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Fun times in the Gorge, hanging out with my dudes @fordhuntington and @bode_huntington · Thanks for the photos Bode!
now reality befits the dream
Are we who ride waves, write little stories or play music, serving only our own pleasures? Is that wrong? #quikteam #naishsurf
#FellowshipOfTheFoil @annie__starr @ethankoopmans
"Ford Huntington is my friend in every respect. We think alike, we understand when the other speaks, we feel without being asked to, we communicate and it is not hard, but we do it even when it isn't easy.  We are both looking for hidden things. His mind, in my imagination, embodies the gentle and contemplative nature of deep wooded places. And a typical conversation with Ford plays out like a walk into the forest. He runs, sure-footed and swift, along foot-trails he himself has maintained. These trails are his to explore, the trees are each an idea, a philosophy, a quote from book he liked, a cataloged thought, soiled, sprouted, and thriving in the rich earth of a well-kept mind. Gliding past these fulminating, twisting trees, all clawing to the sky for a breach into sunlight, he is shepard to these musings." a small excerpt from a story set to publish in @standupjournal
If you've got the room, sail inside the boom! Thanks Lake Garda, see you all again soon! 📷: @michael.reusse.fotodesign
Grazie mille @casanataly and @shakasurfshop for making Lake Garda feel like home!
Lake Garda

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I have spent my entire conscious life in the company of the ocean's manifestations. I feel the sea represents both purity and youth, in that it is the origin of all primordial life; and it is the sea that remains primordial in its terrifying machinations, its awesome power, and chaos. In this way, the ocean speaks a language of balance, of give and take.
I love how foiling tends to bridge the gaps between previously separated sports • here’s @kevinlangeree and I sharing the water in Tarifa, thanks for the footage dude!
It’s been a rewarding week sharing Windfoiling with friends in Lake Garda! #Repost @shakasurfcenter
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Let us have no boundaries between what we dream and what, in waking eyes, we perceive to be.