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😷 Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills
👓 Harvard & UCLA grad
💕 Wife, Mom, Publisher, creator of MD GLAM, also IG @surgeon @mymdglam


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Throwback to many Thursdays ago. 😅
It takes real strength to lift someone up higher than yourself when they feel too weak to continue their life journey or even just to hang on and stay standing.
This goes out to all the girls out there full of doubt, full of uncertainty, feeling weak, unmotivated, tired, frustrated...You are not alone, someone is always helping and the universe has its own ways of helping when you need it the most. Sometimes I also feel tired and even exhausted but then I remember that what I do in the next couple of hours can change someone's next couple of decades. There is no coffee strong enough that can give such a boost of energy and motivation. Always ask yourself how you would act if you knew that your actions today could change someone's future forever.
Let’s commit to lifting each other up, helping people stay encouraged and continuing towards their goals. Lift someone up today! Tag your friends if you know they need encouragement and let them know they are not alone.
Today I perform a labiaplasty with clitoral hood reduction. 
As a woman myself, I am particularly sensitive to women seeking vaginal cosmetic surgery procedures. Often women live with discomfort, embarrassment, avoidance of certain tight fitting clothing and feel self conscious in their relationships because of labial asymmetry, protuberance, or excessive labial show. Labiaplasty (labia reduction and shaping) is becoming more popular and one of the most common procedures I perform as more women are realizing there is a solution to their concerns in this area. My patient range from young college students, to moms post pregnancy, to post menopausal women seeking rejuvenation after menopause. For any of you that question the dramatic difference labiaplasty makes - visit my labiaplasty gallery on my website beautybydrcat.com. The photos are too graphic to show on Instagram but the results truly speak for themselves. Like all of my surgeries, to create a truly beautiful shape with a seamless incision and a quick recovery - creativity, artistry, attention to detail and talent are necessary - especially for such an important part of a woman's body. - follow my surgeries on IG stories and Snapchat @beautybydrcat
For strictly medical content please follow my other Instagram account @surgeon 
#labiaplasty #vaginalrejuvenation #plasticsurgery #womenhealth
There are no rules to life. You are not required to live up to anyone’s expectations. It’s your life. Sometimes one person’s ceiling is another person’s floor. Always do you in all ways. Go at your own speed and do whatever makes you happy.
Enjoying the cold but beautiful Los Angeles weather with this bundle of joy @90210pom ❤️
Never feel intimidated. Never feel that you don’t belong doing what you love to do because you are a woman and most importantly, never keep quiet if you feel that you are not being treated right. Thank you @yahoo for highlighting women who have strived to break barriers and stereotypes in their male dominated fields and help girls out there believe in their dreams and that anything is possible.
You're never too old to learn, to set another goal, to dream another dream, jump on a trampoline or to take another selfie🤳 As soon as you feel too old to do a thing, Do it.  You're also never too young to make a difference and change the world. You're never too young to accomplish something. Age is not defined by the days you have spent here in life but how big your will is.❤️
I’ll never forget the time I was ready to give up. I just felt like  I couldn’t do it. Both me and my husband invested pretty much everything we had at the time in our businesses. It seemed that the future was so uncertain and since I was never a risk taker I couldn’t take it. He said, “do you really want to exchange your dreams and everything you’ve always wanted just to feel security and be something you are not? We got this babe,” he said. Somehow that’s all I needed to hear at the time when I was at that crossroad. I’m glad we chose our dreams. We did it all together, from zero. We failed, we succeeded, we failed again and we succeeded again. No matter how bad our day was, at the end of each day we had each other and we had our dreams and that was enough. When one of us got tired the other one started rowing. 
We have now come a long way even though our journey has still just begun and we took this photo recently in our new home once we got the keys and we looked around and then we looked at each other and smiled.  We didn’t have to say a word while saying so much to each other...
With that said, never marry for the money, lifestyle or the idea of how your life could be. Marry someone you truly love and someone you can see yourself building everything together with. Someone who will know how you feel and think without saying a word. I feel like my husband is always watching over me like a guardian angel even though he may look more like an angry lion when it comes to protecting me lol. That’s powerful and strong and will get you through anything in life. Through richer and poor.❤️ @binais
Sunshine mixed with a little hurricane.
I have always loved challenges, precise work that requires intense concentration and meticulous attention to detail, and caring for people. I believe that it's a calling.  Plastic surgery is my destiny.
For me, being a surgeon is more than using a scalpel or suturing.  It’s more than changing a part of someone’s body, or creating a different shape to someone’s face or body.  For me, being a surgeon is sharing a life changing transformation, improving someone’s quality of life, and taking care of a patient every step of their journey.  My favorite part of my job is the close relationship that I have with my patients.
No matter what your destiny is, whether medicine or any other field, always follow your heart!  You'll never regret it!  @surgeon
Let’s step into the new week focused, confident, kind but firm while offering choices and welcoming solutions.  Let’s aim for new goals while cherishing what we have achieved so far. While climbing the hill, let’s lift up those that need it. Let’s not worry about success or failure but rather focus on being the best we can possibly be. Have a lovely start of the week.
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