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In my previous post, I mentioned that my dream is to somehow help ballet to become a generally accessible activity, just like yoga or, say, belly dancing...
And that suddenly leaded to so many amazing discussions and opinions - and I wanted to thank you so much for your support!!
I also thought I could develop that subject just a little bit more.
What does the word "ballet" means to you? Which picture pops into your head? The Little Swans Dance? A slim teenage girl with her leg raised to her ear?
Me too, but. Every day during our work routines, we keep getting access to other pictures that also mean "ballet". An adult ballerina looking for a custom tutu, a 50-years old pointe beginner, dozens of amazing male dancers looking for pointe shoes of size 13UK etc etc. (Of course they are our customers, as they won't get those items in their local store.)
I have noticed, that there is just one small step from a common mental set called "I am too old for ballet" to "I might try it at least once and see what my child dream looks like".
And I noticed that couple of stories about someone who already does it is usually enough to make that step...
So here, the mission of our company could be "to broaden the meaning of the world "ballet", by helping people get access to it and by telling their stories"...
After a couple of months of silence in social media (due to some great changes of our business), we decided we are ready to start over. With a new design, a new concept ...and a new haircut :)
So I thought it might be a good idea to introduce myself, my business and our aims.
My name is Inna and I started ballet at the age of 27. Too late, I used to say. That was before I met people who had their first class at their 50ies (and some of them are way more advanced than me now. True story).
So I decided to change that phrase. My name is Inna, I first entered a ballet class at 27 and it was such a powerful passion that I made a career of it. For seven years now, I am a Virtual Pointe Shoe Fitter. Me and my team, we are helping dancers all over the world who, for any reason, do not have access to an offline pointe shoes fitting service.
I have a dream that one day ballet will stop being an activity for the few chosen ones and will grow into a mass art - just like yoga did!
Do you think it is possible for ballet?
Did you know that January 11 is International Thank You Day? 
We just love the idea - another greatopportunity to say THANK YOU for reading our newsletters, for following us at social media, for purchasing from us! THANK YOU for staying with us in 2019! THANK YOU for sharing our passion for #ballet... We hope you visit us again soon! To help you make up your mind, we are sending you a coupon for -15%, IG, FB & newsletter-subscribers' only, valid till Sunday Jan 13th.

Just enter THANKYOU15 at the checkout! 
And... thank you so much again, 
Your #BestPointe family

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Let's welcome the New Year! Let's cherish every moment we spend #dancing in 2019! 
Love, team
We don’t buy handmade #dancewear in the same way with the machine-made products. We don't receive receive it in the same way, do we?... What's your favorite handmade item in your #dancebag ?

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Wonderful season... Hope you are enjoying it as much as we do! 
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Have you tried #siberianswan #pointeshoes ? What do you think about them? Take part in a short customer survey and win a branded T-shirt! Send us a DM or comment below so we can send you the URL to the survey! 
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Where do you store your #pointeshoes?
 Mine share a shelf with my favorite #balletbooks ! 
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Is it weird that I just love being in this comfortless pose? On my knees or sitting on the floor, close to your pointe shoes. This way I can see every angle, to make sure this pair of pointe shoes is The Perfect One... .
Can you recognize the brand or even a model? :)
How exciting was it, to buy your first pointe shoes...? Remember? Was it in your local dance shop, in a big brand store or... online? 
We usually suggest the second option, a big brand store - the bigger the better. Almost any brand will do... I would just suggest to start with shoes made of natural materials (both box and sole), for so many reasons. .
As a #pointeshoefitter , I would offer a virtual fitting only if a dancer lives  too far away from one - it's so worth it! 
How was your first experience? 
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How many pointe shoe pictures do you "like" a day? "Ballet" and "shoes" are both very strong universal symbols that evoke deep and sometimes inconscious responses in one's brain. "Pointe shoes" is a symbol that merges them into one. Here is an idea why pointe shoes and people wearing them are so popular on Instagram and all over the internet... What do you think?

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Each #tanok_dance_knitwear piece is knitted with a lot of love and passion for dance. The concept of the #Tanok brand is to make knits that are warm and romantic with a luxurious feeling of a unique product. 
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