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We are raising funds to build #🐝🐾SitiveFarm, a sanctuary where abused & abandoned dogs can live a worthy life. Learn more👇🏽

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Sundays with Jack Jack 🛌🐶💛
The fluff. #DoggySitting
🐶 Lulu’s crush on Sanchez 🐱 is the sweetest ❤️ story! Really! #DoggySitting to continue raising funds to build #🐝🐾SitiveFarm.
Jack has tons of toys... his favorite: my slipper... 😂 #AroundTownWithASlipper 🐶🧦 #DoggySitting to continue to raise funds and build #🐝🐾sitive
🎉🐾We reached our $600 goal to finalize @bee.pawsitive’s 501-C3’s registration and we’re feeling PAWsome! Thank you ALL for helping us reach this goal, we’re now sending all docs filled with @bizcentralusa for the past 8 months to the IRS including the $600 check. 💰⚖️🗂 Building #🐝🐾sitiveFarm one step at a time.
Después de este bañito un rico yogurcito... 🚿🐱👀🐶 #TheSanchezLife 
DoggySitting Lulu Freckles.
Heads up PAWS! We're raising funds to accomplish our final step of registering Bee Pawsitive's 501 (c)(3) which is: an organization exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of Title 26 of the United States Code.

CLICK on the link in our bio, to help us reach our $600USD goal 🙏

THIS will help us raise funds faster to build each step of Bee Pawsitive's Farm and be able to start adopting and helping abandoned, abused, sick and homeless dogs/cats to live a worthy life at Bee Pawsitive's Farm.
Poodles prefer people then other dogs. 🐩 they’d rather spend time with their human family than with other canines. The more we hang out with Pearl, the more we realize how true this is. 👱🏻‍♀️🐩🎾 #DoggySitting #🐝🐾SitiveFarm
🤘🏼@lasofi80 wearing her hot pink @ishmandalacreacionesmacrame Bee Pawsitive bracelet. Building #🐝🐾SitiveFarm one bracelet at a time. .
#OkeechobeeFL #NYC #Sanctuary #HelpingDogs #BeePawsitiveFarm
Thank you @fcfseleccioncol you were all freaking PAWsome! ⚽️🇨🇴❤️🐶🐱🐾 #EstamosContigoColombia #Grandes
#DoggySitting #Sophie #TheSanchezLife #🐝🐾Sitive
When #BeePawsitve bracelets make it to Rotterdam 🇳🇱!!! 🐾📸:: @pauletts & @jocsanmadelaire beats & paws! 🎶 building #BeePawsitiveFarm one @ishmandalacreacionesmacrame bracelet at a time. 🖤
🐩: hey Sanchez, wanna play? 🐈: girl, can’t touch this! 
#DoggySitting to continue to raise funds and build #🐝🐾sitive