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Super thin and super soothing mask from @23.5nofficial Rice Soothing Series. πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ
We are super happy to be the first Uk shop to bring you this awesome Taiwanese brand! All their products will be available to buy in travel kit sets so perfect to bring on your travels ✈✈✈✈
Available online on Saturday 1st July. So stay tuned! I know you are as excited as I am!!
Happy Tuesday Lovelies
These little beauties will be available on the 1st of July! 🌿🌿🌿
The Oriental Beauty Tea Balancing travel kit is suitable for normal to oily skin! Perfect travel companion without compromising on your skincare.
Happy Monday and enjoy the last week of June
Official launch of @23.5nofficial in our online shop in July, so not long.. some logistics problems only got half of each set (when a delivery just takes too long...)
In the meantime visit and come and say hi πŸ™‹πŸ™‹
Soothing and whitening travel kit: 🌿Rice soothing active essence
🌿Rice soothing active moisturizer
🌿Red pearl barley whitening toner
🌿Red pearl barley whitening serum 🌿Red pearl barley lotion
Perfect to brighten & nourish your skin
Its that happy time of the week again! Happy FriYay!!
In our search to happy healthy skin, tell us what type of products made you fall in love with AB!!
In my early 20s I had perfect skin and never had to deal with acne, PIE or breakouts! I was happy with cleansing- moisturizing- make up!! But 9 years ago after I had my daughter (damn it lol) that's when my skin became sensitive and more prone to breakouts! I started double cleansing but what made a difference in my case is using TONERS!! Its just that essential step to ensure you cleansed properly but also rebalance pH and prepare you skin to absorb the rest! I went through a lot of toners because I'm a patter and love to pat few layers of toners!! Secret tip to keep your skin rejuvenated, plumped and youthful!
Share your story with us!!
#repost from Sophie @mapletreeblog
Morning lovelies,
Check out this awesome AB charity raffle (link on Sophie's page) All the prizes are amazing and all money donated go to a very good cause! 
Come on you know you want to!! πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š
Swipe to see what you could win from us πŸ˜‰
I'm super excited to meet you all on Sunday at the Ab London meet up and introduce you to my new brand!!
Happy Thursday and of course don't forget to visit
Happy Summer Solstice Beauties!!
The day is far from finished but I am already looking forward to my evening routine and wash this sweat off πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
πŸ’›Double cleansing with Make p:rem Vaseline balm. This stuff is great and removes EVERYTHING!! Followed by an oldie but still a fave Blossom Jeju cleanser
πŸ’›I am a big Lush fan and I love their tea tree range! Its great to soothe and protect your skin! I may have a cold bomb bath! How cute is that ladybird! The bath is always an excuse to run away from kids lol
πŸ’›23.5n rice soothing mask is also perfect to calm skin after such a hot day!!
πŸ’›Sleeping masks have been my friends lately and this one from blossom jeju is just heaven!
πŸ’›Prosecco= bliss...
What is your routine tonight??
Hello Beauties
Today I kept my make up super minimal because
1) I have terrible hay fever so I cannot put anything on my eyes atm
2) My skin is super behaving lately so don't need much coverage. Sometimes I am even foundation free
3) its hot so its nice to keep my face free from make up layers
I never ever leave the house without doing my eyebrows. I'm using @etudehouse drawing eye brow. I picked it up in one of my haul because it was cheap! And let's just leave it at cheap! Wouldn't recommend!
Bb cream is what I am using when I don't need much and I really like this power perfection Bb cream from @thefaceshop.official It also has SPF 37 pa++ and leaves a matt finish.
I finished with a terracotta color powder for a subtle bronzy glowy look! This is from a French brand Reserve Naturelle. πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“
What are you guys using when its hot?
Happy Sunny Monday!
Have you tried Polatam Pure Cream mask? 🌞🌞🌞
The masks are soaked in a creamy essence made with milk protein extract that is rich in calcium, protein and iron ingredients. Milk protein is known for being non irritating, perfect for dry or sensitive skin, it helps prevent spots and blemishes and helps improve skin circulation while making skin firmer and brighter.
Available at
Hey guys!! Happy Week end!!
I thought I would share with you products I have used today!
@konjacspongecompany Washing my face with water only with the konjac sponge has definitely improved my skin texture. I can definitely vouch for it after 3months!!
@whamisaskincare No need for introduction here! The original toner suits my combination skin!
theordinary Niacinamide Everyone's favorite and mine too
@23.5nofficial Really liking the Red Pearl Barley series! Can tell you more about it once I received the products!
@etudehouse Sunprise because SPF is non negotiable
And I have been using Monoi oil for years now and it always gives me the best tan ever!! And carmex moisturizing lip balm because I get heat rash on my lips and this guy with SPF 15 is my go to when hot!!
Sunnies of course!!
Have a brilliant day loveliesπŸ’•πŸ’•
I recently had an AB talk and I was surprised (and shocked) when few people have told me that they have never used skincare or very little! I have 
always used products, I don't really follow 10steps but I do follow a solid routine! 🌴🌴🌴
Saying that these women had amazing skin!! So it does make you think "less is more" Then the very much loved our fave skincare nerd @aboutliahyoo encouraged everyone to start her #SkincareDietChallenge and lots have found out that minimal skincare actually helped their skin recover
So here is a little challenge for you: what will be your 3 absolute must have products on a deserted island?!
My chosen 3:
@23.5nofficial Oriental Beauty Tea peppermint refreshing facial cleanser!
I wouldnt recommend on sensitive/dry skin because it has a strong refreshing peppermint feel but I love it! After a hot sweaty day, this little baby is a Godsend and gently removes any dirt and impurities!!
@23.5nofficial Rice Soothing gel I love it as a sleeping mask but it works wonders as a 20mins wash off mask too! It brightens and soothes any redness you have!
@etudehouse Sunprise SPF 50+ PA+++
Cheap and cheerful does the job mineral sunscreen! Its perfect for oily skin. Super light and easily absorbed! Great base for make up!
What are your top 3?
#Repost from @fabulous_faces2016
Thank you for this awesome post coming all the way from Hawaii!!
Only means one thing: we are now shipping worldwide!! Yay!!
Guys check out the review because no one really talks about this amazing product from @whamisaskincare but if you have oily/acne prone skin this is your guy!
We have an awesome sunny week end in London!! Happy Friyay lovelies!
πŸ’›I spent my evening sewing sequins onto my daughters dance outfit for a show so I thought I would use it in my flat lay!
πŸ’› Its so hot in London this week and these sleeping masks are just perfect to cool and calm your skin especially after you left them in the fridge! You can use it as a wash off masks or as sleeping masks! You choose! Blog post coming soon!
πŸ’› @23.5nofficial range will be available in travel size SOON!! I am basically just waiting for the delivery!!
πŸ’› Keep hydrated throughout the day, use your SPF and enjoy! 🌞🌞🌞