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Welcome to the Jungle @naishfoiling #naishthrustfoil
Two things make this lantern glow. Order, a silk mesh, swathed over an incandescent gas mantle of Chaos.
Felt weird to go to a race in December... but I'm glad for the opportunity to explore uncharted waters, and learn from the locals at the King of The Cut.
The soaring and sinking of the sea and the sky
Dance to the whims of a blazing white eye~
"A man who tells lies, hides the truth,

but a man who tells 'half-lies' has merely forgotten where he’s put it."
They gave me the aux cord... @james__casey #MansNotHot #ButHisCarTho If anyone has another car for us to borrow for King of The Cut, hit us up πŸ˜‚
"There was a time when I met luck at every turn.' But luck is the good fortune you determine for yourself: and good fortune consists in good inclinations of the soul, good impulses, good actions." - Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor
Thanks so much for hospitality, awards, and memories @merimbulasailboardclub This was a terrific event and I'll definitely make it back here again! #MerimbulaClassic
Everybody's a grom here in Merimbula! Another amazing day in the sun and surf, accompanied by friends @kaibates @harrymaskell and a whole host of enthusiastic kids willing to send it on a SUPSQUATCH! πŸ‘#GoodVibrations @merimbulasailboard
sailing! surfboards! sailboard surfing! πŸ€“ You don't need your sail to be connected to have a dorky-good-time at The Merimbula Classic! #GoodVibrations  @kaibates @naishaustralia @merimbulasailboardclub
Adventure! Made a rather spur-of-the-moment decision to come down to Australia, and windsurf/surf/paddle in the historic Merimbula Classic! Celebrating its 37th concecutive year, the event focuses purely on overall impression, for the entire week! Day 1 has been a fun foil-windsurf test run, this weekend we'll see some swell! @merimbulasailboardclub
You can't always choose the names you pick up, and are known by, throughout the years of your life. But you can choose what you do to earn them. [check out Samurai in the description]

Its been a wonderful season of transition and growth. Autumn winds swept through my life and gently landed me in 2nd place at the Aloha Classic! This event will always be special to me, it falls on my favorite time of year, it has never disappointed in terms of conditions. The riders that I respect most in this sport have always come to compete, bringing with them a sweeping sense of inspiration! I tried to sail on the wings of that feeling, flying higher and further... #Samurai @flykatcher #AlohaClassic2017 #naishteam #quikteam @naishsails @quiksilver @blackprojectwindsurf