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Senior Pastor of @TPHDallas. Accomplished Entrepreneur. New York Times Best selling author. Executive Producer of multiple blockbuster films.

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When we see Jesus, we see God's glory. The Word of God became flesh and dwelt among us. No one has ever seen God due to our sinful nature. When God wanted to interact with His people in the Old Testament, He often sent a piece of Him. In Exodus, Moses asked God to show him His glory, but God only showed Moses His backside. However, because of Jesus, we can see God’s glory. “For God, who said, "Let light shine out of darkness," made his light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of God's glory displayed in the face of Christ” (2 Corinthians 4:6). When we look upon the countenance of Jesus Christ, we can experience God’s glory. Wherever Jesus is, there God’s glory will also be. If Jesus was the Word made flesh, then where the Word of God is, there will His glory be. Hold on to the Word, and you’ll be fastened to His glory. Watch the rebroadcast of #WelcomeToTheFamily now at or on the TDJakes Mobile App. (Links in Bio) #MondayMotivation
No matter where you are, you have access to God's sovereignty. When you praise, the heavens begin to open, and then God starts moving and shaping your world. All you need is Him! Watch #WelcomeToTheFamily NOW at or on the TD Jakes Mobile App. #TPHOnline (Link in Bio)
I want to commend the brave men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces. The amount of courage and strength it takes to defend our nation are wholly commendable. I appreciate the sacrifices you've made to uphold and protect us. #VeteransDay
@nowthatsmajor shared a laugh after church! The service drew all kinds of people to the cross! #WelcometotheFamily
Thank you for joining us online today! Be sure to watch the rebroadcast of “Welcome to the Family” TONIGHT at or in the TDJ Mobile App #WelcomeToTheFamily #TPHOnline #SundayMorning #VeteransDay
Excited about what He’s given me to teach today! Humbled by the veteran’s who have fought for the freedom I now possess. 
Most of all, I’m grateful for my life that He continues to transform! 
Join us this morning for an encounter with God! @tphdallas 9:00 am cst 
When I look back on my life, everything I have achieved or possessed is a result of God's mercy favoring me. When obstacles defeated others, He kept me. Even when I didn't believe I was worthy, He kept me. If you're grateful that God's mercy has spared you, then comment #HeKeptMe!⠀
Watch #ALivingSacrifice NOW at or on the TD Jakes Mobile App. (Links in Bio) #TPHOnline
Father, you are the propitiation for our sins. You are the defense over our souls. We need you to be a fence around these fires in California and extinguished them. Many homes have been destroyed and others damaged. Yet Lord, human lives are even more the object of our prayerful petition. Protect the families and strengthen the loved ones. I know the winds obey you, Sir! Speak to the winds and cause them to cease their boisterous onslaught. Remember the families that are grief-stricken from human violence. Rock them in your massive arms. Gift them the gift of sleep. Lift the weight of the sorrow that shatters hearts. In the mighty name of Jesus, we pray, Amen! #CaliforniaWildfires #Woolseyfires #CampFire #HillFire
I wanted to share this clip from last Sunday's altar call when The Holy Spirit filled the room and transformed countless lives. I'm anticipating another incredible move of God during @TPHDallas' 9 AM (CST) Sunday service. I hope to see you there! If you can't join us, you can stream service by visiting (Link in Bio)
All substantive returns require significant investment. You can’t reap from a relationship, you refuse to sow into. Take time out for the people God sends in your life!  @pastorkeion @corylhughes @pastormichaelphillips
Thank you @paullouiscole for inviting me to #LionsRoar2018 tonight! @JurgMeister was amazing! It was an honor to share with such great men. @markchironna @covlive @bishopbronner @pastormichaelphillips
Believers, don't waste your time seeking earthly pursuits. As God's child, you are anointed for more. Assurances from the world will always disappoint, but not God. ⠀
Watch #ALivingSacrifice NOW at or on the TD Jakes Mobile App. (Links in Bio) #TPHOnline