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Host of Running Wild, You Vs Wild, The Island, Hostile Planet & Eco Challenge. World Scout Chief Ambassador. UK Chief Scout. Hon Colonel RM.

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Tonight! @itv 9pm Bear’s Mission with David Walliams... @dwalliams - laughter in the wild is always contagious! (Plus a nice behind the scenes shot showing how our remarkable crew capture the adventure whilst running alongside us always!)
Tuesday @itv 9pm Bear’s Mission with the unstoppable David Walliams... @dwalliams As you have never seen him before...
For the first time in history women can now apply to join the @royalmarines Commandos and earn the coveted green beret! Same standards, same beret, same course, same sense of family pride and endeavour. Many are called, few will be chosen... I dare you to apply ladies! It will change your life for the better, no doubt, but first must come effort... and a lot of it... 💪😁👍 ps and well done Troop 268 passing out after 32 gruelling weeks!
If it ain’t snowing, it ain’t...? @bemilitaryfit keep training team! NGU #nevergiveup
I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all of you from across the world that have been streaming our new interactive series on @netflix - You vs Wild. MY fate has been in YOUR hands and you've helped me through some epic adventures! I’ve loved reading through the many different experiences you’ve had with this series - please let me know how you’ve got on!
I’m not much of a photographer but I like this shot I got yesterday... Sometimes we have to hold on through the grey and drizzle that we all occasionally experience in life, and then suddenly we see the beauty has been there all along... (that’s what I felt anyway when I saw this!) Have a good day everyone x
All the team loved having you down to the @beargryllsadventure today @ollymurs. Everyone super impressed with your courage, kindnesses and never give up spirit! You earned your adventure stripes today champ! #skydive #divewithsharks #highestfreeroamropes
Resilience training with the @beargryllssurvivalacademy. And almost always, it’s the young people who teach us adults more about courage & kindness than we would ever know... Training, inspiring and equipping the next generation. As a parent, we want to equip YOU to be that inspiration to YOUR children... @beargryllssurvivalacademy #nevergiveup #courageandkindness
In Scouting I get to meet heroes every single day... humbled and amazed by some of the many stories of courage from young Scouts who have overcome huge personal battles or who have saved lives. @worldscouting @scouts #GallantryAwards Windsor Castle 2019 Queen Scouts
Tune in tonight in the UK to @natgeouk 9pm for the incredible Ocean’s episode of Hostile Planet. From the makers of Blue Planet, I am so proud to executive produce this landmark show that took a staggering 1300 days for the crew to capture! Respect to you all.
Link in bio for some Saturday newspaper reading 😉 - proudest bit for me is this: “I don’t want my boys to be feeling they have to be first. I want them to have kind hearts.” True. The rest is arguably just detail... 😁💪👍 @worldscouting @scouts
Bear faeces... Could you, would you?! 😬 Survival requires us all to dig deep and do the difficult! Like life... @netflix @netflixuk #YouVsWild