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Loving the magic that Reclaim Your Crown 👑 delivers! Flawless twist out by @chloe_so_chic  using Reclaim Your Crown Coconut Milk Twisting Creme and Curl Elixir.
The big reveal 😍 @chloe_so_chic your curls look so poppin. She used Reclaim Your Crown 👑 Coconut Milk Twisting Creme and Curl Elixir for her twist out.
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Black hair care by all black woman owned brands. For us by us.
Yes queen 👑 @curlroyalty 😍
👑@ikimberlyelise "I meet women every day who want to wear their hair in its natural state, but don’t feel quite ready yet.

I understand. It’s a personal and sometimes very emotional journey. And the stigma linked to the texture and quality of a black woman’s hair has made us all extremely sensitive to how others will judge us – not to mention how we will judge ourselves.

I have met school-age girls all the way to top executives at major corporations who are moved to tears over their longing, yet fear of wearing their hair in its natural state.

I understand, and it wasn’t always easy for me either. That’s why I developed the Kinky Coily Care Kit. I wanted to offer a premium quality, clean beauty line for African American women with coarse, kinky hair textures. Our beautiful, textured hair deserves to be honored with premium, naturally-derived ingredients and with formulations that are not drying or causing an itchy scalp.  And, I will tell you from my personal experience, that learning to care for my “kinky, coily” natural hair has been the single greatest thing I’ve done for my “outer beauty” self – above all else!

For me, my natural hair is the truest reflection of my authentic inner self: original, bold, against the grain, sometimes rough, sometimes soft, blossoming, vibrant glowing…me!

Now for my work, depending on the truth of the character, I will wear various wigs and hairpieces authentic to the character. And I love this freedom as a woman and an actress! And though more and more actresses are taking out their weaves and removing their wigs, there was a time when I would go to an industry event, and be the only black woman there with tight, kinky, cottony hair.

I’m glad that more actresses are feeling increasingly liberated and comfortable to step onto the red carpet au natural. It’s an exciting time! Still, there are times when I feel we have a ways to go, namely because so many people are uneducated about the care and keeping of natural hair"

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For soft beautiful manageable textured hair the Kinky Coily Hair Kit by Kimberly Elise is your go to. Refresh your scalp, restore your moisture balance and get #curlsonfleek with this 💯 all natural vegan hair care line.
We are better together. When I see another strong successful woman I want to befriend them. 
Girls compete, women empower.

The time is now that we start supporting our own and working together, not against each other. 
There are so many awesome black woman owned hair care brands delivering magic ✨

Afterall who knows black hair better than a black woman? 
The Black Naps Marketplace is your digital beauty supply by black woman owned hair care brands that have proven that they will leave your hair looking laid and most importantly healthy🌿. We know our hair best!
@curlcoach__  Hair laid by Uniqurl Supreme Moisture Leave in Detangler 😍
Meet 👑 Alexis @uniqurl 
My brand is a reflection of me. I want to highlight women who are curvy, who are darker-skinned and who have really textured hair. I want to put my face on my brand. I want people to see me, even if I have to be a little bit outside my comfort zone, and see that beauty is more than just what people are used to.