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Wedding gifts are by far the hardest gift to buy. Especially if you don't know what the new newly wed couple needs! Most couples will create a registry that will make it easier. But what if there is no registry? What do you do then?
We've got you covered! We're sharing wedding gifts ideas that we still use TODAY even after 5 years of being married!! You might be surprised at the items that make the list on the blog! A link is listed in our profile that will take you to the post. 😊
It all started with love. 12 years ago when we met. 5 years ago when we said "I do." And 4 years ago when we decided to pursue BSP and watch others say "I do." Love is what got us here today. And today is an entire day celebrating love. 😍

Happy Valentine's Day friends. ❤
Today is #promise ring day. But you don't have to buy a ring. You can make a promise to the person you love. Promise to make time for just them. Promise to say "I love you" and kiss each other every night no matter what. Promise to love them the same through the highs and the lows.
It's day 4 of #Valentineweek and today is Teddy Day!  Who doesn't love a good teddy bear to snuggle with? This was the closet we could get to a Teddy. :D And we have to say he is so much cuter and better than any teddy bear we have ever seen. But we might be a bit biased. <3 #mothechion
Guess what today is?? It's #propose day!! Our favorite day of #valentineweek :)
Did you know that the week of February 7th-February 14th is #Valentineweek ?? Today is actually #Roseday ! As believers in love, we think each day should be celebrated with love. We know how day to day routines and schedules can get in the way, so having a reminder or a dedicated day doesn't hurt to celebrate the things that are important to us. #loveisintheair
We may be the only people on the planet that didn't watch the #superbowl. Instead, we set intentional goals for ourselves to kick off this #Monday right. One thing we do on daily basis is write down things we are currently grateful for. This keeps us in the present moment. Then we list actions to take for the week to reach a goal. For example, one of our goals is to save more money, so we mindfully cut costs and stick to a budget. We make a list of meals ahead of time for the week and stick to it. That means no unplanned lunch or dinner outings. We also map out all of our expenses ahead of time to have them covered. Any remaining amount is planned for savings. Actionable daily steps like these help you to reach those big goals and taking the time to set those intentions get you to results faster. #mondaymorning

Planning and Styling: @sonjuweddingsandevents
#TGIF. Thank Goodness it's #February!♥ AND #Friday! 🙌 February is one of our favorite months. 
Roses and Gold Garland: @targetstyle 
Place Mats: @worldmarket
It's the 3rd #Monday of #2018 and each one has been refreshing, insightful, and a good reminder for us to stay humble. Here's to 50 more Mondays filled with joy, love, and amazing weddings. <3 #bspweddings #benandsophiaweddings #nomoredreadedmondays
It's a #newyear and some couples are starting the new year #engaged!!!! Like Caroline and Jonathan! Jonathan planned out the best #surpriseproposal, 
He had reached out to us months in advance. He knew he wanted to make the proposal special for Caroline. They had both met in High School and ended up going to the same college, at the University of Florida! Go Gators!! Jonathan was a few states away planning. What's more, he is in training for the military, so planning schedules was a bit tricky. He planned out when to let family and friends know. He had to wait for breaks to be able to tell them, ask Caroline's father for his blessing, and pick out the ring! He made it happen without Caroline having a clue to the whole scheme! The full proposal is on the blog! Follow the link in our profile to view it! #benandsophiacouples #benandsophiaproposals #bspproposals #bspcouples
Just in the past year, our couples have planned proposals from as far as Canada, Maryland and Florida! We are amazed at the commitment and the love that these couples have for one another. This proposal story at the Jefferson Memorial is an amazing one to add to the list! Want to see how the most romantic proposal is pulled off from miles away? It's all in the blog! Follow the link in our profile or visit 😍
#benandsophiacouples #bspproposals #benandsophiaproposals
He's been good all year. 😍🎄#mothechion #edbypetsmart @edbyellen @theellenshow