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It’s too quiet in my house with the kids at school. I miss them.
Bought myself flowers because let’s face it, no-one else will.
#marriedlife #flowers #australia
Back to school today. It’s very quiet in my house. I’m taking the day off to enjoy it. I’m also not wearing any pants which is nice.
#workfromhome #willstilldowork #bosslady #freelancewriter #manybosses #willputpantsonforschoolpickup #missingthekidsalready
Raindrops on roses. Also known as what’s going on with our weather? One minute hot, next minute raining, next minute 100km/hr winds. Now, it’s hot again.
Sunny needs a haircut. He is a hot puppy 🐶
Get in my belly #mango
My palm love continues. 🌴
School holidays are coming to an end and it makes me feel sad 😔
I ate all the pies