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This #bride and #groom are one of the most coolest people we have ever met. Their wedding happens to be one of the most memorable for us in all the years that we have photographed. Especially their #firstdance right under the twinkling lights and their bridal party standing behind them in support. 😍 #benandsophiaweddings #benandsophiabrides
We always find a blank wall or space to photograph portraits on #wedding days. This happens to be a photograph from one of our favorite weddings to date.

The wall shown here in the image happened to be near a window that created a look that we #love! There's not furniture, pictures, or bags distracting away from the image and it's allows the image to become more crisp and clean. This #groomsmen trusted us to get ready near the cleared space and looked good doing it! #benandsophiaweddings
A well known #photographer once told us NOT to share #blackandwhite images, images lit with artificial light, or not so perfectly posed shots on our feed. We listened for awhile but then realized, why not share these images?? How will others know what we are capable of?

THIS is what we love to shoot: #realweddings. THIS is what our work looks like. THIS is what we #love to portray. Who cares if it doesn't look like others! Our #weddingphotography looks different than others, and we're pretty proud of it. Our feed is going to look different than others too and we are proud of that too! 🙂#benandsophiaweddings #benandsophiabrides
A #firstlook with dad. This was snapped right before the #bride turned around! 😍 #benandsophiabrides
The #bride on her way to the Ceremony. 😍 #benandsophiabrides
Is anyone superstitious? It's #fridaythe13th and we have actually heard that the number 13 is good luck! It is a #Friday afterall, so how bad can it be?
Speaking of Friday, we're going to do a #fridayintroductions. Basically it's just a simple introducing of ourselves for anyone new and sharing things about us you may not know! So here goes:

We are Ben and Sophia, a husband and wife surprise proposal and wedding photography team. We work mainly in #WashingtonDC but travel everywhere! Here are 5 things you might not know about us.

1. We have over 12 years of history together. We started dating in High School back in 2005. 😱 
2. We worked in office cubicles before we got started in #Weddings. It wasn't something we always knew we wanted to do. 👨‍💻
3. We don't have any kids yet, but we have a cute dog named #mothechion and we have a Beta Fish named Pegasus! 🐶🐟 4. Building a wedding venue when we retire from photographing weddings has been a goal of ours.💒
5. We have plans for a 10 year #VowRenewal in 2022. 😍

That's a little about us. Tell us one thing about you and let us know if you are superstitious!
These are all the places that we've been to photographing weddings : #Georgia , #NewJersey , #Missouri , #NorthCarolina , #Maryland . Even still, #WashingtonDC might always be a favorite. The white stone, architecture, and beauty of the City is enchanting. 😍 #bspcouples
Still by far one of our favorite bouquets! 😍😍😍 Florals: @blushingblooms_eventflorist 
Planning: @darlingdsevents 
Makeup and Hair: @bpbfxbg
Over the past five years,  we’ve to traveled countless states and places to photograph #destinationweddings. Being based in the middle of #Virginia, this requires a bit more planning on our part to make sure our couples get THE best experience no matter where we go. We take extra precautions and make sure to have plans in place way ahead of time and we’re sharing some of them today.
If #weddings are within the States, we always pick the option to drive, if we can.  The main reason is to keep our equipment safe. We have seen one too many videos of airport staff throwing bags against walls and onto trucks that would shatter any delicate item in them.

While cameras are generally sturdy,  pack them in padding and hard cases. Any brunt force can affect the way cameras can work. Cameras are machines with moving parts in them. Any loose parts or damage can alter the way an image looks. Just like a car, all the parts have to work in harmony for a smooth ride.
We've photographed Rob and Leanna 4 times since we met them.  Their session on the #beach this morning made for some amazing photos! 😍😍😍 Thank you for asking us to be your #weddingphotographers 4 years ago! ♡  Swipe for all the photos 👉👉👉👉
#bspcouples #benandsophiacouples
Our smiles are as big as this  #bride right now as we make our way to #virginiabeach for a session!  #bspbrides #benandsophiabrides

Planning: @sonjuweddingsandevents 
Makeup: @lonicely 
Hair: @kshairsuite 
Styling/Dress: @tenshopten 
Props: @paisleyandjade
Walking into the weekend like. 🙌🙌🙌 We're gearing up for a session in Virginia Beach for one of our brides from 4 years ago!
What are some of your weekend plans?