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Peak of season, local organic San Marzano Tomatoes and all the ingredients you need to make this decadant sauce from scratch. (A recipe will be included with your kit!)
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A mix of fruits and vegetables for those customers who find our other baskets contain too much produce for a week. The Basics Basket was created for customers who just need the necessary staple items without some of the more unusual fruits and veggies.
What’s your fave?
Fresh herbs are an exciting and easy addition to almost any meal.  Try our local organic red potatoes roasted then tossed with dill, butter and sea salt. Leftovers? Scramble some eggs, add some freshly ground pepper, and you’ve got “cowboy eggs” like my Dad used to make us. And oh, herbs are packed with minerals and other essential nutrients. #berkshireorganics
At 8mo a baby’s nervous system is eager to make new neural connections!  Oral development is an important component and helps set the stage for using words and speaking.  Peaches and nectarines are easy to hold and have some great vitamins needed for growing big and strong. 
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Everything you need to make San Marzano Tomato sauce! Ingredients were just harvested...literally. Have fun!
Local corn and red potatoes, blueberries, peaches and nectarines...just to name a few.
Depth of flavor in this local sweet Corn is unmatched! Try it’s crispy, has a crunch, is full of juice and good! Don’t pay good money at the supermarkets, we have it from this morning’s harvest for you! We’re open until 7pm
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Picked Fresh just hours before it’s delivered! Also we’ll have the fresh early morning harvest for the market Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!  This is local, nonGMO sweet corn. A seasonal treat well worth the wait!
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