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This feeling.
Hold up (sunrise)
Rise to be different
Damn hill, you slanty
She sits atop her throne.
Today is the first day of Ridván.
Give me peace & shelter.
I'm leaving this land #storiesofthecoast
Reading: "The Prophet" by Khalil Gibran
These are pebbles to giants. #storiesofthecoast
A boy shouted to his father, "Comin' around!" He leaned the boat starboard and filled the sails once again, heading out to sea. #storiesofthecoast
She ran in first, before I could even get my shoes off. Intrigue took hold as the frigid waves washed over us. #storiesofthecoast #sharevi
Reach for the stars. Your arms won't be long enough but at least you'll get a bit of a work out. #storiesofthecoast