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Someday, your mind will again wander, and be free.
Showering in Sunbeams 沒キ: @fishbowldiaries | @noosa_festival_of_surfing
a Naish alaia, paulownia wood, pulled from the same vault that "Iggy Woody" was hiding in... I couldn't believe it either! 沍コ #naishteam thanks @michisilence 窶「窶「窶「 沒キ: @mauiclaydonphoto
the funny thing is that the feeling isn't new
Nothing feels so freeing as exploring new pathways, making connections in the vacuum spaces left amidst conventional pillars. Foiling in and out through the surf is like reading between the lines of waves you been riding your whole life! @naishfoiling @quiksilver @dakine_surf #loyaltothefoil
Windsurfing with a foil renews the tribulations of being a beginner! The simple act of getting onto a plane feels foreign again. Making a jibe becomes blissful satiation... @naishfoiling
謾ケ蝟 (improvement)
"Perhaps one did not want to be loved so much as understood..." - George Orwell | photo: @si_crowther
The energy from one wave can take you places you've never been 笳 sharing the harbor with @michisilence and @dawahine 笳 @naishfoiling
Optimistically walking off the edge of a cliff with @naishsup teammate @annie__starr 笘 #memeteam #badideabernd 沒キ: @frankiebees
embrace the feeling of new perspectives, disperse, falling into the sensation of flowing entropy