newyear
Take the time to slow down and feel the oneness. Wisdom lives in the stillness. Art by Jose Garcia Chibbaro
The plant kingdom offers unspoken wisdom to open hearts.  Together we give thanks for clarity, healing and growth.

Thank you artist Luis Tamani 🙏 "Agua Viva"
Passion Flower is a wonderful addition to a tea or smoking blend.  Among other benefits, passion flower promotes a calm, restful sleep.
Our Vizion blend.  A pleasant earthy flavor with herbs for clarity and energy. Let it clear your skies as it lifts your vibe 🌿
The hummingbird represents joy, lightness and strength.  One of the most agile birds, they travel long distances and typically drink from over a thousand flowers a day 
Thank you artist Ruysen Flores Venancino, "Espiritu Colibri"