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NFL: Green Bay Packer🇱🇷
Breakman: Jamaican Bobsleigh.🇯🇲
Founder, CEO: @ninety10sports
Co-Founder, @AFGMInternational


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Hey #baseball and #softball players, you have been asking and we will deliver, in 2018. Ninety10 Sports presents... "Digging on the Diamond"  Get faster than you were yesterday!
***Learn how to dominate athletic testing, during your Showcase***
***Get around the bases, using high level speed development techniques***
***Learn to become an athlete, so every scout is asking, WHO IS THAT?!
Home sweet Home, The Go For It Sports Dome!  The #Dome has opened their arms to Ninety10 Sports and now we open our arms to you.  Friday, December 15, from 2pm - 6pm, come share with us the moment of GFIS ribbon cutting and open house.  #goforitsportsdome #all #sports #people #welcome #Ninety10sports

9231 Galena Road, Yorkville, IL.. east of Route 47.
It's Friday!
"Get in my belly!" #mmm #tasty
Tomorrow, Thursday, November 30th 8:30pm-10:30pm (Eastern) catch the inside story of my journey and more! Thanks Ladyfalva... Philippians 2:3-5 all day everyday. 
Link below:

http://tunein.com/radio/Lady-Flava-Radio-Network-s211494/ on tunein or https://ladyflava.com/lady-flava-radio-network/
#Love and #appreciation has no home, so it's for everyone and anybody, everywhere! #Happy #Thanksgiving to #all
#No #regrets
Everyone, you guys remember Boneita right? She didn't want to take anymore pics, something about it makes he skin look bad or something, anywho.... We are celebrating our 21 day anniversary, can you believe it! I am buying her, her very first dog.  After all these years she has never had one, lol...if your feeling good, can you help me name her first dog! #smile #laugh #laughter is #medicine for the #soul!  Shout out to all my Bobsleigh athletes, wish I was there in the cold, wet, nasty...lol, ha..nah! I am good! Lol
It beginning to look a lot like #Christmas! Happy early #Thanksgiving everybody!
Send back Saturday: I was standing in front of my first vehicle I bought, my rookie year in the NFL.  1998 Ford Expedition, Eddie Bauer edition, fully loaded. I had a two 12" woofers, four high end mids and six tweeters (speakers). When I played my music or put on movies...it was like being in an orchestra pit or a movie theater.  I had that truck for 14 years, 200 + thousand miles...I drove everywhere in the "big girl". Every team I played for, she took me there. #goodtimes #roadtrip #travel
Home sweet Home! December 15th @ 2pm, Open House and ribbon cutting for Go For it Sports Dome. Come on out and see why Ninety10 Sports new home will be so sweet! (9231 Galena Rd, Yorkville, IL.)
~ Blair