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anime fanatic. gamer. make-up and nail art noob. noypi.

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i have a reference for this. used make up only. obviously edited, especially the eyes.
Did this yesterday, amazingly the rhinestones are still in tact. lol
I still suck at using wax. Actually I don't know if I should still you use it since I bought it probably 5 years ago. Well whatever... also I can't help but put it  #DeathStranding in there LOL ^_^ #DoctorStrange #sfxmakeup #lazymakeup
#kitsune mask #nailart I have a little bit of an obesession with foxes ❤ and cats 🐱 and dogs 🐶 and bunnies 🐰 and tigers 🐯
based on Mads Mikkelsen's character in #DeathStranding 
#makeup #cantwaitforDeathStranding
I seriously haven't done anything based on the first trailer. This is the 3rd based on the second trailer. hehe
this is a recreation of carlypaigemakeup zombie face paint. I haven't done any cartoonish look so I decided to copy it to try it out. I have much too learn... also 3rd picture, I have the tendency to do crazy things. ^^;
I was gonna do the very cute Trooper but my laziness took over and ended up with Lizard Bear instead lol #taskusph #taskus #lizardbear #nailart
I was requested to do this lol #pennywise #it #makeup #facepaint
I was inspired by a picture and I lost the original poster, credits to her!!! 😄
Its been a while since I made something like this, work is crazy! But I'll try to make more specially it's my favorite time of the year is almost here! used: make up, water based and oil based face paints. #makeup #halloweenmakeup
I think it looks better on long nails... #nailart
It's supposed to be C3PO... I need gold nail polish lold
since I don't really like what I originally want to do, #ladybug #nailart a really messed up one...