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Thirteen centuries old and the size of seven football fields, the fairytale fortress that is the Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world. The body of Good King Wenceslas is buried here, as are the Bohemian Crown Jewels. (📷: @alanisko)
Switzerland consistently ranks as one of the world's happiest countries in multiple global reports. Perhaps this has a little something to do with its spectacularly beautiful, mountainous landscapes — whether covered in green grass or ice-cold snow. Tune in to watch Switzerland play Serbia in the World Cup today at 2PM Eastern Time. Good luck to @b.dzemaili and the rest of team Switzerland 🇨🇭. (🎥: 🎶: “EVERYBODY” by @djboboofficial) #WorldCup2018
Off the coast of Belize, the Hol Chan Marine Reserve is home to one of the Caribbean's most biodiverse ecosystems. Since 1987, @world_wildlife has worked in partnership with the community in San Pedro to protect and better manage its coral reefs, mangrove forests, and seagrass beds through sustainable tourism and fishing practices. Want to help? Follow the link in our bio to learn more about ways you can help protect our oceans.
From northwest to southwest, the picturesque island of Costa Rica measures only 285 miles long, and at its narrowest, only 74 miles wide — that’s smaller than Lake Michigan! Today at 8AM Eastern Time, Costa Rica plays Brazil in the 2018 World Cup. Best of luck to @keylornavas1 and the rest of the Costa Rica team 🇨🇷. (🎥: @alex_meliss 🎶: “Ya No” by @ojodebuey) #WorldCup2018
For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, today marks the summer solstice — the day when the sun reaches its highest and northernmost point in the sky, offering us the most hours of daylight that it will all year. If you can, get outside and enjoy the extra light with those you love. It only happens once a year, after all. (📷: @erubes1)
Over the span of 14 days, the Beautiful Destinations team visited 14 different countries to create this video. The goal of "The Beautiful Game" was to use travel and positivity to tell an inspiring story about the FIFA World Cup as the ball made its inaugural journey to Russia. The World Cup fuels passion, positivity, and pride like no other sporting event. These are all values that Beautiful Destinations strongly supports as we strive, day after day, to inspire the world through the power of travel. Along the way, we had some help from a few very special people; @fernandinho, @bernardocarvalhosilva, @chriseriksen8 & @arongunnarsson. This is just a teaser, check out the full video on our IGTV (🎥: @cory.s.martin & @matiasderada 🎶: “Run Wild” by @thutmose featuring @nombe) #WorldCup2018 #BDTeam.
The grandeur of Machu Picchu is amplified when you consider that the entire city was constructed without the use of wheels to transport heavy rocks. Structures were built using a technique called "ashlar," where stones are cut to fit together without the use of mortar. (📷: @emmett_sparling)
Vermilion torii gates in Fushimi-Inari, the most important of several thousand shrines dedicated to the Shinto god of rice and patron of business. Toriis are customarily donated to make a wish come true or to express gratitude for the granting of a wish. (📷: @pat_kay)
On April 25 in 1974, a military coup overthrew an authoritarian regime in Portugal, leading to the end of a dictatorship and Portugal's involvement in the African colonies. The event was called the Carnation Revolution due to the carnations tucked into the muzzles of shotguns and onto the lapels of soldiers by Celeste Caeiro, a Portuguese activist. Today, April 25th is a national holiday affectionately called "Freedom Day." (📷: @flunkingmonkey)
The caves of Waitomo get their luminescence from a mosquito-sized glow worm species found only in New Zealand. (📷: @shaun_jeffers)
Diving into Cenote Suytun, a massive underground sinkhole resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock. Unlike some other cenotes, swimming is very much allowed, and an incredible experience, indeed. (📷: @allicarone)
The Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and the only one to remain largely intact. Did you know the pyramids are only a 40 minute drive from central Cairo? Today at 2pm EST Egypt play Russia in the World Cup. Good luck to @mosalah and the rest of the Egyptian team 🇪🇬 (🎥: @christianschaffer 🎶: “Koto” by @odesza) #WorldCup2018.