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It’s 2018!!! And I’m back on tour! It’s day 3 and I’m loving every second. This time round it’s without Christmas songs and I can honestly say that it’s refreshing singing different songs 😂🙈 I hope everyone’s had a fab start to 2018 💃🏻
My beautiful friends. Thankyou for an amazing night out! I’m so lucky to have you all in my life! #soppypostalert 🍀
Wow what a beautiful day!! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! I’m currently sat on the sofa after eating my body weight’s worth of food and drink, tucked up under a blanket with the family watching a Christmas film! I feel so blessed to have such beautiful family and friends who make this time of year so special 🎄 and of course I am just in love with my @kurtgeiger heels. They are gorgeous 👠
Last night of tour! 💃🏻 time for a cheeky 🍷 love this @maybelline lip gloss it’s sooo festive and stays on all evening! 💋
It’s the last night of tour!! 😱

I can’t believe that tonight is our last night in our hotel and our last ever show tomorrow 😧 
It’s flown by and I’m kinda gutted it’s all over so quickly! 
But it does mean I get to see all my family and friends tomorrow night... so it’s not all bad!! 😜 
It’s so close to Christmas now and I can’t wait!! 🎄
3 amazing shows done today and only 5 days until I’m home for Christmas with the family!! 🎄🎁💃🏻 I am so excited!!
I’ve had such a lovely day off today! None of us can believe that we’re going into the final week of tour tomorrow! 😱 I managed to get the rest of my Christmas shopping done today which I am so pleased about, and probably spent far too much in one of the biggest Primarks I’ve ever been in 😂
Just checked in at our hotel in Birmingham for the night! Off for a swim, I couldn’t resist when I found out the pool and spa was open til 11pm!!!! Loving being on tour and I can’t believe I only have a week left. I can’t wait to see my family though and celebrate Christmas with them! ❤️
Loving my new hat!! It’s so cute and only £3 from primark! ❤️
Today felt so Christmassy!! It was so nice to explore High Wycombe today in the snow! ❄️❄️❄️
Just a selfie of me trying to be glam last night. 
Last night at home for a while! I can’t believe tomorrow I start my next Performing job and it’s definitely going to get me into the Christmas spirit! 🎄
By the time I’ve finished the tour it’ll be Christmas Eve! 🙊 
I feel so lucky to do a job I love and enjoy working every day! #itspantoseason
Missing my girls so much recently but they’re out conquering the industry and I couldn’t prouder of you all! Here’s a cheeky throwback Thursday from college! Enjoy 😘