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When you make 4 reps... not 5 😔#maybenexttime #jerk #goodeffort Thanks @phillysab that sucked! @eastcoastgoldwl @msjutras #weightlifting
And they’re up! Let’s goooo!!! #Repost @cincinnati_weightlifting_club with @get_repost
New bodyweight categories are up!!! Happy cutting/bulking to all our lifters!!! #diet #cut #bulking #iwf #fitness #motivation #fit #weightlifting #local #ohio #love
You know you are legit when you get a @hookgripusa video! So proud of you @coach_metz Way to go! 
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@coach_metz (53kg) clean and jerking 92kg/202lb at the 2018 USAW Nationals! #hookgrip @usa_weightlifting @eastcoastgoldwl #usaweightlifting #weightlifting #cleanandjerk  #18nationals
What a great weekend! That atmosphere was off the chain! 
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It’s really tough to put a weekend like this into words. 40+ lifters and coaches from all over the country, 6 training sessions plus technique talks, goal setting from @tottentraining, and mobility and recovery education from @directperformancept were the foundation, but this weekend was so much more than that!!
🔸At ECG our motto is doing the right things with the right people. We are so fortunate to not only have some of our affiliates @wilmingtonweightliftingclub come up to help coach and @bigbluestrength and @pfp_barbell come up to train with some of their members, but to have the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends too!!
🔹We want to give a huge thank you to all our sponsors who donated prizes and gear to make this weekend even more fun!! @everydayweightlifter @thirdpullapparel @werksanbarbells @strongstrongsupply @liftgenie @thegrilledcheesebistro @the_green_house_kitchen @handarmorchalk
And to @crossfitrife for letting us use the space all weekend!!
🔸None of this would have been possible without you!! And thank you to everyone for all the sweat, hard work, intensity, laughs, and great memories all around. We hope you had as much fun training as we did sharing our knowledge and watching you succeed!! @phillysab @brenden_mcdaniel @nicc__marie #addtotheatmosphere #trainingcamp #squadharderthanus #ecgfamily #ecgsquad #surroundyourselfwithgoodpeople #olympicweightlifting #cleanandjerk #snatch #mobility #firedup #mondaymotivation #whataweekend
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Today’s tip from our nutrition staff is all about protein. Protein is important to rebuild muscle that is broken down during exercise. Make sure you are choosing foods with the 💪🏻 sign in the nutrition room at every meal #gocats #kentuckystrong #bluecollar #protein @fuelingthecats
CJ makes the cut! Check out this video to see his ups right before he takes the stage! @redbingbing 
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🔈sound on—- Sometimes we capture those moments secretly. Please tag coaches & athletes. ⭐️ Here are some great coaching moments from 2018 National Youth Championships. ⭐️ #smile we could be watching! 🎥 @everyday_lifters happy #olympicday 
#liftinglife #usaw #coachmoments #video #18nyc #youthweightlifting #youthweightlifters #sports
Whether you are just learning strength training or perfecting your lifts they are skills and getting the appropriate rest will only help in not just skill acquisition but in your gains and body composition too! 
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Today’s sleep tip of the day. Getting a full night of sleep, not only aids performance, but also increases one’s ability to master a new skill. Get those Z’s , cats! #kentuckystrong #bluecollar #recoverstrong
A great weekend with some pretty great kids! So proud of these 2 guys! Their hard work definitely paid off at #youthnationals this weekend! Westley went 5/6 hitting 20/23/43 taking home 🥉 in #Snatch and #hesjustgettingstarted 
CJ went 4/6 hitting 101/127/228 and sweeping 🥉 across the board! So happy to finally see him on the podium! #thefutureisbright for both these kids! #cantwaittoseewhatsnext @usa_weightlifting #kyweightlifting #usaweightlifting #bigblueweightlifting @eastcoastgoldwl
So Proud of this kid! Way to go CJ! @redbingbing 
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This week’s ECG Athlete of the Week is CJ Bingman! CJ is 16 years old and lives in Lexington, KY. He trains at one of our ECG satellite facilities @bigbluestrength and competes in the 62kg weight class. His best lifts are a 105kg snatch and a 132kg clean and jerk. CJ’s best moment in weightlifting was winning his first national medals yesterday at the @usa_weightlifting National Youth Championship and finally snatching triple digits in competition. Two cool non-weightlifting facts about CJ are that he has the best coach ever @msjutras and yesterday was her birthday! CJ also wants to go to college to be a civil engineer. Congrats again CJ we can’t wait to watch you grow as an athlete!! #athleteoftheweek #olympicweightlifting #youthweightlifting @everydayweightlifter @werksanbarbells @thirdpullapparel @handarmorchalk
Good Luck to all ECG lifters this weekend! Here we go! #18NYC
Had a great time talking with @abc36news today as they highlighted 2 of our youth athletes heading to Nationals this weekend! Check out the full clip here:
Today’s lifting motivation! Go Team USA!!! #usaweightlifting