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💀Friday, October 26 🕷5-8pm 🕸 All ages 👨‍🎤 Free with a costume 🧟‍♀️ A huge thank you to @thrashermag @sausageskateboards @thekillingfloor @rictawheels @creaturefiends @ojwheels @santacruzskateboards @jivarowheels @independenttrucks @lawnchairhardware
@rollersurfer ⚖️ @tydaboi
New decks for days and couple new brands to choose from.

Sizes 7.75” to 8.75” (Hand painted BVSP Sausage board is 1 of 1, size 8.25”)
@louisaminette & @emopoptart365 closing out last weeks session.

Ladies Nights | Wednesday’s | 6-8pm | @skatelikeagirlsea 
Group lesson available
We build all of our completes in the shop with @independenttrucks and proper components that work ($100+tax) Cheap price doesn’t need to be cheap quality #bvsp
@independenttrucks 📸 @taylor___ballard
Thanks again @independenttrucks for stopping through! Energy was high and many days were made 💪
A few more clips of @zackwallin @henrygartland1 @coookie_doe and @clivejdixon @independenttrucks 📹 @rhino #BuiltToGrind
A taste of today’s @independenttrucks demo. Thanks for coming through @zackwallin @henrygartland1 @coookie_doe @davidgravette @waywardnephew & @clivejdixon #BuiltToGrind
Some heavy hitters will be at the plaza this Saturday at 3pm. Save the date! @independenttrucks
Unbelievable @little_sauce_5050
@bamboozlednoodles with a rad one from last night’s Ladies Night @skatelikeagirlsea #bvsp

Every Wednesday 6-8pm