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I love how the sun wraps its arms around the marble.
"The bird has nothing to fear from the destruction of the cage." - Abdu'l'Baha
Standing mighty and strong.
"When we sleep the soul sees without the help of the eyes" - Abdu'l'Baha
"The grass was so green, the weather so delicious, I began thinking and became amazed at all the material wonders — amazed at how men deprive and limit themselves. I thought of how the spirit radiates in all the realms of nature according to the receptive degree. In the mineral world the spirit shows itself, but limited to that mineral condition. It is proved through science that the mineral has the power of attraction, the vegetable has the power of growth; life is according to capacity." - Abdu'l'Baha

Here in Haifa, we are preparing for the upcoming election of the Universal House of Justice. Nine elected members represent the Baha'i Faith for the millions of friends around the world.

Delegates from most of the UN recognized countries will be travelling to cast their ballot. In an administrative system with no campaigning, political parties or ego in essence, this supreme elected body then appoints members of other institutions to help with economic development, projects supporting regional peace, and the education of children.

This photo was taken at dawn this morning, and the building behind is the Seat of the Universal House of Justice.
May the radiant sea of reality become clear and unveiled of its clouds - Abdu'l'Baha
"Absolute repose does not exist in nature. All things either make progress or lose ground. Everything moves forward or backward, nothing is without motion. From his birth, a man progresses physically until he reaches maturity, then, having arrived at the prime of his life, he begins to decline, the strength and powers of his body decrease, and he gradually arrives at the hour of death. Likewise a plant progresses from the seed to maturity, then its life begins to lessen until it fades and dies. A bird soars to a certain height and having reached the highest possible point in its flight, begins its descent to earth.

Thus it is evident that movement is essential to all existence. All material things progress to a certain point, then begin to decline. This is the law which governs the whole physical creation" - Abdu'l'Baha, Paris Talks
Dost thou reckon thyself only a puny form
When within thee the universe is folded? - Bahá'u'lláh
The Shrine of the Bàb
The mist weaving between the mountains, the roads hugging the hills. I miss the trees reaching higher than you can see and the ocean stretching past your farthest vision.

I still dream of home

Finally, by the sea, where God is everywhere, I gradually calmed.
/ patti smith
The Taj Mahal grows from the horizon as seen through a mythical frame #_soi