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Home of the Big Blue Family of fitness... BB CrossFit, Pilates & Weightlifting Club... an East Coast Gold Club! #bigblueweightlifting

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Join us tomorrow for a tribute Workout as we honor those lives we lost 17 years ago. Let us #neverforget #911
All the #deadlifts @drboss_mb @itzthekique @lindsgruber @msjutras @kcoxandco
Always be aligned! #Pilates #stottpilates
Check out our new shirts! Men’s tanks and baseball shirts are in!! Both are great for right now! Limited quantities so don’t wait! Oh and check out this #PR from @redbingbing #sumodeadlift at 385lbs! #beast #youthweightlifting #postmeetweek @whitebuffaloapparel
Reflecting back on our awesome weekend! Such a great meet and we couldn’t have done it without all the help of our team and community! Thanks to all who signed up and showed up! Lifters, coaches, referees, loaders, baby snuggles, cheerleaders, and everyone who came to support us! We had so much fun! Can’t wait to do it again!  @triumphbarbell brought a squad! @covert_barbell brought some plates and helped run the show! @drew_ritzel was the key donut runner and #splitsnatch lifter! @msjutras @mekamp45 for your organization & set up! @eastcoastgoldwl @liftgenie @kodiakcakes @kyweightlifting #kyweightlifting #bigblueweightlifting #summerslam2018  #only20tags #snatch #cleanandjerk #weightlifting #PR
More Big Lifts from our End of Summer Slam! Way to go! @dwsumms09 Glad to see you back on the platform! 
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First weightlifting meet in over a year! After some injuries and nearly quitting the sport I finally made back to the platform. Only consistently training for about 4 months but had a great day and hit a 85 kg Snatch (187 lb) and a meet PR Clean and Jerk at 110 kg (242 lb) Thanks @bigbluestrength for hosting a great weightlifting meet! And thanks @kellijo13 for coming to support and recording the videos! #weightlifting #olympicweightlifting #oly #crossfit #strength #speed #power #snatch #cleanandjerk
Best Female Lifter yesterday... AND BEST singlet 😁 
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Weights going up on a Saturday! What a great time and meet 74/94/168
I was told to have fun so, yes, I’m wearing a gymnastics leotard, it’s definitely velvet and at least 8 years old 💁‍♀️ #olympiclifting #snatch #cleanandjerk @bigbluestrength @msjutras @mekamp45
So proud of everyone who lifted yesterday! 
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I was awarded #sweatiestlifter today @bigbluestrength! Life time PR CJ @115k/253#! Feeling good for more soon! Thanks for an awesome meet @msjutras 
@covert_barbell  @everydayafs #covertbarbell
So many amazing things happened yesterday!!!! #Repost @redbingbing with @get_repost
Great home meet today! I went 3/6 with an all time PR 106 snatch and a 125 clean and jerk! I’ve got other videos, but this 106 was the whole point of today, and we did it🏋🏼 Thank you to everybody who came out! @mekamp45 @msjutras @bigbluestrength @phillysab @eastcoastgoldwl .
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#MotivationMonday What an inspiring story! This girl is awesome! 
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“There are a lot of us who don’t have the confidence to try this or any sport because the challenges seem bigger than the possibilities.” - @brandiblifting , first blind lifter to place at a #usaw national competition on being an example to other athletes 💪 Read her inspiring story at the link in our bio! 
Getting ready for the #BigBlueSummerSlam coming up on August 25! Who’s ready to lift some heavy things with us? Sign up today! Link in bio! 
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Keep grinding! A little more each day! There are no quick fixes in anything in life. You just have to put the work in! 
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🔊Listen up! Today’s Friday Phil-osophy is🔥🔥
“Stop Using The Word FIX!”
🔸So often, I hear athletes say things like “I’m going to come in to fix my Jerk”, or “Can you fix my snatch?” STOP!
🔹This is implying that one cue, one exercise, or even within one day that you can miraculously obtain perfect technique in a certain area.
🔸Two things that are very important in the sport of Weightlifting: Patience and Expectation Management. The thought that you can spend minimal amount of time and obtain a quick fix is absurd. It offends the long-time athletes and coaches that have spent decades trying to correct improper movement patterns. Great athletes of any sport have spent countless hours in perfect conditions perfecting a very specific technique that allows for them to excel at their sport.
🔹Consistency and exposure to the movement is what allows for us to create the neurological education that we call “muscle memory”. Unfortunately, this is also what has allowed us to create an improper movement pattern to begin with.  The challenging part is that not only do we have to learn how to do the movement correctly, but it also may involve an unlearning of the previous movement in order to obtain that. This process takes months and years. The more times you can do it correctly, the closer you get. This is why having patience is essential to the process.
📷: @gomezdom627
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