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In spite of circumstance, God is surely faithful. I am continuously blessed by stories like this one where God turns what the enemy meant for evil into a future and a hope. Watch the full version on my Facebook page.
Thank you for joining us online today! Be sure to watch the rebroadcast of “The Third Option” TONIGHT at  or in the TDJ Mobile App #TPHOnline! #TheThirdOption #SundayMorning @nelsonjonathan  @milesmcpherson
Peace that is ratified without justice is dysfunction. #TPHOnline #TheThirdOption #SundayMorning
"Giftedness without strategy is gonna lead to injury." Watch the rebroadcast of #OpenToBetter online at or on the TDJakes Mobile App.
Are you ready to worship with us for #SundayService? We cannot wait to have you! Can’t join us in person? Service will also be streaming live at or on the TDJakes Mobile App! Everyone is welcome! #TPHOnline
You don’t want anything in your past to destroy your future. If you don’t have the right method, you can compromise your mission. How can you be open to better, if you are not open to correction? #TPHOnline #OpenToBetter
Always wonderful when you can make a indelible impression on your children. Read my daughter’s words and had to REPOST: 
My Daddybear stay ready to impact the world. So proud to see him as a Honorary chairman for the Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello Exhibit at the African American Museum of Dallas!! #prouddaughter #ferociousfamily ™@cjakescoleman
History forgotten will always be repeated! That’s why I was so honored to be the Honorary Chair and a contributing sponsor for the Thomas Jefferson’s Montecello Exhibit that is now being displayed at the African American Museum in Dallas. 
The story is told from the perspective of the slaves and we were honored to have two descendants of Sally Hemings tonight for its launch! A BIG thank you to the many people that packed upstairs and down for its inaugural opening! Mr and Mrs Ross Perot Jr. and several others helped to make this possible. 
If you didn’t make it, come and see it. It will be up throughout the State Fair and until the year’s end! What an amazing night! @cjakescoleman  @sherylbrady @l.robinson23 
"We can only make you what you already are." Watch the rebroadcast of #OpenToBetter online at or on the TDJakes Mobile App
Right now, God is sending men to give unto your bosom. Help is on the way! #TPHOnline #OpenToBetter
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You don’t have to cut everyone off just because they don’t fit in every aspect of your life, sometimes you just need to figure out what area of your life they fit in. @bishopjakes -
Did you miss the full living room event on cutting people loose? Click the link in the bio to see what you missed.
#Cuttingpeopleoff #giftofgoodbye #bishopsvillage #HappyFriday
Good Morning!⠀
“God is not fair; He is just.”⠀
It may not seem fair that you may have to go through a certain situation; however, trust that God has a reason behind it all. Just because a situation may appear easier for someone else doesn’t mean that God has forgotten about you. He is working on your behalf to ensure that what is done in your life is just. It may not seem fair at the moment, but rest assured that He will give you understanding in due time.  God does what is both just and right. He will not act wickedly and will ensure that justice is given (Job 34:12).⠀
He knows what needs to happen in order to ensure that His plan will come to pass. You must be open to His will and His way. Regardless of how intelligent or talented you think you are, His plan is far better than yours, so trust His process and allow Him to lead the way. Watch the rebroadcast of #OpenToBetter or the TD Jakes mobile app. #TPHOnline