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7 idiots on one SUP "Investors? Could be you!" • @ethankoopmans @toby_cracknell @izzigomez_ @hannah__hill @giorgiogomez @abbybrwn @kook_of_the_day @reportsfromhell #kookoftheday
Just woke up from a racing-or maybe eclipse-induced coma... I dreamed I won a racing event!  Honestly, I'm not sure what's real at this point, so don't anybody wake me up from this ok?  I've been thinking about this race for a long time, but I didn't believe I could really win Overall.  I have to thank @giorgiogomez for the massive support, and for towing me around the course race!!!! @fordhuntington for providing the base camp and training program while in Hood River.  Of course @naishsup for putting on the 2017 @gorgepaddlechallenge .  Steve Gates, who's vision continues to make this an amazing event!  @blackprojectsup  @dakine_surf  @quiksilver My dad, @mauiwaverider for being my best buddy! Everyone who continues to follow and support me on social media, you guys are making this possible.  Can't wait for next year, thank you all! #gorgepaddlechallenge
Looks like the #gorgepaddlechallenge Course Race is gonna be a reverse downwinder, ahhhh crap. #KeepTheAmbulanceRunning #LockYourDoors
Day 1 among the racers. So far, they suspect nothing. I suppose the gigs up tomorrow for the Course Race 😬 Stoked to have won the Double Downwind here at the #gorgepaddlechallenge thanks for the support from everyone! Especially my teammates at @naishsup @hannah__hill @annie__starr @kai_lenny @ethankoopmans @chuckpatterson @michisilence and my awesome friends @giorgiogomez @fordhuntington • Great paddling by all!
Here we go! Tune into @supracer in about 2 hours for live coverage of the #gorgepaddlechallenge 💪🏽
I give you, Paddleboat Berto and Steam-Ginny Gio @giorgiogomez ~ because downwinder-wind=downer! But there's always a way to avoid hard paddling on the Gorge! #sternwheeler Fingers crossed for easy-mode surfing tomorrow! #gorgepaddlechallenge Good luck everybody, make sure to have fun!!!
Windsurfing! Yeah!
How to form the words to match sensation, subjective feeling that differs from person to person? How can we ever know another's qualia? ○ I'm happy to be out here in the Gorge paddling with so many friends, sharing in this unique downwinding experience with unique individuals ● thanks for the chillwinders @giorgiogomez @toby_cracknell @fordhuntington @jvaine1 @fiona_wylde @hannah__hill @tyler_bashor @angiesup @martin_letourneur @titouanpuyo #quikteam #naishteam #dakinesurf
Ummm so, not really sure what happened here 🤣 Thanks to the 100,000+ people who watched @giorgiogomez and @fordhuntington fight with fake swords, heckle rafters, and flail on the Rattlesnake rapid!!! Thanks to @naishsup for providing the props in our acclaimed film 😂
The fool flows on feeling
Livin' the meme life with @giorgiogomez and @fordhuntington • #sendit off the "Rattlesnake" rapid if you're in Hood River, you most likely won't regret, unless you're Gio, then you have a broken coccyx...
"Train"ing with @giorgiogomez @fordhuntington • @gorgepaddlechallenge #CGPC2017 @quiksilver #quikteam @dakine_surf #dakinesurf @naishsup @blackprojectsup