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when the universe talks I'm listening. bookings/features: bennybookings@gmail

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new visual “arrows” leave an “🐘” after you watch it!! this is one of my favorite tracks on the new project! I love you!!!! 💜🌎✨🐘 (link in bio)
new song and visual this friday!! “arrows” 
who’s ready?! 🐘✨
“The Sky Roads” is a name I gave to represent where you are when you escape from your thoughts 🐘✨
“I am an animal I am the trees I am the flowers the birds the bees the dark the light the war the peace above below and in between I am an animal and that’s me” New visual - Animal - (link in bio) 💜
been traveling the world shooting music videos with the people I love, next stop Iceland 🐘✨
The Sky Roads 9/28/18 🌎🐘✨
Back on the road soon! What cities should I visit?! ✨🐘
new visual out now! #TheSkyRoads #Animal (link in bio)
tomorrow is the day! who’s ready? #TheSkyRoads #Animal ✨🐘✨
new video this friday! 🐘🌎✨
“don’t let them tell you that it’s all just make believe” 🐘💜🦄✨ #TheSkyRoads
“Super Duper Extra Strong” I have the best supporters in the world! You guys mean everything to me. @lisa_marieest MAD LOVE !!!!! 💜🐘✨