Bernd  Roediger
Who has seen the wind? 
Neither I nor you: 
But when the leaves hang trembling, 
The wind is passing through. 
Who has seen the wind? 
Neither you nor I: 
But when the trees bow down their heads, 
The wind is passing by. -Christina Rosseti
Back in the Gorge with @fordhuntington but we are very much missing our favorite sagittarius 🔥😆 One year ago today #tb
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柔術 : jūjutsu : the art of being pliant, flexible, or flowing; much like water.
returning to Hood River for the beauty inherent in the land, for the people there that inspire me, and for the @gorgepaddlechallenge
To live Happily. To Understand and to be Understood. To pursue what is pleasurable, and to take pleasure in Noble Acts of the Heart, Mind and Soul ♡ that is what I want.
Well that was sure something... @naishfoiling
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〜"I will not be a common man. I will stir the smooth sands of monotony." Peter O'Toole〜 #naishsails #maddog #ForceIV