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Tony Shafrazi. Legend
My friend michael is doing amazing things ❤️ true pioneer ( from him below ) The last 3 years, I have criss-crossed the Planet capturing nature’s phenomenons taking place in our oceans via VR. I soon realized how powerful this medium could be to help heal. The minute @jenniferkhowell the founder @theartofelysium took off the VR headset after an underwater journey, in tears she understood how it could make a difference for so many of the children they serve. I was introduced to Kierra who is paralyzed from the neck down and can ONLY communicate by blinking, yet can hear, see and understand everything around her.  She will likely NEVER be able to go into the ocean let alone dive underwater in this lifetime.  With the power of stereoscopic VR we were able to get her as close to that experience, without getting wet and the result was nothing short of miraculous!! The tears in the corners of her eyes and her smile during and after the film touched me in a way words could never do justice.  Our goal is to get these devices in every children’s hospital, and let every kid get the opportunity to stop the pain for a brief moment and transport them to places & experiences  they could only dream about.  Join us in helping make this dream a reality for the millions of people who are in hospitals suffering right NOW.  If you want to donate or help, you can go to the link below or direct message me and I will put you in touch directly : #linkinbio #theartofelysium #artheals #michaelmullersheaven #heaven2019  @theartofelysium @michaelmuller7
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when u run into a beta chop em down