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😷 Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills.
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How accurate😂
Taking care of your skin is even more important if you are active and have a busy lifestyle such as school, career, or being a mom.  The stress, sweat and dirt can build up on your skin, clog pores, cause breakouts and the harsh exposures to sun, wind, and environmental toxins can damage and age your skin.  Using the MD GLAM DAY moisturizer and SUNSHOUT SPF50 before you start your day, both of which are rich in anti-oxidants and also hydrating agents helps protect your skin during the day.  Both also feel and smell light and absorb quickly so your skin won’t feel greasy. 
Cleansing your skin after a long work or school day, or any day is really important! You want to remove the dirt and sweat that has collected, cleanse your pores, but at the same time, not over-strip your skin of protective oils. I truly look forward at the end of every day to using the MD GLAM DEEP PORE CLEANSER and truly love using the very yummy EXFOLIATING ENZYME SCRUB for extra exfoliation. It’s literally my aahhh moment having my skin feel so fresh and clean.

Finally, nothing beats the feeling of using the RETINOL-C EYE SERUM followed by the HYALURONIC C-COMPLEX NIGHT moisturizer.  I can feel my skin soaking up all the hydrating and collagen building ingredients and know that in the morning my skin will feel so soft and supple.
@mymdglam products are paraben-free, sulfate-free, dye-free, petroleum-free, with NO ANIMAL TESTING.  MD GLAM is cruelty free certified by Leaping Bunny and is manufactured in the USA.
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This patient previously had over-aggressive liposuction by another surgeon resulting in irregular indentations.  Pt underwent revision liposuction with fat grafting to restore a smoother shape. #plasticsurgery #bbl @surgeon
Picture to the left: a girl standing on a stage hoping her body will be sufficient to satisfy subjective opinions of people that didn’t matter. Picture to the right: a woman looking, wearing, and feeling however she wants. Please do me a favor and do not wait until my age to be that girl on the right.  I didn’t know any better but you don’t have to. Love, Dr. Cat #surgeon #mdglam
Patients seek upper blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) because they tell me the excess skin makes them look tired, or they have trouble putting on eyeshadow or mascara because the skin folds over the crease.  Also - one of the most common things I hear from patients who want eyelid surgery is that they are afraid of it changing their eye shape or making them look too pulled or fake.  We’ve all see this happen with even celebrities who end up looking like a completely different person!  I believe that eyelid surgery should help open the eye to restore a youthful look but create a natural look and retain the original  shape of the eye.  This patient is a perfect example of this.  #plasicsurgery #surgeon
Seeing my daughter @layla dance with pure joy fills my heart.  Seeing her express herself with confidence, purity, and love...this is something I hope she does forever.  Let us all be able to dance freely in our lives in everything we do ❤️ Dr. Cat @layla
42 feeling 22. 
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Twinning with my mini me @layla ❤️❤️
Feeling free, happy, and alive is many times a matter of adjusting your perception through personal growth, by focusing on the side of you that brings you closer to your true nature that is not above or below anyone or anything but one with everything. I hope you are having a magical weekend. Dr. Cat ❤️
Friday fun #thatswhatshesaid 😂🔪
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✨Exciting announcement! ✨
I can’t give you any more details at this time...but stayed tuned! 
Casting patients for a new plastic surgery TV show. We would love to share your personal story and your transformation. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone considering a plastic surgery procedure and I am so excited to share it with you.  Please feel free to share this post and announcement.

For consideration, please tell us about yourself and the procedure you want.  Procedures can include plastic surgery procedures as well as in office non-invasive procedures.  For consideration, send your contact info and photos to the casting company working on this project at  surgeryfilming@gmail.com
and MAKE SURE to mention that you were recommended by Dr. Cat. 
PLEASE NOTE:  You will be submitting to a casting company.  Any photos or information you send are not protected by patient privacy laws as they would be in a medical practice. Must be 21+ LA area preferred but not limited.