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CEO: @MsBillionaireBarbie
Newport News, VA✈️ Hollywood, CA✈️
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💇🏾‍♀️HAIR: 🦄20” Real Scalp Illusion™️ Full Lace Wig in 💰$100K Body Wave + Crimps🌊!!
✂️INSTALL + STYLE: @msbillionairebarbie @msbillionairebarbie
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👑 || So a lil backstory behind my New Orleans class. My package got lost by usps so it wasn’t at the hotel Saturday. I found out the morning of the class! At first I panicked and then I PRAYED🙏🏾!! I went to a virgin hair store and the damn lady didn’t accept credit cards! Like wtf?! She had an atm in her store but you can’t pull $800 out of the atm and I was about to spend that with her! || 👑
I ended up finding a beauty supply store that had REAL frontals and bundles. I had to be quick on my feet so I had to teach the students how to make my UNIVERSAL FIT wigs real quick like lol but they all got it, we did it, & the class was a success🏆!! Plus the students got an extra lesson that will put even more money in their pockets!!! (UNIVERSAL FIT WIG MAKING CLASS COMING SOON!!)
Moral of the story is be anxious for nothing but PRAY ABOUT EVERYTHING!!! That could have been a disaster but I prayed and God worked it out and gave the students a lil something extra! THANK YOU JESUS for always coming through for me and a special thanks goes to my student @Beautyxkris @beautyxkris from my Miami class for driving 10 hours from Florida to come help me & a huge thank you to my student @rawtouchedbycoco @rawtouchedbycoco from my Lace Mansion Retreat class for driving from Baton Rouge against all odds to help me🙌🏾!! I couldn’t have done it without y’all & I’m so grateful🙏🏾!!
I know the value of my classes and that they are truly amazing bc I still have students from LAST YEAR & THIS YEAR coming to help me!! That action alone SPEAKS VOLUMES about the organic level of my energy and teaching!
If you’re not down with THE REAL SCALP ILLUSION™️ GANG GANG, then baby you’re just lost and missing out. We are taking Instagram over and this is just the beginning💪🏾💯!!
🎉Congratulations to my newest 🦄Real Scalp Illusion™️ Certified Hairstylists🏆:
@_ destinedforgreatness
@rasheda_t •
Thank you all so much for coming and hmu anytime of you need me!!!!😘
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👑 || When THE STUDENT Slays THE INSTRUCTOR😍💪🏾💯!! My newest Real Scalp Illusion™️ Certified Hairstylist @__championshair @__championshair laaaaiiddd my frontal💕!! I LOVE MY HAIR😍!! She bout 2 get a job as my personal hairstylist💇🏾‍♀️!! && I forgot to mention SHE MADE THIS WIG!! I had to teach them wigs 101 real quick but we made it happen😜!! Thank you for DRIVING 10 HOURS🚗 from Florida to come to my NEW ORLEANS class baby! Y’all go show her some 💕 & follow👣 her now!!! || 👑
👑 || THE REAL SCALP ILLUSION™️ Undetectable Lace Class Tour NEW ORLEANS was super litty😜🔥💪🏾!! Everybody SLAYED😍!! Thank so much to each and every one of my newest Real Scalp Illusion™️ Certified Hairstylists for coming & welcome to THE GANG GANG💯😜💇🏽‍♀️💪🏾!! || 👑
👑 || 🚨LADIES, do you live in the #757 & can never find anything to wear, bc there’s no good boutiques 2 shop at??? I feel you girl but no worries, We’ve got u covered💃🏾!! (SWIPE LEFT 4 THE SLAY!!) || 👑
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Each one of these couture pieces are available in S,M, & L Only! No restocks so you don’t have to worry about someone having your same outfit on in the club😊!! 🛍COME SHOP WITH US NOW & SLAY💃🏾 your weekend THE BILLIONAIRE WAY😉💎!! Tell them Ms. Billionaire Barbie sent you💅🏾!!
👑 || 🦄U know it when you see it😜!! || 👑
💇🏾‍♀️HAIR: 🦄24” REAL SCALP ILLUSION™️ Full Lace Wig in 💰$100K Straight + Rich Waves🌊!!
✂️INSTALL + STYLE: Our CEO @msbillionairebarbie👸🏼 #yafairylacemuva🧚🏽‍♀️!!
📌👆🏾CLICK THE LINK IN OUR BIO 2 Purchase your hair🛍!! Register 4 The Tour👩🏽‍🏫!! & Book your appointment💇🏽‍♀️ NOW👆🏾📌!!