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Husband to my amazing wife Caitlyn and proud father to Luke. Founder of Arvada Creative & Hannah Image. Follow my work! @arvadacreative @hannahimage

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Enjoying Texas De Brazil with my beautiful wife. My 2 favorite things, together.
That’s my boy!
My wife is a boss.
Colorado friends! I’m teaching a photography workshop this Saturday in Woodland Park. Shooting and editing with an amazing couple to model for us! 12-7pm for only $20. Special pricing for this workshop only as I try some new ideas and want to get your feedback. Message me for details or sign up now at Share with your friends and family in the area!
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COLORADO FOLLOWERS - special pricing photography workshop on September 15, 2018 in Woodland Park, CO. You DO NOT want to miss this. Incredible engagement shoot lined up with 2 locations and an editing session all totaling 7 hours of hands on training. I’ll be sharing all my tips, tricks, and knowledge. ALL FOR ONLY $20! If you’re a pro, rookie, wanting to start a business or just get better at photography, this is the best $20 you’ll spend. Register at @blakeandcait
Mom is out of town so it’s guys night at The Chic. Believe it or not I didn’t tell him to make faces lol. 😂
Luke got to go see Uncle Sam at the Flower Mound fire station on Saturday. He loves the fire trucks and ambulances so seeing them up close and getting in them was really cool for him, but he has to look tough and serious in the photos. Lol
Taking drawing lessons from his Great Grandpa Hannah!
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Pretty awesome to get texts from clients showing the logos and branding coming to life. Excited to see what this looks like on their wall! #reddoorresidential
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Excited to show you all the product of last weeks adventures filming Operation Artemis first event in Wyoming. It was such an honor to get to know these families, to learn from them, and to have that perspective first hand of the sacrifices not only these men made, but their families continue to make for me and my country. Let me know what you think of the video! I appreciate your time watching and reading this post.
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Kids love the drone! It was fun to see them all light up when they got to watch it fly around and look at the screen. Excited to show you all this video in a few days. Thanks to Tim and The Veterans Project for capturing these fun bts photos.
While I was out of town my mom captured this shot of Luke letting his comedic side show. This cracks me up the more I look at it! 😂😂😂
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