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Excited to absorb the colorful Cuban art & music this week. This is the view from my casa in Old Havana. Walking in the streets here feels like walking through a time machine. Strange, beautiful, eerie. ✌️❤️
Taking notes on irrigation for when I settle down on a farm in the countryside. For my eventual home, home, on the range. Where seldom is heard a discouraging word. #pisac #peru #potatoes
Even though I’m squinting this trip has opened my eyes to the beautiful possibilities in this world. You can go far with a little bit of Spanish in Peru and the people are happy to help with your journey. You will get to wherever you’re going one step at a time! I can’t wait to edit and share the ‘Pop Cliches’ music video I’ve been making on my phone throughout my South American travels with you. Keep climbing! #peru #machupicchu #inca #popcliches
Llama burger for lunch, alpaca for dinner. Sorry vegans, I need protein for hiking and quinoa wasn’t even close to cutting it. #bolivia #laketiticaca #backpacking #wanderlust
Tonight (Sunday) I am playing music under the name of @rltvs at The Sahara Lounge with a group of amazing musicians and people. Braden Guess on electric guitar & vocals, Daniel Robertson on drums, Matt Macdonald on bass guitar, Dan Radin on cello, Dalton Melacon on saxophone, Rich Baur on cajon, & Liz Mallet on violin. I feel so fortunate that these stellar musicians have dedicated time & energy to learning my songs and would love for you to come to the show and see what we’ve been working on!! I feel like all I post on social media these days is self promotion. I admit I am often cynical about Instagram & Facebook but the ability to self promote has helped me play more consistently and reach more people so I’m grateful for it. The downside is that sometimes I feel like I’m not being authentic or real or relatable and that people I love are seeing some other side of me that is fake. All I know is that I remember when friends I love come to a show of mine. It always makes my night that much better! So come out if you’re feeling up for it. We’re playing from 8-9pm and the suggested cover for the bands is $7. Would love to see you. ✌️❤️ 📷 :: @mynomadiclens 
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circa 2016 🍏
come see me at a show this week before i leave for a little bit! 📷 // @nategelabert
Hey guys & gals-
Just finished making my follow-up EP, “Pop Cliches.” You can stream the 8-track album on bandcamp or download it for $5. It will be on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon by the end of next week. Cheers & thank you for your support.
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Mando Tambo Mellow Banjo
Holler at me @natgeo #latergram
Hiked to the backside of the Hollywood sign