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Finding beauty in rush hour 😍 What's your favorite thing about San Francisco? (📷: @thesamgraves)
#NYC is #BDTeam’s home city. Where adventure is around the corner, but today our city was moving in slow motion 🚕 A soft blanket of snow kicked off spring in New York ❄️ Wherever you are this spring, be sure to go out and explore! (🎥: @tomjauncey 🎶: “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow” by Dean Martin)
Exploring the Macanese streets @macaousa ✨
Every #season has its own unique charm 🍂 (📷: @markomorciano)
@kpunkka describes this amazing moment: "Siberian Jay scouting around in snowy forest. There has been a lot of snow in Eastern Finland this year and it gave a perfect setup to take wide-angle photos. Definitely one of my favorite bird to photograph. Beautiful and very curious fella." ❄️
It’s International Day of Happiness! We’re supporting the @UnitedNations in its world-wide effort calling on governments and related organizations to prioritize the happiness and well-being of all peoples. Here at @BeautifulDestinations, we believe that travel is essential to world happiness as it allows us to immerse ourselves in and learn about the cultures, traditions, and beauty of various destinations. We encourage you at home and throughout your adventures to remember to share joy when you travel, bring joy to others, strive every day to continue on the journey to happiness 😊 (📷: @loki_the_wolfdog) #InternationalDayOfHappiness
Happy #FirstDayOfSpring 🌸💐 Cheers to new beginnings! (📷: @hobopeeba)
Morning light love in Berlin (📷: @thomas_k)
#Travel to places you've never been 🍃 (📷: @georgetheexplorer)
A winter wonderland sunrise in Banff National Park - In February BD & @travelalberta hosted a creator camp, bringing together 11 incredibly talented creators from around the world to celebrate the beauty of winter in Alberta 🌄
This is Punakha Suspension Bridge. At 160 metres, it is the longest in Bhutan and perched above the Po Chhu River (📷: @mgtenazas)
“New York City. I’ve always found it difficult to create content of a place that I have been so accustomed to seeing my whole life. One day, I decided to challenge myself, and try to create a short video capturing the chaotic and fast paced tempo that this city has. This city has weirdly made that chaos somewhat serene to me. NYC is just one of those unique places where I have been lucky to have been born and raised in. There is just something about the environment and culture here that can’t be replicated anywhere else. No matter where I am in the world, a part of home is always with me.” 🌇 (🎥: @armanmitchell 🎶: “Jungle” by @petitbiscuit) #BDTeam