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👻 👻 👻 👻 BOO! 👻 👻 👻 👻 
Can you tell we’re just a teensy bit excited for Halloween on Wednesday? Spot the giant fish bowl of candy! Dr Skeleton is already helping himself!

We’ll be all decked out in the spooky spirit this week, so be sure to come in to get a trick AND a treat-ment! 🍬🎃🍫
We always say we want to be healthy or put ourselves first . . . so maybe now it's time we actually start doing that! Go on, put your health first. 
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Pain. Man it can be such a pain in why do we put up with it?

Pain can be a positive in the sense that it's our body's way of communicating to us that something just isn't quite right. Although clear communication is fantastic in any relationship, when living with pain it can get old real quick so time to listen to your body so it can focus on something else.

So the real question is, why do we live with pain when many times we can actually do something about it?

Structural & nervous system pain - our Chiros have got that sorted. Muscle pain - yep, our massage therapists can help with that. Emotional & Stress pain - our Kinesiologists can definitely help!

Know your rights, say NO to pain.
It's a brand new week and a brand new month! What are you going to do to make this week a positive one?
How often do we tell ourselves that getting a massage is a special treat when in fact it's the opposite, it is a necessity! 
Having regular remedial massage has so many health benefits and we have 3 therapists here 6 days a week, including Saturday mornings, so time cannot be an excuse! 
Go on, stop making excuses and start putting yourself first, it's a necessity!
🤸‍♀️S P R I N G - I N T O - A C T I O N🤸‍♂️ The weather is becoming better and better with each day now that Spring is upon us! So like Lynda's hair, why not spring into action and start putting your health first! 
With better weather comes more physical activities. This can mean your muscles are coming out of that winter hibernation and sometimes they just aren't as excited as we are. 
Pay attention to your body, those aches & pains just ain't normal. Remedial massage can do wonders for your overall well being, performance and day to day living. 
So get up, get active and become healthier and why not pay us a visit so we can have you in tip top shape and springing about!

We have remedial massage available 6 days a week - call us on 9377 4111 to put your health first!
Even though today is technically R U OK? Day, we need to get into the habit that every day should be. Learn to have those quality conversations with those around you and with yourself too!

Mental Health does not discriminate and even those with the  biggest smiles may have something going on. Suicide rates within Australia alone are increasing at an alarming rate. Most of us have been impacted by it in some way or another. This has got to change!

Creating that safe place of asking a simple question, R U OK where one can speak up could without feeling alone or afraid could save a life. 
So let us ask...R U OK? 
For more information head to
Today is national "R U OK?" Day. It's such a simple question with potentially life changing results. Suicide is unfortunately becoming a more realistic option for so many people - this needs to change. Take the time to ask around, hey even ask yourself, R U OK? 
1. ASK

A conversation could change a life.
No matter who you cheer for, you gotta admit our little patient makes you want to become an Eagles fan? 
Hope you're having a good time watching the finals!
T R I G G E R • P O I N T • B A L L S

If we knew how to juggle we would buy them all, but these little round gems are worth their weight in gold! At a tiny $12, they are the perfect way to roll out those sore muscles and tight spots in between your massage & chiro treatments! Regular usage may help with flushing out toxins, reducing muscle stiffness and pain and increases blood flow. 
Who would've thought a little ball could help with so many benefits? Grab yours at the front counter next time you're in!
It's Monday, it's a fresh week ahead. So why not enter it with some positive thinking. If you're a muffin, just believe that you can be a cupcake with extra icing! Miracles do happen! . . .

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We absolutely adore all of our patients, they are like our family. So how honoured do we feel when they choose to come in on their birthday not only for their adjustments but they also bring us cake - spoiled much?! Happy 60th Birthday Karl and thank you to your gorgeous wife for making such an incredible cake for us to enjoy to celebrate you! (Trust us, it tastes as good as it looks)