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I'll be seeing you then~ πŸ“·: @maryjanephotoart
Light and free! ~@si_crowther
...and you were the reason to rise in the morning, a little before the Sun, so as to cradle your radiance. A reason to settle into restive sleep, slipping peacefully with the graceful decay of day; to watch yours eyes come alive in the twilight. You see I live as the sea lives, in rhythmic cycles of ebb and flow, a timeless existence with no tether to passing days. I wish you could see my vision of eternity! What I am as I extend beyond the horizon, where I go in the deep places... Places the light won't yet touch, but can with Time. Time, only you can grasp, and help me understand, and keep for me. A reason to get up in the morning becomes a reason to fall asleep. Becomes a reason to look forward to the next day, and the next week, and the month, and the year. A reason to believe in the future as a place and a Time that will be better than it is now! That's something I don't think about. I wander! Happily! Endlessly! From the edges of infinity, with nothing binding me. Despite this, I still find I miss the reasons. I miss following the sun across the sky.
"One board, one foil, endless possibilities." Check out the up and coming Hover Crossover from @naishfoiling [full edit linked in the bio] #naishteam
"And I can't be running back and forth forever between grief and high delight." - J. D. Salinger ○● πŸ“·: @amorphiaphotography
Out here traveling, its a world of the new and unfamiliar and ever-changing. Feels like, to walk among the fertile lilies of blossoming dreams, one has to be unburdened by causality or connection. β—‹ But I love my love, the love of everything saved or borrowed, and stored in my mind. Without these things I have no home and nowhere to leave when I go out to explore.  Home, maybe, can be something you carry with you, a small precious stone to tip a little weight into the soles of your feet, and persuade some semblence of conviction into each stride. ● I'll get back to doing what I do best soon enough. For now, I'll keep it with it me and try something new.
Happy Father's Day you legend @mauiwaverider πŸ˜‚ Thanks for always being my best buddy!
#tb β—‹ I feel like thinking when I swim in the ocean, this rich tapestry of memory, swirling in constant motion. Below the surface where the light doesn't reach, deep places and hidden spaces, when will they wash up on the beach? ● πŸ“·: @si_crowther
Posted~ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ can't wait to try out for the team here in Oceanside. The chance to go to the ISA's in Denmark is up for grabs this weekend!
Spreading the wings of budding passions, in the wing you are but one feather, this beautiful creature catches the rays of life and takes you for a luminescent ride... thank you #BeachCultureWorldTour
Last day on the water here in Barbados, thanks to everyone who made the adventure so memorable! #InternationalWindsurfingTour πŸ“·: @si_crowther
After 3 years of reading Brian's walls, I have succumb to this special brand of madness. With my words, I have marked a table for the #BeachCultureWorldTour -------------
"...the sea is the same as me... this is not what I know but what I choose to believe, in these small moments when the ocean sets me free, I feel a force of DESTINY...I choose the sea, knowing what and who is dry and waiting, knowing that I make this choice for me, selfishly I choose the sea. I promise to come back to thee, when I have finished sailing, but alas, the Heart inebriates Reality, and already, my soul is drunk, intoxicated by the breeze. I am free, shrouded in uncertainty, the thrill of living, the fear of dying, the Lost Sailor, and the far-off liturgy to sail for Eternity..." -------------
It came out almost legable despite my handwriting! Of course it would've been a lot cleaner had @tritianyg_ been able to do the printing #shoutout ------------
So grateful for the past 3 weeks in Barbados, a chance to get out from underneath so many things, and make peace. Stay tuned for more Beach Culture