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Family portrait.

By our 12yo. 😍
Well, fuck me.

Via the fucking fabulous @therickilee
Garlic prawns and freshly caught flathead fish 🎣 
#fish #fishing #dinner #yummy
Yes, yes, yes.

Whether it’s my 4am brain or my 3pm brain or my 11.15pm brain reminding me of all my past mistakes or filling me with dread of all the what-ifs or telling me I’m an ugly failure - it’s important I keep trying to teach myself new ways of flipping the conversation. Don’t let the sniveling, foul, mean little beast that is anxiety brain fuck with you and your dreams. 
Via @charlotteronson
Patterns in the sky #lookup
When in doubt, go to Costco and drop a heap of cash on massive bags of salted pumpkin seeds and apple chips.
Spot on

Thanks @collectivehub
Palm tree obsession continues... 🌴
Where I’d rather be right now 🙄