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I don’t like it when they are sick, but these cuddles are definitely the silver lining. 💕🤷🏼‍♀️ #MommyCuddlesAreTheCureForEverything
This might surprise people, but I legit HATE working out. Hate as in...There has not been a single day in my adult life that (fat or thin) I can remember ever being excited or pumped to exercise. So if I hate it, then WHY do it? Outside of the obvious “It’s good for me” ... What I LOVE is how it makes me FEEL (mostly, when it’s over😂). I feel accomplished, stronger, healthier, and more focused than before I started. So with all that in mind, my inspirational message to all those who are waiting for the magical day when you’ll be excited or motivated enough to workout, is this: STOP waiting, because that day will likely never come. Find a WHY that is bigger than “to lose weight” ... Believe in yourself, believe in your ability to establish new health habits and routines! Every step of the self-improvement process doesn’t have to be FUN and enjoyable to make it worthwhile —it’s the benefits that make it addicting!
Whether you have one child, or FOUR ... Raising humans is hard. This image was taken this evening before dinner in what ended up being the 10 minute highlight moment of my entire day. The rest? Was s#!t.  It was overwhelming, full of frustration, spent mostly in the car, and nothing ANYONE would be envious of.... I promise! The bottom line? Don’t compare your life to someone else’s highlight reel. This moment this evening with my babies was wonderful, but it certainly doesn’t reflect the reality of the rest of my day. Perspective... it’s an important thing to keep in the back of your mind when it comes to these squares that fill your social media feed. ❤️ #RealTalk #MomLife
“She knew she loved him when ‘home’ went from being a place, to a person.”—A. Leventhal

My heart is so full of love and gratitude for this man. After a very difficult and exhausting week apart, @BoardshortDaddy is finally back on US soil and in my arms where he belongs.💕 | 📷 #Our6YearOld #TheWayHeLovesMeIsntNormal
Ok, so bare with me. I know this isn't a perfect "comparison" photo (Day 1 is an image, Day 75 is a screenshot still of today's video) but I'm doing my best here to maintain expectations and deliver all of this content IN REAL TIME while @Boardshortdaddy is away this week! Unfortunately, when it comes to graphics, I have ZERO ability to even hold a candle up to the quality you guys are all use to seeing from my better half...which is why I stick to VIDEO!🤣 On that note... who saw my LIVE Day 75 Personal Progress Check-in this morning? I’m including a 30second snippet to this post (the full version can be found on my IG stories, FB, and YouTube), but for those who DID see it, I hope the message was an inspirational one and that you will be taking a chance on yourself LIVE with ME in 10 Days with adding the 7 DAY SURGE to the final week of #BBMC7. If you are IN, let me know below... and if you want to learn more about what's involved you can click the link in my profile now!!! See you there 💕
Dear Daughter, repeat after me:
I am strong.
I am smart.
I am beautiful.
I am enough.
PUPLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously. Understanding this and realizing that it’s ok not to be “perfect” every step of the way towards achieving your goals will help you shift your focus towards working on trying to be a little better version of yourself each and every day. Whether it’s your physical health, emotional health, your relationship with yourself, or those around you... focusing on progress, not perfection is how you achieve happiness, confidence, and success, long term. 💕
Speak to your children as if they are the wisest, kindest, most beautiful and magical humans on earth, for what they believe is what they become.✨— Brooke Hampton
REAL > Perfect. Sometimes it's incredibly hard to stay focused on progress vs. "perfection." As women, we all can find things about our bodies that will never be "perfect." My ^sad-face^ belly-button, stretch marks, loose skin, cellulite, and mom-boobs are a result of giving birth to FOUR healthy, beautiful, wickedly smart, amazing human beings. Top that off  with having gained, and lost almost 250 cumulative pounds—in my adult lifetime, and this is what my body looks like today. The bottom line? As human beings, ALL of our bodies tell a story... and even if your body tells a more “expressive story” visually than others, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Bodies come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours, and physical conditions. We are all uniquely made, and that’s what makes us beautiful.❤️ #BikiniBodyMommy #SelfLoveWins | Bikini by @victoriassecret
Sunday’s are no place for pants, or responsibility. Also, cellulite. We ALL HAVE IT, so let’s make it freaking sexy! ❤️ #SelfLoveFTW | Bikini from @victoriassecret
Self-Improvement Tip: Aim to be the kind of woman that inspires & empowers other women to up their own game. ❤️#BikiniBodyMommy #YourVibeAttractsYourTribe | Swimsuit by @aerie
All birthday’s deserve to be celebrated in our family [watch my IG story]! Today is Encore’s big day! Today she turns 4yrs old which, in the Show Jumping world, means she is officially old enough to start her big career competing! Four Year Old Young Jumper League here we come!!!! 🎉 #FutureStar @edgarpagan_showjumpers