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Go watch my 4 movies out rn also @thornebybella

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‘Fu*k Me Firetruck’ RED  Out Now @thornebybella link in my bio 😍
Oooo 2018 was crazy here’s the movies and the songs that came out this year
5 movies of mine came out 
4 songs of mine came out 
Got into Sundance this year and TIFF
Directed 9 things this year 
Shot 4 movies this year
Recorded two albums of mine this year w modsun
Shot two tv shows this year 
Wrote a book this year that’s about to come out! 
I did a vogue documentary this year
Started a record label with my sister this year @ffrecords 
Signed to Sony !! This year
Started my own makeup line this year @thornebybella 
What did u do this year??? Fill me in boo
Get these beauties link in bio
Iza pink world I’m just living in it 😍💰
Two of my faves @thornebybella
Hahahah dope dope the lip stains are staaaaiinnnn;) get it? Link in my bio @thornebybella
“The stand out in this film is without a doubt, Bella Thorne. After this performance, I do not see how she will not be getting top billing in some of Hollywood's most sought-after properties. The woman is a star. Period. I very much mean this in the Scarlet Johansson sense rather than the Meryl Streep sense, but who knows. She definitely showed more range in this film than I have ever seen from her before. Maybe Bella Thorne is the real deal all around. “
Thank u for the write up 😍😍😍💰💰💰
Girly girl ? Or girl who’s obsessed w super hero’s 😍 
Damn it’s almost a tie but I am seeing a lot of super hero comments ooooo I see some comments saying get chocolate bella back here😍😍
2 is better than 1 ❤️
Would you rather be covered in whipped cream or chocolate??