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We perform live bee rescues, relocate bees to chemical free apiaries, and develop hand made botanical products. #beerooted

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What a day!! When removing bees from this tree,  a third of the bees went back up in the tree, a third stayed on the logs, and the other third accepted the box.  What does a beekeeper do when bees are everywhere without listening? Understand their behavior and allow them to regroup, hopefully going to the baited box with brood and used frames.  Sure enough,  that is exactly what they did!  These girls were super sweet!

Can you spot the queen? She made it into the cage and I let her loose into the box at the garden. 
P.S.  There is no license to remove live bees in the state of CA as long as pesticides are not used, the queen did not stay in the log, and regrouping is standard protocol.
Come see us at the Farm at the Fairplex until 3 pm today!
This removal was fun! We had a 3 inch wide access to the cavity since behind the stucco is a gas stove (see the gas pipes we were careful with) and to the right was a full shower.  This was the only way in!
This Saturday,  I am hosting two classes, two hours a piece, this Saturday from noon to 4 pm. 
Beekeeping Level 1 will cover bee biology and Beekeeping Level 2 goes into hive care. 
These classes will be hosted at the Chino Basin Water Conservation District.  They are $40 a piece or $75 for the two classes together. 
RSVP can be made through payment via PayPal to
Come see Vanishing of the Bees hosted by the non-profit Sustainable Claremont.  All proceeds go to Sustainable Claremont to pay for the event and to help with urban forestry.  I have one complimentary ticket for a volunteer who would like to help me with the educational portion. (Basic bee knowledge required.) We beekeepers can make a statement with a large group. 
Comment below to you are coming!
This colony took up animist the entire length of a shed!
An nighttime bee removal with @tellusurbanliving went smoothly without a hitch!
What sets us apart from other beekeepers? Our intense commitment to education and community.  When you buy hives,  equipment,  a removal,  etc. from us, you are helping us help the community.  Share this post to share our good work!
We have 10 frame colonies for sale! They come with a complete hive,  a setup mentoring session,  and one year support through texting.  Contact us to find out more!
Got milk?
We had a great time at the Bee Club meeting yesterday!  Thank you to J SpiritWolf Rivera and Raven for hosting.  We had about 10 new faces.  Next month, Sue Mazzarino will host on October 14th at 1 pm, so mark your calendars!
Our adventures at the Los Angeles Angeles Fair continues!  Last time, we learned that Australian finger limes are a great antidote to numbing spilanthes (the toothache plant). Come see us there throughout the month!  6 pm this Saturday and Sunday at 12:30, 2, and 6.