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when the universe talks I'm listening. bookings/features: bennybookings@gmail

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new album in eight days, It’s been a hard year but I still feel strong 🐘✨
The Sky Roads comes out in 11 days, we went to Iceland and shot an amazing visual that I’ll be releasing soon after the album drops! we have been super focussed lately, I love my team and I love all of you! The sky Roads - Friday September 28th 2018 💜🐘✨📷: @twocamsam
new visual “arrows” leave an “🐘” after you watch it!! this is one of my favorite tracks on the new project! I love you!!!! 💜🌎✨🐘 (link in bio)
new song and visual this friday!! “arrows” 
who’s ready?! 🐘✨
“The Sky Roads” is a name I gave to represent where you are when you escape from your thoughts 🐘✨
“I am an animal I am the trees I am the flowers the birds the bees the dark the light the war the peace above below and in between I am an animal and that’s me” New visual - Animal - (link in bio) 💜
been traveling the world shooting music videos with the people I love, next stop Iceland 🐘✨
The Sky Roads 9/28/18 🌎🐘✨
Back on the road soon! What cities should I visit?! ✨🐘
new visual out now! #TheSkyRoads #Animal (link in bio)
tomorrow is the day! who’s ready? #TheSkyRoads #Animal ✨🐘✨
new video this friday! 🐘🌎✨