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Over the past four years, we’ve traveled to North Carolina, New Jersey, Missouri, and soon Georgia to photograph weddings and sessions. Being based in the middle of Virginia, this requires a bit more planning on our part to make sure our couples get THE best experience. We take extra precautions and make sure to have plans placed ahead of time to photograph destination weddings. If we have weddings within the States, we always pick the option to drive if we can. 
The main reason is to keep our equipment safe. We have seen one too many videos of airport staff throwing bags against walls and onto trucks that would shatter any delicate item in it. While our cameras are sturdy and we pack them in padding, any brunt force can effect the way a camera works. We make sure to rent a newer rental car that has the space and can handle long distance. Enterprise Rental has been our go to for renting and they have always been amazing! We shared more on how wee photograph destination weddings on the blog.
Who else is in disbelief that it's already #December??🎄 If we are being honest, we are still full from all that #Thanksgiving Turkey! :D The month snuck up on us quick, but we are ready for all things peppermint! 🍭 December not only reminds us that #Christmas is near, but it also starts our end of the year process. A process all photographers should have in place. Our end of the year process helps us close out the year's activities and begin for next year's! One of the things we make sure we do every year is to keep our equipment functioning optimally with cleanings and calibrations. We shared 6 more year end items every photographer should do this December on the blog! ❄
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Our home is filled with the smell of Pumpkin Pies right now that are cooking in the oven. As we are preparing for a day full of food, gratitude, and family, we were thinking about this community. We're incredibly thankful for all of you for supporting our work and for allowing us to share our passion. Thank you for every like, comment, and message you all send us. Thank you for being here!  We love you all. <3 #bspbrides #benandsophiabrides -----------
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Florals: @sbblooms
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Makeup: @lonicely
Business owners all have a small fear of losing clients over raising prices. Even though it is normal in everyday life for prices to increase in rent, groceries, and everyday living, for small business owners, increasing prices can be hard. Perhaps it's because it's not always easy to showcase value to clients. This is especially true for service-based businesses. So how do you increase your value to show you are indeed worth every penny?
If you expect clients to invest in your business, you must also be willing to invest in yourself. This could be signing up for a workshop, an online course, or even purchasing a book to learn something new. It could be researching trends, or acquiring a new service or equipment to elevate what you are currently offering. Or it could be honing in on your current craft by practicing new techniques. Whatever it is that you are offering, there are ways to make your technique, product or service better. We budget each year to take a course or invest in a one-on-one coaching session with a leading photographer in the industry. Each time we invested, we always learned something new and the investment was always worth it.
Let's talk about failures. Success is just a series of failures. Have you heard the story of the 409 Cleaner? The cleaner that your mom probably used growing up. It took two young Detroit scientists four hundred and nine tries to get the right cleaning formula. That's four hundred and nine failures to their greatest success. How many times have you failed at something?
There's a stigma around failures, we tend not to think of them in the way that we should. We're afraid of failing. We think we have to be perfect, as if we come out of the womb knowing everything.It's time to starting embracing failure and know that we are all closer to success than we realize.
The month of #November reminds us to take time to be more #grateful. Often times, we are stuck in our day to day to do's of just getting things done and we go in auto-tune. Working day in and day out, it sometimes get us out of touch with the present. We've got to remember to be grateful for the Journey we are all on and to be grateful for the now. Because after all, the present is all that we have. #practicegratitude
Who's excited for #thanksgiving!?! 🦃 It's officially one week away!!! There's nothing better than good food, friends, family and some shopping. 😄 #bspbrides
Brides spend days, weeks, and months searching for the perfect gown. The dress not only has to fit the bride like a glove, but it also sets the tone of the entire wedding day! It shows a part of who the bride is and it can even translate into the theme of the wedding day. Everything from the color of the dress, to the details of the fabric and the beading are all pieces of a story. The wedding dress is front and center with the bride on her big day and it must be photographed in a way that it shows it’s true essence! Over the years, we have learned ways to photograph the wedding dress to really make the details in the dress pop and let the dress shine in it’s own light.
One thing that can completely change an image is the hanger! What the dress is hanging on makes a huge difference in images. Brides spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on a dress! It can quickly change the way that thousand dollar dress looks when hanging on a plastic hanger. A monogrammed hanger tends to photograph more flawlessly than a plastic hanger.
There are a number of factors to take into account for a great image; lighting, composition and posing being some of them. While we can spend days explaining each one, today we are sharing one of them; posing!
When you take your next image, try turning the body slightly at an angle to the camera so that your body is not square on to the lens . Shift your weight to the leg furthest away from the camera, and bend the leg closest to the lens to accentuate the body and make your curves more prominent. This will make the waist line appear even smaller. Objects closest to the camera lens can appear larger, known as "foreshortening". When you shift your weight back, you make it so the waist is now farthest from the lens.  Popping the leg closest to the camera creates curves and an even more slimming affect. There's 2 more tips on the blog and you can follow the link in our profile to read more! #bspbrides #benandsophiabrides #benandsophiacouples
It's #nationalcandyday and this bright pink and purple wedding theme reminds us of a bright colored candies! #bspbrides #benandsophiabrides