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The new #ContinentalGT can be commissioned with a choice of innovative dual veneers, which see the natural grain of handcrafted wood separated from a contrasting finish by a narrow strip of polished chrome. Spec: Liquid Amber over Piano Black. Link in bio.
"With an impeccable lineage, the new #ContinentalGT is the next chapter of  a great design story" - Stefan Sielaff, Director of Design. Spec: Sequin Blue with a Portland and Imperial Blue interior. Link in bio.
Clock detail in the #Mulsanne Hallmark Series by #Mulliner. Image by @parkncube. Link in bio.
The hide on the seats and door panels on the #Mulsanne Hallmark Series have the delicate #Mulliner quilting pattern.  Interior spec: Porpoise Painted Veneer waistrails with Silver Plated inlays. Image by @parkncube. Link in bio.
Duo-tone paint finish on the #Mulsanne Hallmark series by #Mulliner with imposing 21” polished alloy wheels. Exterior spec: Porcelain over Windsor Blue with Silver Fine Line. Image by @parkncube. Link in bio.
"Understated geometry is beautiful - from diamond knurling to the matrix grille, patterns bring the #ContinentalGT design to life" - Stefan Sielaff, Director of Design. Link in bio.
"The new #ContinentalGT combines the latest technology behind the finest materials" - Stefan Sielaff, Director of Design. Link in bio.
"Perfect cut crystal glass inspires the attention to detail in the headlamp design on the #ContinentalGT" - Stefan Sielaff, Director of Design. Link in bio.
Damson hide with Silver accent: just one of the bespoke #Mulliner colour split options in the #Mulsanne Design Series. Link in bio.
Three striking accent colours - Bronze, Silver and Kingfisher Blue - have been selected specifically for their style for the #Mulliner #Mulsanne Design series. Silver, shown here, harmonises beautifully across all Mulliner interiors. Link in bio.
Influenced by the world of high-end fashion and contemporary interior design trends, #Mulliner created the #Mulsanne Design Series with striking design elements interwoven with eye-catching coloured accents. Shown here in Damson and silver. Link in bio.
#ContinentalGT V8 S Convertible in Silver Tempest. Captured by @MrGoodlife in L.A. Link in bio.