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Where do you store your #pointeshoes?
 Mine share a shelf with my favorite #balletbooks ! 
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Is it weird that I just love being in this comfortless pose? On my knees or sitting on the floor, close to your pointe shoes. This way I can see every angle, to make sure this pair of pointe shoes is The Perfect One... .
Can you recognize the brand or even a model? :)
How exciting was it, to buy your first pointe shoes...? Remember? Was it in your local dance shop, in a big brand store or... online? 
We usually suggest the second option, a big brand store - the bigger the better. Almost any brand will do... I would just suggest to start with shoes made of natural materials (both box and sole), for so many reasons. .
As a #pointeshoefitter , I would offer a virtual fitting only if a dancer lives  too far away from one - it's so worth it! 
How was your first experience? 
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How many pointe shoe pictures do you "like" a day? "Ballet" and "shoes" are both very strong universal symbols that evoke deep and sometimes inconscious responses in one's brain. "Pointe shoes" is a symbol that merges them into one. Here is an idea why pointe shoes and people wearing them are so popular on Instagram and all over the internet... What do you think?

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Each #tanok_dance_knitwear piece is knitted with a lot of love and passion for dance. The concept of the #Tanok brand is to make knits that are warm and romantic with a luxurious feeling of a unique product. 
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Everything about these socks was created for a ballet dancer. It's a 3 in 1 solution: the legwarmers, the ballet slippers, the protective warm-up booties which you can use with your pointe shoes on or without them... Hand-knitted from lightweight wool, with natural leather split soles , these ballet socks by #tanok_dance_knitwear are a great treat for your precious feet! 
#balletdancewear #legwarmers #warmup #warmupbooties #knitwear #balletshop #balletclothes
So excited to introduce our warm up collection by #tanok_dance_knitwear! Stay tuned :) #balletdancewear #pointeshoes #dancewear #wool_dancewear
How can you tell if you are ready for pointe work? What if your class has started pointe shoes, and you have this weird feeling you don't belong here yet? Or, are you just being too sensitive? 
The point is that, when it comes to an adult ballet beginner, it ’s not simple to find out whether you are really ready for pointework, especially because it is not easy to find the specific criteria that define a dancers capability to start pointes. For that we put our trust professionals, such as our dance teachers or the people who are selling pointe shoes. But is that always the right thing to do?
Isabelle D’Hoine is a dance studio owner, choreographer and ballet teacher from Belgium. As a ballet teacher, she mainly focuses on adult ballet and pointe lessons. The past 5 years over 70 students of hers took up dancing on pointe shoes, after a positive evaluation during a pre-pointe class. We asked her to share her experience about evaluating dancers before commencing pointework. - 
Enjoy Isabelle's article in our blog: 
What about you? Were you feeling really ready for pointes when you first started them?


Photo by: Mae Dance Art

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... that moment when you are watching a video on YouTube and realize that your Tee is in it!
Thank you so much Sarah @the_accidental_artist , you made us so happy and proud! 
Watch the Ballet Capsule Wardrobe video on Sarah Arnold's channel on YouTube and simplify your life with great tips on how to store and sort your #balletclothes for teaching and #adultballet classes!
You can get your own Vaganova T(ach) shirt, with your favorite ballet pas, at -24%, before the summer ends! 

Do you miss your ballet classes? I just cannot wait for mine to start... _

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Question: - Hey! I had a quick question about the Art #pointeshoes you sell on your site 😊 why are they cheaper than regular shoes and could they be danced in ?


Answer: - These are the ones that were considered insuitable, by the manufacturer or by us (broken shanks, lack of balance etc). So no, they cannot be danced in - at least we cannot take a responsibility if someone decides so. 

They are still brand new, shiny and perfect for photoshoots, room or dance school decoration, #pointeshoeart etc.etc. 

You can get a pair at Bestpointe's at just $17 (15€).
This is not a new discovery: a century ago, the first Vaganova's students used to break an armchair into parts and practiced their #pirouette on its curved arm. 
 The only difference today is that you do not have to search for the right armchair to break - we've made the perfectly curved Pirouette Wood Board for you.
 As it turns almost on its own, it makes our body follow it: in other words, adopt the right position in order not to fall off - just like kids do when on Mary-go-round. 
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