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Sadly, by the time most of us realize what 'destiny' really is, we've outrun it to some contrived, fictitious, point called 'destination'. And happiness was playing out somewhere, far behind us, where we left it to get ahead. Maybe the goal is not to go faster and further, but to go where you are yourself, and where all that you love can be.
The Naish Wing-Surfer is coming so soon! It feels good to have the finished product in hand, no mast, no bars, no rigging; complete freedom to harness the wind in a unique way. Personally, this has changed foiling for me. Expanded so many horizons, and I can't wait to take these wings around the world to share with those who love the wind.  @wing_surfer  @naishsails @quiksilver @naish_kiteboarding
It's that time of year again 😂 @mauiwaverider
After hundreds of mindshattering waves in this country, I'm honestly a little confused as to what my favorite stance is. I surf left in all my dreams now... @hotelsurazo provided the most incredible camping accommodations in Topocalma. Thank you so much @windsurf_matanzas @internationalwindsurfingtour @mikaelbohuon @nautisportchile • I'm a little at a loss for words -which is a rarity as I'm sure you're all aware- just feeling very full after my experience here. And I lost on the 2nd day!
Day 1 in Topocalma , haven't sailed a wave this fast and hollow since the Marshalls ~ 200m+ waves reeling off a sand point with light offshores, I rode a 4.5 and an 82 liter (my Hookipa setup) currently the swell is predominantly North, and subsequently FAST, almost unmakable at low-tide. South swell is forecasted for early next week, and should be more open for turns. Either way the place is a dream for sailing and surfing, and sleeping in a tent :)
Charles Bukowski said that anything dangerous done with style, is art. I see artists of all forms in my community, expressive people who long to do a thing better than they have ever done before, for the sake of this thing alone. Some make a liberal art out of what we do, by maticulously perfecting upon a design, setting out to prove a theory, harnessing a force of nature in the sphere of geometry. Some live for performing arts, and set stage upon the crest of a wave. Mastering skills with technical proficiency but also, dramatic flare and personality. Still others make this passion into a kind of martial art. Training rigorously, focusing on their craft everyday and with discipline. Learning to better themselves and attain a deeper understanding of their process. In any case, what we do can hardly be surmised as 'sport', it goes so far beyond, and so much deeper, for us, than that. For anyone else who might not share this sentiment, the feeling, in time, will transcend or perish. @internationalwindsurfingtour
We have such a multitude of ways to be, teaming together like molecules -in drops in waves- in the sea. We have such a plethora of experiences, just waiting. You can put over a decade of time into one silly little thing, like windsurfing, and still the road is not ended, the way not mastered. After a while, things change, the silly little thing becomes everything, your way of living, expressing, seeing and being. Connect that way to another way and see where it leads. Someplace foreign, like building your own twinfins! Realize the difference between 10 hours and 10,000 is only a perception of the surface of what you do: how people will see it, and how much you'll take notice. The deeper passion is homogeneously generous across all time. #twinfin #andiloveher #kurtcobain
Rivals? Friends? In the end, both the villains and the heroes in every great drama, after having delivered the most passionate of performances; even they will clasp hands and bow as the curtains close. 📽: @sweetwaterhawaii @alanwattsphilosopher
What's nice is that this counts as a bath! Thank you • it's been unreal here in Japan, and I hope to visit this wonderful country again soon! @yuuka_horikoshi @hiro__horikoshi thanks for sharing this session with me
What is more meaningful: having a successful result in a contest -as an individual- or having the contest itself be a success for all those involved? Many thanks to the town of Omaezaki for committing to our event for the next 5 years. The @internationalwindsurfingtour did a fantastic job of running a flawless series of heats. What's more, this event connected with the local community and the insanely passionate windsurfers here. Over the next 5 years, I can see a whole new generation of inspired sailors breaking onto the scene, with this event having acted as a catalyst. That's a victory for all of us.
Finals! An amazing day for wavesailing in Omaezaki! So tired after a long day of competition @internationalwindsurfingtour
Help Wanted: must have 3 top-tier jumps on lock...and a mustache 
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Who will win the Pro Men's division of the IWT Omaezaki Japan Cup? Bernd?
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