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BEB Dragons 汾 with the Championship win tonight! 沐・沐・沐・沐・沐・沐・沛笶、ク Photo credit: Melissa (our biggest fan)
It was a long 12 hour day in the gym, but it began and ended on a good note沛
1-0 to start the day!! 沐・沐・沐・沐・汨嬉沛沛
Our BEB Dragons won their first playoff game. 沐・沐・沐・沐・沐・沐・沐・沐・沐・笶、ク条沛
Caleb Soto doing his thing with his middle school team. He scored or assisted in every point accept one basket. #BeElite 沐・沐・沐・沐・沐・沐・沐・沐・沐・沐・沐・沐・沐・沐・沐・沐・
I LOVE the intensity with which Sexton plays.
Saturday Night Grind! #BeElite
BEB - Primetime Winter Blast 2018. #BeElite
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Our BEB 2025 Boys are on a roll!! Finishing 1st & undefeated in the last 3 tournaments. Not bad considering we've been playing with only 6 players. #BeElite
Last game of the evening
Champs! Nine straight wins for the fifth grade team! 沐・沐・沐・沐・沐・沐・沐・沐・沐・沛
We're working! 沐・沐・沐・沐・沐・沐・沛沛