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2018 Naish Hardline

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Amazing day at Ke'Anae #maui #beauty πŸ“·: @mauiwaverider
I can't wait for the #AlohaClassic presented by the @internationalwindsurfingtour ! Less than 2 weeks away! πŸ“·: @fishbowldiaries
This beautiful island and all thats in it... πŸŒΊπŸ‘Œ @mauiwaverider drone footy and edit β€’
I didn't learn these words just to waste my breath... πŸ“·: @amorphiaphotography
Happy Birthday Ford!!!! Dude you're an animal, I really admire your energy and zeal for learning! There isn't a day that you're not tryin to gain experience or knowledge in some way, on some journey, following paths further into the dense forest of life. So stoked @giorgiogomez and I got to hang with you this Summer, and now with my fam in the Fall @mauiwaverider πŸ‘
"Well, she's walking through the clouds,
With a circus mind that's running wild,
Butterflies and Zebras,
And Moonbeams and fairy tales.
That's all she ever thinks about.
Riding with the wind." - Jimi Hendrix, Little Wing
Nothing like windswept, closeout, west-bowl days to fully appreciate a windsport! #naishteam @naishsails #quikteam @quiksilver @dakine_surf @blackprojectwindsurf
All my life I've been doing what I love, you can bet nothing changed today! Thanks for the warm bday wishes from all you guys! To the friends and family who helped to make this just another idealic day in a fantasy-novel-full of perfect moments, I love you all!
Here where a windsurfer shines: balanced between the wind and waves. Harnessing two colossal energies into a harmony, β—‹ releasing them into powerful dissonance. ● I'm happy to have the best @naishsails equipment ever, under my feet for the 2018 season! #naishteam #quikteam πŸ“·: @fishbowldiaries
We are such lucky creatures, we who can say we are healthy, alive, and in the loving company of friends and family. We who follow our passions... We.. we all got a scare yesterday when @mauiwaverider was hurt on the job, electrocuted. He's recovering now, after spending the day in the hospital. Hopefully we'll be back out there soon! Here's some footage my dad, and best friend, took from the other day! #bestdad #naishteam #quikteam @quiksilver @dakine_surf @naishsup @blackprojectsup
The North Pacific flickers to life, and already that feeling of being spent after a long day of surfing... effervescence! #quikteam #naishteam #blackproject #dakinesurf πŸ“·: @ryosukeee528
My favorite month of the year is here! #GetSpooky #WavesToo