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Thank you Berkshire Museum for hosting such a fun event!  We enjoyed teaching all the children about smoothies, fruits, and veggies. 
Beet Berry
1/2 raw red beet
1/2 banana
A few mint or basil leaves
2figs or 1 date
1 cup blueberries 
Coconut water or water
Blend until smooth. Enjoy the energy boost!
Snacks are the best after puddle jumping. is a hot dinner! Swing by for something warming and nourishing!  We’ll be here til 6.
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One of our main missions over the last ten years has been to keep our organic produce prices as low and competitive as we possibly can. It is important to us that the members of our community, especially children, have access to a great variety of fresh, organic produce year-round. We thank you for your continued support!
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Foods rich in Calcium: organic green veggies, nuts, beans... Calcium is added to some products, milk being the popular one, but consuming calcium in its natural form is always best. Why? It’s bioavailable and in ideal proportions to other minerals our bodies need. 
Cup for cup, broccoli and fortified milk have the same amount of calcium.
It’s still citrus season...and a delicious way to take in some powerful stress combating energy boosting nutrients!
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Signs of Spring! Local farmers are getting ready for the new season. Many of them have finished planning the crops they are going to grow and are getting their seeds ready for the first plantings. Local greenhouse growers are reporting they will have more to offer very soon. Fresh, local eggs are still in abundance and don't forget this is maple syrup season. We offer syrup from Holiday Farm in Dalton and from farmers in the Hudson Valley.
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Thank you for supporting many of our local dairy farms and food artisans!
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