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2019 is here and we can’t wait to see what is in store for our Big Blue Family... Let’s do this journey together! Whether it’s a weight lifting goal, a weight losing goal, or a lifestyle goal... we are in this as a team! #letsdothis #teamworkmakesthedreamwork
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! Hope everyone enjoys their time with family and friends this holiday! We will be back in Big Blue on Thursday! Thank you for allowing us to spend time with our families! 💙🎄
Last workout before #christmas for some and last workout of the year for others! It’s been a great year! Excited to see what the new year brings!!!
Yeah!!! We won!!! We love their donuts and work hard for them!! Thank you @northlime_claysmill (@get_repost)
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Comparison of 2 types of Rehab.
The MRI on the left shows fat where muscle should be. This was after 4 years of “Pilates”.
The MRI on the right shows maximum spinal musculature. The rehab focus here was a steady diet of Deadlifting.
To rehab athletes I have produced a clear assessment and exercise progression protocol tailored to produce maximum muscle hypertrophy, strength and endurance.
The first seminar for 2019 on this topic will be held at The Arnold Australia “Ultimate Strength Summit”. I’ll be showing the methods I use to produce these results along with presentations by 3 other great strength experts on Thursday 14th March 2019 of the Arnold Australia weekend. Tickets will be released soon! @tonydohertyoz
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When you see things on the interwebs... #dontknowuntilyoutry #benchpress #stronglikebull
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💥Barefoot vs Shoes💥 CASE STUDY: Follow up...I’ve been reluctant to put shoes on Jackson just because I want him to continue to develop his balance and foot intrinsic strength through barefoot walking.
👶🏽 With winter time upon us, I have decided to use a MINIMALIST shoe instead of the traditional SUPPORTIVE shoe because the transition has been seamless.
🔬 Checkout the results of my “study.” You have the barefoot walking demonstration compared to the FIRST time he tried to wall in a “supportive” and “minimalist” shoe. You can see his gait is almost identical when you compare the barefoot vs the minimalist shoe. When he walks in the supportive shoe....he is much more off balance and uncoordinated.
🧐 Things to consider with this study is that the barefoot video and “supportive” clips were taken the same day and the minimalist walking video was taken 1.5 months later. Some may say he is just more efficient with walking and this is not STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT....🤔 I would say....maybe, maybe not. 😀 Tag, Comment, and Share with someone who has an INFANT‼️
#ThePerformanceDoc #RehabWithTheDoc
Happy Thanksgiving to you all! From your Big Blue family 💙
Thank you to all who have served and continue to serve❤️
More great lifts this week @bigbluestrength from @dalton_works @msjutras @mekamp45  also check out the fabulous #uesaka gear! #hellokitty #deadlift #squat #snatch
What can we say but Wow! What a weekend! This group of lifters did amazing! @audreyale81 @msjutras @emily_morris9 and @dcline63 went #6for6 @jimbenson28 hit some big #PR since his injury! And @redbingbing hit it Big and qualified for #americanopen2018 and #usawnationals2019 Thanks @triumphbarbell for a great meet, @alexandriabrewingcompany for some great beer and venue and all the other great lifters, volunteers, and supporters! We are still smiling here in Lexington! 😁 will post some videos this week! #kyweightlifting #weightlifting #mastersweightlifting
Join us tomorrow for a tribute Workout as we honor those lives we lost 17 years ago. Let us #neverforget #911