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I am blessed beyond measure! I sit with Ms. Melissa every week at church and she takes care of me as if I'm one of her own! She makes sure I have food in my stomach, gas in my car, and she covers me in prayer. Even when I don't tell her what I'm going through, she grabs my hand to go down for prayer as if she already knows. This woman has done way more than I could have ever asked. Such a beautiful person inside and out. So tonight, I'm celebrating her son's graduation from Simmons College of Kentucky! God has really showed out today! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
There's beauty in the struggle! T-11 hours until it goes down...or up....whichever is positive. Lady at Walgreens told me I better come tell her I got a 4.0 this semester.... like ma'am! We'll just rejoice if I walk in there with my life, health, and strength after THIS semester!😂
When your friend is a dentist who cringes every time they see you drinking ANYTHING out of the can, you document that you're actually using straws. This is as good as it gets because you already know I will NOT be giving the Red Bull and coke up anytime soon. A straw a day keeps the dentist away....or something like that 😂
Not the most ideal circumstance to see family, but we roll with the punches and thrive under pressure. Here's to a long night of playing catch up. It's back to Ky in the AM ✈️
Alex:1  Noah: 0
Baby Whisperer Level: Expert 😴😴😴
🎶Mask Off 🎶 (really. I hate wearing masks) 
Please add vertical and horizontal mattress sutures to the list of expertise! Pt was arrested but had to be brought in to the ED for evaluation. I sutured him unrestrained and alone, and as soon as I'm done and leave the room, he bolts out trying to fight past several cops. Of course my thoughts were "y'all left me alone with several sharps with this man???"😮 I really only came in to have my evaluation completed, but 9 hours later, I'm finally leaving. Dr. Ortho loves picking on me ("we can't get rid of her") 🙄, but the love is real and mutual! Despite everything else going on in my life right now, I can confidently say that there's no other way I would rather have spent my night. Those that truly know me and know how far I've come in such a short period of time know how much of a testimony this really is. I promise I look nothing like what I've been through! 💁🏽
Lunch date with @mrskingroyalty : PERFECT
Situations might not be ideal, but having awesome people who are sure to keep you laughing are priceless. Nashville hot chicken, bourbon and wine slushes and beers were the perfect post-exam and pre "problem based learning session" treat! Plus I'm spending some time in the ER tonight as a post exam treat 😬Some people go out for Kentucky Derby festivities, my festivities happen in the ED. 🤷🏾‍♀️ I'm sure I'll get to do something cool!  #wonthedoit 🙌🏾
It's one of THOSE nights where the devil is making it seem like everything is falling apart. I lost an aunt a few hours ago, I have an exam in a few hours and my car is on the brink of falling apart. I refuse to quit though, so I'll sit here with my red bull until I get it. Count it ALL joy. 🙌🏾
How do you overcome a long and stressful week(end)? You get a hot dog topped with French fries! It was ok, but I want my pizza. At least it's been nothing but laughs and good convos. Support the people that support you! #jeromesinthehousewatchyourmouth #dontflyspirit #newfriends
If this isn't savage, then I don't know what is. How you make an answer key with a response "it is what it is"? 😂 SCHLEEP! That's basically how I feel about Friday's exam so I guess that's valid. 
Next time a patient asks a question though, I'm hitting them with the "It is what it is" 🤷🏾‍♀️ #brooklynpeoplebelike #medicalschool
I realize my posts are always extremely long and I've found a solution. I'm starting a YouTube channel this weekend because something crazy is always happening and if it ain't one thing, it's another! 😂 I've experienced many things that make my Journey to MD very atypical, but I'm ready to share how building my faith and relationship with God literally pulled me out of the deepest of depressions. I'm ready to give my testimony 🙌🏾 #beautyandthemd
Y'all! Best. Day. Ever! After my exam, my Emergency Medicine mentor texted me to invite me to a press conference /unveiling event with Louisville Metro EMS. He introduces me to everyone as the person who's will take his job and then tells me he wanted me to come so he could introduce me to the mayor! I got to have a pretty lengthy discussion with the mayor (who also thinks he knows me from somewhere 🤔). We left the press conference and he took me on field runs in the EMS SUV. We got 2 code 3s where he let me lead the case! Mentor told me he was the attending on at 10 so I could come to the ED tonight if I wanted. 
I then rushed to Wednesday night Bible Study and that could be an entire post in and of itself. God is good. Had me shouting on the phone with Nino about the FOG (Favor of God)

Lastly, I came in to the ED at 10 because I'm addicted and you can now add ligating arteries and I&D to my list of expertise. I also did 19 sutures tonight, but y'all already know I'm a pro at those! And I just left after 8 long hours. I left my apt at 9 this morning and have been running ever since! Class in 2 hours....who needs sleep?! BEAUTY AND THE MD TAKES ON THE ED!