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New song and video out NOW! #GoddessOfDemocracy. Check for tour dates. This is my only Instagram account.

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This may be the coolest thing I've seen yet. And heard! Have you been able to listen to #Illneverleaveyou?#killer! @braisonccyrus
Woohoo @braisonccyrus! I am so proud of you! Everyone make sure and tune in to @fallontonight on Wednesday 12/12! You're not gonna wanna miss this! Also, check out Braison's debut single #IllNeverLeaveYou out NOW!
Getting some great inspiration today from Roy Orbison #TheSoulOfRockAndRoll
Hope everybody is having a great weekend!
Thank you everybody for your thoughts and prayers. Noie is home safe and sound...and feeling much better.
Congratulations to both my boys on their engagements! What a year! @braisonccyrus @stylesofstella @tracecyrus @taylorlaurensanders. This is what we call call a double header here at The Cyrus house. A couple strong additions to the team. Congratulations boys! Ya done good.
Waitin on the rain... to stop fallin.
Honoring #Bush41 today. This letter hangs in my music room. The angels are singing him home. RIP Mr. President.
‪Always good to see this guy. This picture is titled... "A Man Outstanding In His Field" -  Missin ya Pappy‬
Looking back at one of the proudest days of my life. Surrounded by Don Von Tress, my dad, Bob Hope, and President George H.W. Bush. He presented me the Medal of Artistic Excellence for #SomeGaveAll. Mr. President, you gave all to this great country. Thoughts and prayers to loved ones.
RIP Mr. President. A great leader... a true hero. 1,000 points of light burn a little brighter tonight in your honor.
#Repost @iammarkronson @mileycyrus #NothingBreaksLikeaHeart⁠ ⁠💔 ‪By the way...the new tune kicks frickin ass !!! ‬