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My ex told me I look better naked. I told him he looked better with clothes on. It was offensive at the time but some days it feels true. Some people say ish and they don’t know how it’ll affect you. I’ve been criticized so much with stank eyes, snooty remarks and people wonder why I say the things I do in response. Remember people are made one way and then molded another. •
#selfcare #selflove #loveyourself #loveyourskin
I was literally springing into #summer on #LakeMichigan before the 85+ degree days set it!
I love this photo!
Growing up #reading #books was something that was never forced upon me. The #library days at school were my favorite and so was going to the public library with my mom and sister. Over the years I’ve collected books and have even gotten a #kindle but the feel of turning the pages and the smell of the paper is what I #love the most. Granted as a #blogger and #writer I do a lot of reading online but once a month I turn the devices off and open a book. So seize the day, open a #book 📚 and enjoy getting lost in the words while your imagination brings you into the story itself. •
Music by Pianist Tony Winston on #YouTube who did this cover of “In A Sentimental Mood”. “I do not own the rights of this song”🎶 _________________________________________
Ooooo ish my #hair is not #blonde it is some bright as* color! Oh well, it’s bright as lightbulb like me! Meaning my high yellow and occasionally red undertones skin! Oh well! I’ll attempt to have #silverhair after I have finished frying these ends and almost killing myself because of all the fumes 🤧😷 I better get the ammonia free formula of developer next time!
Flashback to #NOLA last year around #essencefestival. I was #volunteering with @robertroyalfndn and it was amazing to see all that @robertroyal84 and their whole team do for #newOrleans. It was a great time with the children, the volunteers and @bruce71gb ! Gotta do it again and make sure I truly enjoy every moment during my times as a #volunteer who is technically on #vacation all the whole being selfless and grateful! P.S. #travelbloggers you all should volunteer in the cities you #travel to!
My #abs stick out and sometimes they make me look a little chunky if I drink too many liquids. I need my girls and guys who are a #fitnesstrainer to tell me what #exercise to do to make them not stick out so much! And no I’m not into the whole #diet thing. I eat a ton of #veggies and grilled chicken all the time.
New Post Is Up #OnTheBlog about my trip to #Denver #Colorado. I didn’t #write too much but I did share photos and tips on how to #travel like a local, locate #bikramyoga studios, find #food and eat like a local as well as locations for #hiking for you #exercise fanatics! Click the link in my bio to read 📖! Nowwwwww! :-) FYI THATS MY SKIN NOT FAT ROLLS!
Fu*k, I need a #haircut but what about this #swimsuit tho!  I like the color! My #workouts are paying off again. I need more #cardio tho! Any #fitness #personaltrainers got some advice that won’t kill me!? •
Click the link in my bio to see the #foods I eat to get my #body right💪🏽!
Summer Wardrobe: 2 pieces of cloth basically next to nothing and my barefoot Sandals made by Maria’s String & Hook. 
I purchased me a 8lbs toning ball that I’ll be adding to my #workout and whatever new #cardio #exercise I can do by @msjeanettejenkins and @poppilatesofficial Val @runwithvalfitness please share some of your moves since you’re a #fitnesstrainer and ya #workouts are intense!  Omg! I just realized these are @brewers colors 🤣😎
#Squats #lounges and #planks does wonder to the body not to mention the amount of steps I do daily. My booty goals are inspired by girl Val @runwithvalfitness @valbeauty who’s a #fitnesstrainer and the #workouts from @msjeanettejenkins keeping me on point too! No sense in slacking on the #exercise in my 30s ;-) I better go layout and even up that tan line 🙃
Barefoot Sandals on fleek with the stomach on “I need to go running” and #sunglasses from @forever21 on blocking the #shade game from I don’t give a flying fu*k but I kind of do”! Hello #summer ! I need to go #running and continue but I find every excuse no to🙄 All good though! I have @msjeanettejenkins #workouts on the daily schedule!