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This healthy 51 year old man presented 5 years ago with nine maxillary and five mandibular dental implants. They had all been placed 2 years previously in Korea. The 12,11advanced peri-implantitis was successfully treated with flap access and subsequently no further bone loose has occurred. This case clearly illustrates the importance of the having a titanium or Zirconium abutment connecting the implant crowns to the implants. This allows at minimum 2mm wide biological width,  which enables the junctional epithelium to seal the implant coronal surface from with oral environment. In the 12 & 11 regions there were no abutments, hence the patient’s periodontopathic bacteria rapidly lead to the advanced bone loss over only a 2 year period, in the same month, and in areas of the mouth that are not even as easy to keep plaque free, where there was a titanium abutment present hence no bone loss occurred.
This healthy 22 year old female presented with generalised moderate periodontal disease and a “gummy smile” due to passive eruption. The after photographs were taken 6 days following comprehensive periodontal therapy together with a gingivectomy of 13 to 23
This healthy 58 year old lady presented with a mesiodistal root fracture of her 17. The tooth was atraumatically removed and an immediate single-stage dental implant was very carefully placed in the palatal socket. A molar shaped PEEK healing abutment was placed and a BondBone graft placed in the buccal sockets.
This healthy 57 year old lady with a deep overbite presented with a mobile and discoloured 63 and an underlying impacted 23. The 63 was readily removed and an immediate implant was very carefully placed, avoiding the impacted 23, and an immediate screw retained temporary crown was placed. Four months later a definitive titanium based metal ceramic crown was placed.
This healthy 31 year old lady was referred for replacement of her hopeless 11. Under Amoxil/Flagyl cover the 11 and attached infected tissue were carefully removed and the socket disinfected with Minomycin paste for 4 minutes. An immediate implant was placed and an accurate fixture head registration was taken so a screw retained immediate temporary crown could be placed. Prior to inserting the temporary crown, the labial socket defect was filled with nonresorbable 4Bone and the coronal portion of the socket sealed with Bond Bone graft. 3 months later the implant and graft are well intergrated and the patient was then referred back to the original referring dentist to construct the definitive screw retained crown.
Following our previous post, the implant replaced the 21 following trauma.
Can you guess which tooth is the implant? 🤔
This healthy 56 year old lady returned to see Dr Latcham, 20 years after placing her 21 dental implant. She presented with significant  superficial gingival inflammation around her 21 related to an ill-fitting crown, hopeless adjacent 11&12 and unaesthetic smile. The 11&12 were removed and an immediate implant placed in the 12 region, the 11 socket and 12 labial defect were filled with 4Bone nonresorbable graft and covered with Bond Bone to prevent bacterial contamination of the grafts. The 21 crown and abutment were removed and a definitive multiunit abutment placed on the 12 implant. From an accurate abutment registration of the 12 and a fixture head registration of the 21 implant, a screw retained laser welded titanium framed/composite immediate 12 to 21 bridge was constructed and placed to provide this woman with a greatly improved smile.
This healthy 69 year old lady presented with a failed 21 to 24 bridge. The 24 root was fractured and the 21 & 23 had extensive caries, the 21,23&24 roots were removed and immediately dental implants were placed in the 22&24 regions and a multiunit abutment placed on the 24 fixture. The existing bridge was extremely modified and converted into a screw retained immediate temporary bridge with Bond Bone grafting of the 21&23 sockets
This 68 year old man presented with a loose 46 implant crown. The fixture head screw had fractured and the coronal portion of the fixture had "blossomed". An accurate record of the 3 dimensional position of the the fixture was taken using resin and a fixture placement driver.
The 4mm diameter fixture was then carefully traphined and using the positional record taken, a 5.5mm wide fixture, with an identical prosthetic connection, was then accurately placed in exactly the same depth and rotation as the fractured implant, and an X-ray taken to confirm the fit of the initial crown.
A healing abutment was placed and in 3 months time the original crown will replaced onto the new implant.
This healthy 68 year old lady presented with a hopeless 22 that was split to the suspect 21.
The 22 was removed and immediately replaced with an implant and temporary crown. 3 months later the 21 was removed and the socket filled with 4 Bone non-resorbable graft and covered coronally with Bond Bone. The intergrated 22 implant was used to support an immediate 22,21 screw retained temporary bridge that still allowed the patient to continue wearing her acrylic gingival prosthesis.
This healthy 45 year old lady was initially referred to an endodontist for treatment of her 22. The 22 was found to be vital and the endodontist referred the patient to Dr Latcham for implant therapy to replace her vertically fractured and chronically infected adjacent 21.
The large periapical lesion was throughly and carefully curetted and the socket disinfected with a 10 minute application of Minomycin paste. The large defect was filled with Bond Bone and immediate implant was placed together with an immediate temporary crown.
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