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A great 6 for 6 performance!! #Repost @dwsumms09 (@get_repost)
Thanks @bigbluestrength for hosting another great weightlifting meet! Today was a blast and everyone lifted well! 
6 for 6! 🏋🏼 Snatch 81kg ✅ 84kg ✅ 87kg ✅. Clean and Jerk 100kg ✅ 105kg ✅ 110kg ✅ 
S/o to @kellijo13 for 🎥 and support!

#snatch #cleanandjerk #weightlifting #olympicweightlifting
Way to go! Strong work! 
#Repost @laura.barito (@get_repost)
The good, the badly timed lifts, and the tired 😂.
83/87/90x (dumbest miss EVER)
103/108/113x (woof, tired leggies and bad timing on cleans = lots of crashing)
I knew I needed to do a meet some time this summer to keep my competing chops up. I didn't expect to go after multiple PRs. Considering how tired I've been from training, the first time in months I snatched over 80 was last week, and I haven't touched any cleans over 100 since nationals, I'd say today was a pretty accurate representation of how I'm progressing. This was definitely an "in season" meet, which means you get under some heavy weights and move on. Take the wins if they come (if I had made all 6 lifts it would have been a PR total!).
And as always, @bigbluestrength thanks for having us (@whitebuffalobarbell )  You guys always know how to have a good time and we always feel right at home.
P.S. @dan__russell is still an amazing coach
Big lifts! 💪🏼👏🏼 #Repost @dan__russell (@get_repost)
Had a damn good time doing a mid cycle meet today at @bigbluestrength. I'm pretty pleased with these numbers given I hadn't done over 130/150 since Nationals. I finished with 137kg(302lbs) in the snatch and 168kg(370lbs) in the jerk for a 305 total. I had hoped I would be able to pull out a 308 to requalify for Nationals but coach told me to make lifts and I felt these were more than appropriate. I missed my second attempts on both lifts (135/166, timing was off at heavier weights, but nothing felt heavy) so we took small jumps to make the corrections I needed to get the most out of today. Shown are my openers and 3rd attempts. 305 is also the highest total I've done weighing sub 105kg. I think this is definitely a step in the right direction. I beat my total at Nationals by 3kg while weighing in 3kg less, and I've been buried in volume since we picked training back up. I guess it's working even though I hate to admit it 😂😅✌️🏋️‍♀️ @phillysab @eastcoastgoldwl #sabstrong #eastcoastgold #lovetheprocess #embracetheclimb #richmondweightlifting
Strong work! Great having everyone! 
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I’m super proud of @husseyjd who competed today at the 3rd Annual Big Blue Summer Slam (@bigbluestrength) in Lexington, KY.
His hard work over the last three months shinned through today with a 6 for 6 performance, including a snatch PR of 100kg, a clean and jerk PR of 125kg, resulting in a 225kg total PR; and, maybe more importantly, smashing some mental roadblocks that have been holding him back — not anymore!  He killed it today and as his coach I couldn’t be happier and prouder!  Congratulations Hussey! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
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Boom! 😁

#Repost @kyleraser81 (@get_repost)
Another meet in the books. I didn't hit the total that I wanted to but I still had some solid attempts at PR weights so I'm pretty happy.

Snatch: 99, 103, 107x
C&J: 118, 124x, 129x

Thanks to @bigbluestrength for putting this meet on and to @j_szym for coming down to coach

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PRs all around yesterday! 
#Repost @ismebrandondude (@get_repost)
Second meet.
80 Make
85 Make 
95 Make (15kg comp PR)

Clean and Jerk
100 Make
110 Make
120 Miss (Would've been a 8kg comp PR)

Overall felt pretty good and got a PR of 13kg for my Total. I also dropped from the 109kg to the 102kg weight class. Thanks @bigbluestrength for hosting an awesome meet. And thanks @norikvardanian for the awesome coaching.
So much great lifting yesterday at the Summer Slam! 
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It’s a Big Blue Strength kind of Saturday!
Thank you @bigbluestrength for hosting the 3rd Annual Big Blue Summer Slam! I had a blast & I PR’d in my Clean & Jerk. 💪🏾🏋🏾‍♀️ #saturdaysweatsessions #letswork #bigstrong #weightliftinglikealady #competitionmorning #lexington #kentucky #cleanandjerk #snatchsaturday #derbycitybarbell
The 3rd Annual Big Blue Summer Slam is one week away! There’s still time to jump in and slam some bars with us! See you there! Sign ups on USAW!
Thank you @tommymc44 for all you have done for us at Big Blue! Good Luck in Texas! Cheers to a strong future!
All smiles walking into Wednesday! #humpday #iworkout #WelcomingStaff #TinyKamper
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A good reminder of how progress works that we saw in the WZATC FB group!
Progress doesn't happen overnight, but the slow yet steady progress builds up over time. 
Keep going and enjoy the little daily victories. You may not notice each day, but they're adding up little by little. 
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Our bodies were meant to move!!! Movement heals! Even if you’re not feeling 100% I promise we will make you feel better when you leave! Just show up! Keep moving! 
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Science: There's no such thing as multi-tasking.⠀
@suppleleopard: Gimme that phone.⠀
Pivot: Heads forward. Butts in chairs, then cars, then couches. Shoulders DB-ing of the socket as we scroll, scroll, scroll.⠀
Inmates in a prison of our own creation? Maybe, but we've got more access to the Yard than we think. Opportunities to push back are everywhere. Make habit your ally, win the tug of war.⠀
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