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We need to be kind to one another. Many individuals in this exact moment are treading water to stay afloat and instead feel as if they are drowning in the sea. Like most things in life...success and happiness comes in waves....but so do the darkest days. Be kind, you never know what people are fighting on their own! 🌊
sand between my toes 🌊
holiday in the sun 🌲
It has been a while since I've been online and to be honest... it has been refreshing. I plan to continue to share my travels and I am excited to launch my new travel site soon! That all being said .... I've been cherishing a more private life lately. I'm currently sitting at my favorite beach club with my family for a few days and enjoying what life is truly about. Happy Sunday to you all x  #naplesflorida
eat clean to stay fit and have a burger to stay sane - gigi hadid πŸ”πŸŸ
This photo was taken this past September at a rooftop bar in Brooklyn. I can remember vividly thinking how wonderful it is to be amongst so many individuals...all from different backgrounds and all with unique life stories. I often seek this feeling that New York gives me reliably with every visit.... the feeling of being so small in this big world yet that anything and everything is possibleπŸ—½
I continue to post my past summer travels not solely because I over shot (oops) but to be honest .... I've been incredibly busy with psychiatry lately that I have had minimal time to travel or get out and just shoot! What I've learned though is that one must go through the hard times to appreciate the good! Can't wait to see where my travels bring me next .... until then I'll day dream about the past 🌊
As much as Halifax is beautiful during the fall, I've been really missing the outdoor dinning sceneπŸ·πŸƒ @baronscove with @ananewyork β™₯️ -
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It's officially 5 o'clock in Halifax and I'm ready to relax after a busy and stressful week! Although I'd love to be enjoying a glass of rose at @navybeachmontauk , I know the perfect place locally to meet a few of my favorite gals tonight! 🌊🍷 #pinkflashesofdelight
I literally can't wait for 5 pm tomorrow 🍾! I'm looking forward to having a presentation on depot antipsychotics, an oral exam and a another study session under my belt for the week... oh and hopefully a good ole sweat sesh at @spincohalifax too 🀞🏼#reallife pc: @lapierrenicole
Similar to Carrie Bradshaw and Vogue, I sometimes buy @cntraveler instead of dinner because I too find it feeds me more ... that is until I end up eating a large pizza later in the night! πŸ•πŸ—ž #gglocalgems #cntraveler
fall textures @lclaurenconrad πŸ’œ