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A healthy 42 year old male was referred for implant therapy. There was a large periapical lesion associated with the vertically fractured 12 and the nonvital 11. The endodontist, Dr Matthew Gentner carried non-surgical endodontic therapy on the 11. Then 3 months later the 12 was removed and an immediate single stage implant was placed together with a temporary 1 tooth acrylic partial denture.
This healthy 48 year old dental phobic male presented with very poor oral hygiene associated with generalised advanced periodontal disease and a hopeless 12.
The lower photograph taken the day after full mouth periodontal therapy, where the 12 was replaced with an immediate implant and temporary crown.
This healthy 61 year old lady was referred for the replacement of her 12. The adjacent 13 mesial root had extensive subgingical root caries. The 13 mesial was restored with GIC and an immediate implant and temporary crown was placed.
This healthy 42 year old lady presented with missing 16,15,13 & 12 where previously placed implants and grafting had failed, and the 14 intergrated implant was failing, along with the 11 which had hopeless prognosis due a fracture at  bone crest. 
Unfortunately the patient had a major gagging problem meaning she could not wear a removable prosthesis, and she had become anxious and agoraphobic. 
The 11 was removed and replaced with an immediate implant and single stage implants were placed in the 16 & 15 regions. Multiunit abutments were placed on the 16,15 & 11. As the 14 failing implant still had 2/3 of the apical portion intergrated,an accurate fixture head registration of it and abutment registration of the 16,15 & 11 was taken so a screw retained laser welded titanium framed/ composite immediate 16 to 11 bridge could be placed. 
In the future, when the 16,15 &11 implants are intergrated, the 14 implant will be removed and a definitive 16 to 11 bridge will be constructed. The patient was overjoyed to be able to smile again and go out in public.
A healthy 61 year old male presented with a non-vital 43 and hopeless 42,41,31,32,33.
The hopeless teeth were removed and immediate implants were placed in the 42 & 33 sockets, multiunit abutments were placed and from an accurate abutment registration, a screw-retained laser welded titanium framed immediate composite 42 to 33 bridge was placed. The 41,31,32 pontic sockets were filled with 4Bone non-resorbable grafting and this graft and the 42 & 33 labial socket deficit were filled with Bond Bone graft material.
This healthy 32 year old lady was referred for implant replacement of her infected and vertically fractured 11. The 11 was removed and an immediate implant and immediate implant temporary crown placed. The labial socket deficit was grafted with 4Bone and this graft was protected from bacterial contamination by Bond Bone. The restorative dentist, Dr Chen and his talented ceramicist Norio placed a very aesthetic beautifully matched screw-retained crown to rehabilitate this lady’s smile.
In 2013 a 4mm wide cylindrical Neoss implant was placed in the 46 region. The patient returned in 4 years later with a “blossomed” fixture and fractured fixture head screw.
The implant placement instrument was modified apicially so an accurate fixture registration could be taken, prior to trephining out the failed fixture. The existing crown was archived, as Neoss implants use the same prosthetic platform for 4 mm to 6.5mm. The failed implant was carefully removed, and a new 5.5mm wide implant was placed at the exact same depth,  angulation and rotation as the previous failed implant; the archived implant was used to check this. A healing abutment was placed for 3 months, then the archived crown was reused to restore the new implant.
A healthy 63 year old lady presented with advanced cervical external root resorption. The tooth was carefully extracted and the crown used as part of the immediate implant screw-retained temporary crown which was placed on the immediate dental implant.
This healthy 30 year old lady with a big wide smile, presented with a hopeless chronically infected 11.
The 11 was extracted and an immediate implant and immediate temporary crown placed, together with nonresorbable 4 Bone grafting in the labial socket deficiency.
12 months later an aesthetic result has been achieved. Note that the 11 root eminence has been maintained, and this will be a permanent result, while if a Bovine graft(BioOss) had been used, this result would not be maintained in the long term, and would be lost after 8 to 12 years.
This healthy 76 year old male presented for a clinical and radiographic review of his 46 implant. The gingival tissues were healthy with no bleeding on probing, The X-ray demonstrated some bone loss on the mesial. There was a significant mesiolingual occlusal prematurity. The occlusion was corrected, and the radiograph taken 18 months later shows good regeneration of the lost mesial bone.
This healthy 30 year old lady was referred to Dr Latcham for implant replacement of her 22. 
Unfortunately the referring dentist had perforated the labial of the 22 and persistent discomfort and infection occurred. The 22 was removed and an immediate single stage dental implant was placed. The crown of the existing tooth was luted to a titanium-based zirconium temporary UCLA abutment, with radiolucent laboratory composite resin. The temporary crown was immediately screwed into position and the final photo shows the immediate temporary implant crown in place.
This healthy 42 year old Japanese male was referred to Dr Latcham with a missing 26 and a hopeless and infected 27. The 27 was extracted and the socket was filled with Bond Bone.
Single stage implants were then placed in the 26 & 28 regions. A 26 to 28 screw retained bridge was placed 4 months later.