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Founder BIKINI BODY MOMMY™ • Former 100LB Transformation Success Story • Body-Positivity Guru • Mom of 4
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It’s DAY 15 of my FREE 90 DAY CHALLENGE, and if you are a VIP MEMBER then you already saw me weigh-in LIVE this morning and saw these 15 DAY RESULTS for yourself! The difference between these images is only 3 pounds on the scale... but is an entire clothing size in inches.. in only 15 DAYS! What do your DAY 15 results look like? Let me know below ... and don’t forget, if you need extra help... I’m there for you Daily in the VIP INNER CIRCLE and I also have a brand new Family Friendly “Weekly Meal Plan” to help make the whole “Knowing WHAT to EAT & WHEN to eat it” thing EASIER! You can click the link in my profile for more 😘
Two versions of the same ride: 
#1) When you nail it.... vs. [Swipe RIGHT!] #2)When you completely miss your distance, your horse says “W-T-F?!” and completely jumps you out of the tack! 🤣 🙈🐎 @edgarpagan_showjumpers #My6thTimeInTheSaddleIn16Years #DontJudge #ISwearIUseToKnowWhatIWasDoing
BE STRONG... You NEVER Know WHO You Are INSPIRING! 💞 #BBMC7 #DAY4 #BBM_SweatySelfie
Did everyone catch these two adorable babies of mine working out with me LIVE today?! 💞🙌🏻💞 #MomStrong #BBMC7
DAY 1 in the books!
• #BBMC7 Day 1 Fit Test
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Farewell 2017, it’s been fun! #instagramtop9 #BikiniBodyMommy
Running tons of LIVE STREAM VIDEO TESTS in anticipation of my Next FREE 90 DAY CHALLENGE which goes LIVE tomorrow JANUARY 1st right here on INSTAGRAM as well as FB LIVE! Have you signed up yet? Click the link in my profile to join 7.0 now! ...YEP, it’s still FREE! 💪🏻💞#BBMC7 #BIKINIBODYMOMMY
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From our family to yours . . . . . . . M E R R Y 🎄 C H R I S T M A S.
In honour of my NEW FREE 90 DAY CHALLENGE (7.0) which goes LIVE in 1 WEEK from MONDAY... I’m taking a little walk down memory lane to this moment 5 years ago • a year after giving birth to baby number 3 • when I achieved my goal of losing 100 pounds in under a year, and founded this amazing BBM community.

As a single mom, I had just come out of a traumatic set of circumstances that lead me to move to Toronto, CANADA via Southern California where I quiet literally had NOTHING but a place to stay and a single suit case full of clothes. No house, no car, no job, no family, no friends, no support system. Outside of my kids (and the family I was staying with), I was a stranger in a foreign land where I quite literally didn't know a single person, and not a single person knew me.

Despite my life being in apparent shambles at the time, I had a very clear vision for how I was going to pull myself back together and ultimately... REBUILD MY LIFE.

Everyday for the last 5 years I have poured myself into everything I've done, and have been committed to living an authentic life with complete transparency, for the sole purpose of INSPIRING other human beings. 
Along the way I re-discovered myself, lost 100 pounds, unearthed my passion, built a globally recognized brand that directly impacts and inspires MILLIONS OF WOMEN everyday, I re-found love, and I brought another beautiful baby into the world last year. 👶🏻❤️ I know first hand the power that comes from embracing your vulnerability and fear. What it truly feels like to put it all on the line, and manifest the life, body, balance, happiness, and love you dream of.

Despite still working hard once more to transform my postpartum body after baby number FOUR, this infamous old transformation image still serves a purpose, as both inspiration... as well as a reminder of what I am capable of and also how far I've come. 
I’m officially down almost 30 pounds since having weaned Arwyn, and I can’t wait to begin filming BBMC 7.0 next week to see what else I can accomplish!!! Have you signed up yet? 🙌🏻 YES, it’s still FREE! [Click the link in my profile to join now!] What are YOUR PERSONAL GOALS for BBMC 7.0?❤️