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As you may know, Mo is our cute Chion Mix that has been with us for three years. Mo is not only a huge part of our lives but a big part of our couples’ lives too. This year, we started meeting couples in our home and Mo greets every bride and groom! He loves to give kisses and snuggle up next to our couples on the couch as we discuss the wedding day. Without him, the BSP experience just wouldn’t be the same!
His surgery and recovery story is up on the blog today. 
The link is in our profile to click and read. #mothechion
It's finally starting to feel like Fall! It's hands down our favorite season for weddings, birthdays, and all things pumpkin! 🎃
We missed last Wednesdays blog as our household was overcome with pneumonia while still trying to care for Mo as he heals from surgery. The past week hasn’t been fun, but we are making it through! As we were working through recent gorgeous weddings, we wanted to share tips on optimizing Lightroom to handle large images while editing. We photograph in RAW, which means our files are big! This gives us more flexibility with editing in Lightroom. We keep to our natural, bright style and minimally edit images, even still, over 1,000 images can bog down the system and make for a slow process. If you’re a Lightroom user, try to optimize your catalogs. This cleans up the data stored and helps tighten things up to run the program quicker. If you’re using Lighroom a few times a week, it’s a good idea to optimize catalogs at least once a month!
Surprise Proposals have become one of our favorite things to photograph. We love the planning process that is involved and how it comes together after months of anticipation. Greg had one of the sweetest surprise proposals we have ever seen! It involved a romantic picnic for two at a winery! A full proposal is up on the blog.
To say yesterday was amazing is an understatement!! These two are perfect! Congratulations Kristina and Devin! ♡♡♡ #benandsophiabrides #bspbrides
GOWNS: @davidsbridal and @avalaurennebride MAKEUP AND HAIR: @downtownsalonfxbg FLORALS: @goodearthflowers VENUE: @oldhousevineyards
This morning was rough leaving #mothechion for surgery. Today is the day. He will have a titanium plate put in today to help stabilize the back knee and reconstruction of the bone to reinforce the larger muscles in his leg to take over where his cruciate ligament has been torn. He's a strong little one and has been handling all of this very well. We're keeping our fingers crossed that healing goes well and this time next year, he will be full on running after his squeaky toys!
If you've been following us for a while, you will know that we blog every Monday and Wednesday. This week there will be no blogs as we move our site to the secured version of HTTP. Our friends at are incredibly helpful when it comes to making changes to our site and we're so thankful we chose the Showit family. Their customer service always exceeds our expectations. Something we strive to do for our own couples. #bspbrides #benandsophiabrides
Greg has been planning this beautiful proposal at @earlymountain and it could not have been a more perfect day!
It's #NationalCoffeeDay!!! And it's #friyay!! Who's celebrating?! #☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️
For those of you looking for #midweekmotivation, this post is for you. Do you ever get to that feeling where you might be at your weakest point? When things get hectic in life and everything happens to come down on you all at once, you feel you are just not doing your best. What you may not know, is right outside this “weak” point is your strongest ever you. The moment when things are starting to feel overwhelming, that is the moment where you push yourself to a new limit. That is when you push yourself to become stronger. #benandsophiacouples
An online presence is a huge part of our business. Websites are now a part of standard operation procedures and with Tech on the rise, they will only become more of an integral part of businesses. Any website owner should also have a Google Analytics tracking code set up for their site. It’s an amazing tool that gives you a ton of insight on your website. Within this free web analytics service, you’re able to see behavioral patterns in your website visitors. You’ll see which parts of your website is getting the most traction and where most users bounce.
When we see this image, we remember this was taken in a bedroom with a large dark bed frame to the left and clothes, suitcases, shoe boxes and packaging material were all over the room to the right of the image. The space was so tight our backs were nearly touching the wall while we were straddling boxes and chairs to capture this image. You would never guess it by looking at the image though. You see a bride in the moment of her big day, not the mess or clutter. The focus is on the love and joy of the day. This is intentional imagery. This is why we do what we do. #benandsophiabride #bspbrides