Bernd  Roediger
"It is required of every man [...] that the spirit within him should walk abroad among his fellow-men, and travel far and wide; and if that spirit goes not forth in life, it is condemned to do so after death. It is doomed to wander through the world--oh, woe is me!--and witness what it cannot share, but might have shared on earth, and turned to happiness!" - Charles Dickens, #aChristmasCarol | a reminder, from a dead man, to the living: to see and to be everything he can, while he can...
flying dreams @naishfoiling
Footage from a photo shoot that never got used. As Elizabeth Jane Coatsworth puts it "Swift things are beautiful (...) and slow things are beautiful" • what could be more sought after than the appreciation and embodiment of this dichotomy?
time well spent
I read somewhere that John Lennon, in the early days, was always self conscious about his voice. Saying in the studio, "do something with my voice" or "fix my voice". This song was recorded live in Madison Square Garden in 1972, same voice, but its owner has an entirely different attitude towards it...
I think this photo pretty much sums up everything I have to be thankful for ♡
Enjoying one of the last south swells of the year, on my @naishsup foilboard... with no foil. #HoverCrossover @naishfoiling
Everyday I wake up feeling like the possibilities for my life are endless, everyday I feel as though I live completely uninhibited by fear, and I count myself as truly in the top percentile of luckiest and happiest people in the world. This is freedom, and it is something I experience because there are those who protect it... #VeteransDay
all smiles on the beach the past few days! @internationalwindsurfingtour • @fishbowldiaries
In regard to the active "State of Windsurfing" discussion. • ive seen seven aloha classics come and go, some quickly like this one :) and some slow • so what do I think about the state of windsurfing and where it's going to go? • seeing as that some see a renaissance of the beauty of the clean turn, and others push progression above the lip, and only one can score more than the other... • this is from the heat I blew, a progressive move I didn't make, some might say I lost unessecarily, but I got my reasons • ive been a winner at Hookipa, and I've found no life changing events as a result, nor has losing ruined anything for me • the truth is that what I was seeking wasn't going to come from the affirmation of victory • so what is the state of windsurfing and where it's going to go? • when some of the best local sailors are eliminated because they prefer turns to flips... • i wonder what people are truly seeking when they begin with this question, and not, 'why do I windsurf if not to celebrate and express?' • if I wished for anything else, money, fame, glory or success, I'd have changed occupations long ago • instead I changed the way I think about competition • innovation or foundation, I'll find joy in liberation from the bonds of judged art • and I'll not worry my head over what style is viable, which approach deserves more points, and how I need adapt to attain those points. • I'll pursue my personal satisfaction, my love and devotion to wind and sea, my passion for this sport, my commitment to a certain way of being when I'm on the water, even if it means actively disappointing the judgements of our tribe • unless I have some dramatic paradigm shift, I'll be windsurfing Hookipa for as long as my body is able, regardless of its value or meaning to anyone on the hill • so the state of windsurfing is such that it is still the most original, free, and diverse medium that exists between wind and wave, with near-limitless possibilities for self expression in any capacity or style, and it's most prominent artists actively pursue the narrowmindedness inherent to a judged sport in order to maintain impartiality
my heat was postmaloned but I got my one wave.. thanks so much @fishbowldiaries 🌊