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Bjj connection wants you to compete more. We try and provide you with listings of tournaments within your area.

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Last day to register. So get on it. @grapplingindustries @bjjconnection54
Registration ends today 11/6/2018 @nabjjf @bjjconnection54
Registration ends Friday November 9th @ibjjf @bjjconnection54
Very little space left to compete and deadline three days away. You still have time no excuses. @bjjconnection54 @jjworldleague
If you are not competing this weekend here is a good one to watch. @adcc_northamerica @bjjconnection54
Still have time to compete this weekend. @bjjconnection54 @goodfighttournament
You Still have time to register this weekend. @bjjconnection54 @nagafighter
Last day to register for Bjj tour’s US open. @officialbjjtour @bjjconnection54
Registration ends Wednesday October 31st. Go get that cash! @worldseriesofjiujitsu @bjjconnection54
Registration just opened up. @ibjjf @bjjconnection54
You still got time to compete this weekend. @goodfighttournament
You still have time to compete this weekend with these two Naga events. @nagafighter