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Inland Empire, CA
We perform live bee rescues, relocate bees to chemical free apiaries, and develop hand made botanical products. #beerooted

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Honey is being processed!  There is a very limited quantity of the dark honey that tastes like caramel,  so it will be priced accordingly.  #honey #bee
Sweet & docile Africanized hybrid ferals after harvesting are so soothing to watch.
I cannot thank my supporters enough for helping get this pollinator sanctuary up and running.  The irrigation is in!  Next up.... road base for an outdoor classroom. 
I am not ready to reveal the location yet. 
Thank you to:

Inland Empire Resource Conservation District:

C.W. Feed & Pet Supply

LA Sloan Backhoe Service

And my friends Francisco and Patrick.
I want to thank C.W. Feed and Pet Supply in Rancho Cucamonga for helping plan the irrigation for one of our pollinator sanctuaries.  Soon,  we will have the trenches dug and the irrigation installed.  I am thrilled this project is becoming a reality! Please support local businesses like this that contribute to their local community.
Bee season has now officially started!!! Woot!!!!
I recently gave this National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy webinar. 
Listen now:

If your organization is interested,  I can give this presentation (or others) live, just contact me @

As a Organic Landscape Certified Accredited Professional,  Certified Clinical Aromatherapist,  Herbalist,  Beekeeper,  Researcher, and environmental illness survivor,  I present on a wide variety of topics.

Some topics: * Organic Land Management for Organizations
* Native Gardens for Pollinators
* Olfaction & Autoimmunity
* Decline of Pollinators
* Organic Pest Managment
* Honeybees
* Native Bees * many more
Fantastic news!!!!! I have some great upcoming classes! 🐝 "Olfaction & the Honeybee" Webinar FREE to NAHA members or $25. Register here: 🐝 Beekeeping Level 1: Honeybee Biology Classroom & Livestream available $40 🐝 Beekeeping Level 2: Maintaining the Hive Year Round Classroom & Livestream available $40

Register for Level 1 or Level 2 here:

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I am so excited about giving this international webinar on Thursday at 5:30 PT.  It is free for NAHA members or $25 for non-members.  The subject is "Olfaction and the Honey Bee". I will be discussing honeybee olfaction biology,  the research on the impact of pollution,  research into training honeybees,  research into how we can use the information to understand human behavior and diseases,  and more.  It will be a lot of information packed into an hour and to finally "meet" me, so register early!

I have a late harvest and honey for sale! These girls had a full super and partials,  so we left them a super of honey and took the extra.  I am selling ♡ Full frames for the holidays for $150 (not the partial frame pictured). These are great for holiday parties! ♡ Comb honey is $4 an oz ♡ Jarred honey is $2 an oz

I am only taking special orders at this time,  so contact me at beerootedbees @ for an order.

A special thank you to my assistants Ken Decroo (check out his new book More than Human) and Sue Mazzarino.
What a day!! When removing bees from this tree,  a third of the bees went back up in the tree, a third stayed on the logs, and the other third accepted the box.  What does a beekeeper do when bees are everywhere without listening? Understand their behavior and allow them to regroup, hopefully going to the baited box with brood and used frames.  Sure enough,  that is exactly what they did!  These girls were super sweet!

Can you spot the queen? She made it into the cage and I let her loose into the box at the garden. 
P.S.  There is no license to remove live bees in the state of CA as long as pesticides are not used, the queen did not stay in the log, and regrouping is standard protocol.
Come see us at the Farm at the Fairplex until 3 pm today!
This removal was fun! We had a 3 inch wide access to the cavity since behind the stucco is a gas stove (see the gas pipes we were careful with) and to the right was a full shower.  This was the only way in!