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An adventure, personified.
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the vibrant energy at night, high-spirited sidewalks, fast-paced lifestyle, delicious food from left to right — some of the restaurants along the sidewalks are even Michelin-starred, late night rendezvous at the local pubs. hong kong won my heart with their unostentatious yet so electrifying lifestyle 🇭🇰
eat til we can barely breathe. drink cocktail and/or beer for dinner. laugh til our belly literally hurts, even if i’m literally too tired. that’s all we did during our two-week trip (+ ofc dance inappropriately in our hotel room) and wouldn’t have it any other way. love you @kim_notkardash 💕✨
could hardly tell the difference between fantasy and reality. obviously so in love with you, macau 💕✨
I’ve upset friends, disagreed and argued with my loved ones, rolled my eyes and cried for absolute no reason, and said things the normal Bianca wouldn’t. Thanks a lot, mercury. Now that you’re officially out of retrograde, hand me back my savoir faire again will you. 😝
My weekend itinerary: Sleep all day (and eat a bowl of french fries) in the bed of the newly opened Wyndham property in West Bay, Doha. Should be fun! 🤣🌸🎉 @wyndhamdohawestbay
My ideal weekend? Either I stay in with my books and films and pizza or I go out for dimsum brunch ☀️
SWIPE LEFT to see the new Yum Cha Friday brunch at Shanghai Club @shangrila_doha 🥟
Honestly... There’s nothing chocolate can’t fix. And doing something to get what you want and NOT turning ALL the lemons you get along the way into lemonade. Be fucking choosy about the lemons you keep 🍋
Alone in a cafe, having lunch at 3 o’clock with my laptop and to-do list. I’ve imagined myself doing that when I was a young girl, thinking I want to be a busy lady who spends every second of her life productively. No time for nonsense, no time for bullshit even if life is full of it.
Happy to say that’s the kind of woman I’ve become. You can always reinvent yourself, and the first step would always be: close your eyes and just imagine yourself being THAT person. #ReimagineYourself
born to dress for the weekend 💅🏻
I guess social media has become the very second nature for us millennials as in: if you didn’t gram it and add fifty layers of filter to that photo, did it really happen? I just really hate that — it’s emotionally draining as it is mentally. Can we go back to the time where social media was for starting and creating a dialogue where there is actual human connection instead of creating content for the masses? #afterlunchthoughts
International Day of Yoga 🧘‍♀️ One of the coolest things I read this week is that Namaste means ‘may our minds meet’ — as the god spirit within me honors the god spirit within you. I think it’s just a lovely tradition to greet even a complete stranger that way.
So to you, dear reader, NAMASTE 🙏🏻 On a side note: celebrating today’s occasion #YogaDay with @vishnuswasthiyoga’s class tonight at @sheratongranddoha 💫✨