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Utah has been getting tons of snow lately, so we figured it was the perfect time to reminisce on warmer weather and clearer skies by reposting this picture our friend @aestheticblade took in Hawaii. Are you guys excited to go on adventures with your knives once winter is over?
Tons of new Spydercos are on preorder right now, what's stopping you from picking one up? (P.S. this is the Reinhold Rhino, it窶冱 one of our favorites.) #BladeHQ #c298
Keep your ears warm and your style hot with this FREE Boker beanie. Just spend $50 or more on a Boker order on and it's yours. #BladeHQ #c42
GUYS! We窶决e giving away a FREE Spyderco Paramilitary 2, and all you have to do to win is enter our #BladeHQFanArt contest! You can use pencils, markers, crayons, paint, anything you窶囘 like, and there are only three rules: your piece of art must feature a knife, it can't have any blood or gore, and it has to be 100% original. Enter by posting your art on Instagram and using the hashtag #BladeHQFanArt in your caption. The winner will be announced February 26th, so get creating!
Anyone else see Black Panther this weekend? We were lucky enough to see the King's pocket dump after the big premiere.
The best adventures happen with knives, and knives are the best adventure. #BladeHQ #Adventure #KenOnionIsMyHomeboy
This Troodon is a beast of a knife and a hell of a beauty. Just look at that stuning Damascus steel. #BladeHQ #i68742
Elegant and compact, the Medford Infraction was designed for people who desire an EDC with a smaller profile. #BladeHQ #i77210
The limited edition Zeta, Elijah Isham's second WE Knife Co. collaboration, is just as unique as it is popular - this baby is selling out quick. #BladeHQ #i79746
Don't forget to check out this week's episode of #KnifeBanter on Youtube. Whether you're a ZT fan or not, you don't wanna miss this. #BladeHQ
Happy President's Day! We want to celebrate by giving you guys a FREE Schrade folder with orders over $100. Yeah, you read that right. #HeckYeah #BladeHQ #Free
Eric Ochs, a custom knife maker from Oregon, recently designed the CRKT Largo and it's been a hit. What do you think? #BladeHQ #i76679